YITH WooCommerce Pre-Order v1.7.4

Do you want your product to be famous and sold in high volume? Use an efficient pre-sale system in your store!

When a new product or service is about to hit the market, your customers look forward to it, which makes them more inclined to buy.Unfortunately, this unconscious process is rarely put to good use, and many customers have lost interest when new products are released.

With YITH WooCommerce Pre-order, You may see an immediate increase in sales of new or temporarily unavailable items, giving your consumers the option to buy what they want and receive it as soon as it goes on sale.

Many multinational companies use pre-sales programs to boost sales and build awareness around specific products. Exactly the same as Apple!So why not apply this successful marketing strategy to your website right now? To provide this opportunity, we designed YITH WooCommerce Pre-order, A plugin that makes it easy to add simple booking functionality to your ecommerce business.

This will enable you to develop pre-orderable products and sell them ahead of official launch, and set up an automated email system to notify your consumers when items are officially released and available for purchase.
Discounts can also be offered to those who purchase items during the pre-order stage, which will increase the effectiveness of this technique and your conversion rate.because of its interoperabilityYITH WooCommerce Stripe, This plugin works with variable products and accepts credit card payments.

Offer your products now, including those that are currently unavailable, and remember that every day you buy without permission is a day's worth of sales that you will never get back!

Features YITH WooCommerce pre-order

  • Allow booking on your website: Set pre-order dates and pricing for things that aren't available yet, then sell them.
  • Pre-order products can be discounted or increased in price: Book at a discount or with a fixed or percentage markup.
  • Have a complete and up-to-date pre-order list: In the WooCommerce order page, orders in pre-order status are displayed.
  • With personalized text, customers can be persuaded to buy: Customize the text of the booking button and the expiration date.
  • Determine when the pre-order period for each product begins and ends: Set precise start and end dates and times for the pre-order period.
  • For products that are both simple and varied: You can even choose to pre-order a single product variety.
  • Put out-of-stock items into pre-order so you never miss a sale: Choose whether you want to automatically convert out-of-stock items to pre-orders.
  • Provide clear and up-to-date pictures of customer bookings: Use specific reports on the My Account page
  • Using Bulk Actions, you can turn any product into a pre-order: Collection groupings of products can be located using bulk operations based on categories and/or tags.
  • For administrators and customers, use an automated email system: Notify administrators when a product's pre-order time is about to end, and notify customers when a product is available for purchase.
  • Prevent simultaneous purchases of pre-orders and different types of products: Users won't be able to add new products to their cart because the system prevents them from doing so.
  • Take advantage of WPML compatibility: with delicateWPML tools, You can translate plugins effortlessly.

Changelog: YITH WooCommerce Pre-Order

1.7.6 - Released on 24 August 2021​
New: support for WooCommerce 5.5
Update: YITH plugin framework
Fix: remove slashes when saving the value of the availability date field

1.7.5 - RELEASED ON 13 JULY 2021​
New: support for WordPress 5.8
New: support for WooCommerce 5.5
Update: YITH plugin framework
Dev: added filter "yith_wcpo_hide_loop"

= 1.7.4 - Released on 09 June 2021 =
* New: support for WooCommerce 5.4
* Update: YITH plugin framework

= 1.7.3 - Released on 14 May 2021 =
* New: support for WooCommerce 5.3
* Update: YITH plugin framework

= 1.7.2 - Released on 20 April 2021 =
* New: support for WooCommerce 5.2
* Update: YITH plugin framework
* Fix: variations of the same variable product weren't taken into account for the option "Prevent adding more than one Pre-Order product to the cart"

= 1.7.1 - Released on 08 March 2021 =
* New: support for WordPress 5.7
* New: support for WooCommerce 5.1
* Update: YITH plugin framework
* Fix: endpoint fix for YITH WooCommerce Customize My Account Page

= v1.7.0 - Released on 09 February 2021 =
* New: support for WooCommerce 5.0
* New: set "No date" message at product level
* Update: YITH plugin framework
* Fix: My Pre-Orders responsive table
* Fix: infinite scrolling compatibility

= v1.6.4 - Released on 15 January 2021 =
* New: Support for WooCommerce 4.9
* Update: Plugin framework
* Dev: new action "yith_ywpo_clear_pre_order_product"
* Dev: new filter "yith_ywpo_infinite_scrolling_events"
* Dev: new filter "yith_ywpo_date_format"

= v1.6.2 - Released on 05 November 2020 =
* New: Support for WooCommerce 4.7
* Update: Plugin framework
* Update: Language files

= v1.6.1 - Released on 13 October 2020 =
* New: Support for WooCommerce 4.6
* Update: Plugin framework
* Update: Language files

= v1.6.0 - Released on 14 September 2020 =
* New: Support for WordPress 5.5
* New: Support for WooCommerce 4.5
* Update: Plugin framework
* Update: Language files
* Fix: crossed out price issue when using bulk action
* Fix: download links for variations weren't being hidden
* Fix: Product released e-mail was sent even if order is canceled

v1.5.12 - RELEASED ON 21 MAY 2020
New: Support for WooCommerce 4.2
New: Option "Prevent adding more than one Pre-Order product to the cart"
Fix: Elementor widget for Availability Date

= v1.5.9 - Released on 11 March 2020 =
* New: Support for WooCommerce 4.0
* New: Support for WordPress 5.4
* New: Elementor widget - Availability Date
* New: Elementor widget - Show Pre-Order Products
* Update: Plugin framework
* Update: Language files

= Version 1.5.7 - Released: Nov 04, 2019 =
Update: Plugin Core
Update: Language files
Fix: Activation license issue

VERSION 1.5.5 - RELEASED: AUG 12, 2019
New: Support to WooCommerce 3.7.
Update: Plugin Core.
Update: Language files.
Fix: Availability date of variations wasn't being updated when "Automatic Pre-Order status" option is activated.

VERSION 1.5.4 - RELEASED: MAY 29, 2019
New: Support to WordPress 5.2.x
Update: Plugin Core.
Update: Language files.
Fix: When "No date message" option was empty, the string "false" was displayed on Pre-Order variations with no availability date.