YITH WooCommerce PayPal Payouts v1.0.23

Paypal Payout is not a payment gateway, but it allowsPayment Suppliers and AffiliatesIn a fully automatic way, or manually through a single operation.

In fact, with the very useful Mass Pay feature, you can pay all commissions to suppliers or affiliates with just one click, saving a lot of valuable time, or directly between different payees at checkout Automatic apportionment of payments!

PAYPAL PAYOUTS automates your marketplace bulk payments and integrates perfectly with our YITH WOOCOMMERCE multi-vendor and YITH WOOCOMMERCE affiliates.
If you're wondering if this plugin will work even without the marketplace running... well, the answer is definitely yes!
No need to install ourYITH multi-vendoror usYITH Affiliates, Perfectly integrated with payments, you can distribute all payments on your website to more recipients using your favorite commission!
Dividing your website's profits has never been easier!In fact, for every payment made, Paypal PayOuts will automatically share the payment immediately based on the commission you configure.
Check out the screenshots and test the live demo to see how this plugin works for you alone and in combination with our best sellers YITH Multi Vendor and YITH Affiliates.

Changelog YITH WooCommerce PayPal Payments

v1.0.23 - RELEASED ON 04 MARCH 2021
New: Support for WooCommerce 5.1
New: Support for WordPress 5.7
Update:YITH plugin framework

= v1.0.14 - Released on 25 May 2020 =
* New: Support for WooCommerce 4.2
* Update: Plugin Framewor

= v1.0.10 =
New: Support for WooCommerce 3.8
New: Support for WordPress 5.3
Update: Plugin Framework
Update: Spanish language

VERSION 1.0.9 - RELEASED: JULY 31, 2019
New: Support to WooCommerce 3.7
Update: Plugin Framework

VERSION 1.0.8 - RELEASED: JUN 26, 2019
Update: Plugin Framework
Dev: New filter "yith_payouts_panel_capability"
Dev: New filter "yith_payouts_view_payouts_list_shortcode_args"

VERSION 1.0.7 - RELEASED: MAY 31, 2019
Update: Plugin Framework

VERSION 1.0.6 - RELEASED: MAY 29, 2019
New: Support to WordPress 5.2
Update: Plugin Framework
Update: Italian language