YITH Point Of Sale For WooCommerce (POS) v1.0.19

The most cost-effective and advanced option for converting WooCommerce to a brick-and-mortar POS system.

If you need a POS for physical sales, you have two options.The most common and expensive method is to buy a dedicated POS terminal (prices range from 250 EUR to 1000 EUR) and pay a monthly membership fee for a specific POS plan.So, on average, just one POS terminal will cost you 500 euros per year. If you need more registers, you have to multiply this number by two, three, five, etc.

Instead, thanks to the integration of our POS plugin, you can use the freeware WooCommerce to turn your computer or tablet into an affordable and easy-to-use multifunctional cash register.

It makes no difference what kind of business you have: whether it's a supermarket, bar, clothing store or beauty salon, you can handle your point of sale through multiple cash registers.Create cashiers, create products, sync orders, add tags, discount and coupon codes, design receipts, track each cashier's earnings and payment methods used...and more

The POS register integrates perfectly with your WooCommerce store.

YITH Point of Sale is native to WooCommerce and connects to your store via the WooCommerce REST API.All orders placed using the front-end POS register, along with any other information about product inventory, customer details, etc., will be automatically synced to your WooCommerce installation's database.

In one installation, there are countless retailers and POS registers.

The plugin allows you to create an unlimited number of stores (if you are in charge of a chain or franchise) and register (if you are in charge of a franchise) (for example in supermarkets with more departments and dedicated cash registers).You can add multiple cashiers per register, design receipts, set up categories and products, enable certain payment methods, and more.

A comprehensive and versatile dashboard lets you track orders and revenue for every store and POS register.

You can rely on the dashboard to analyze sales trends and revenue at each point of sale, and filter this information by store, register, and date through the interface with the WooCommerce admin panel.You can also get a list of the cashiers with the highest sales and the payment methods they accept.

A sleek and configurable login page provides instant access to the POS registry.

Thanks to a special login page that can be configured from the admin panel, cashiers can access the register without going through the backend of the e-commerce site.

A fun and easy-to-use POS register interface for any type of store and product.

With well-designed styles, we have created a simple and easy-to-use POS registration interface.Therefore, the perspective can be customized for any business activity, regardless of the type of goods or services being sold.

From the POS interface, you can create products and manage inventory.

You can add new products, modify prices and inventory directly from the POS registration view, and sync this data with your ecommerce store database.You can also use the multi-inventory option to assign different inventory values ​​to each point of sale.

Manage discounts, coupons, tagging and shipping for products and orders, and add notes.

Complete order management, including the ability to apply discounts, promo codes, tags, and add notes to any product and order placed at the checkout.

Saved carts can be retrieved later to complete the order.

The Pause and Save button on the cash register allows you to temporarily freeze your cart and save it in a separate tab so you can open new orders.You'll be able to retrieve your frozen cart and pick up where you left off!

Enable multiple and split payment methods on the same order.

The ability to split order payments into different payment methods is something that few of the WooCommerce POS plugins available, and a must-have for customers.With this feature, you can offer your customers the option to pay half in cash and half in credit card.

Once the order is paid for, issue a personalized sales receipt that can be printed or downloaded as a PDF file.

Use the integration builder to create and personalize sales receipts that can be printed after an order is complete.Each register can have its own receipt template that you can customize with size, text, logos, and more.

In a separate tab, view all orders placed through a given POS register and get a register closure report.

Using our plugin, you can track all orders placed at POS registers on a dedicated page, as well as download or print a register closure report containing all orders and sales.

Scan products (using SKU-based search) or scan products with our YITH Barcodes plugin.

Allows cashiers to search for products by SKU or barcodes created by our YITH Barcodes plugin to speed up and simplify the checkout process.

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Features: YITH Point Of Sale For WooCommerce (POS)


  • With wizard setup, you can create your store in just a few steps.
  • You can do the following for each store:
  • Billing information (store name and VAT), address, contact information and social media links should all be included.
  • Activate or deactivate the store
  • Can add and enable/disable specific POS registers
  • Check the status of currently logged in registers (closed/open) and cashiers.
  • Customizable multiple receipt templates
  • Product-level inventory management for each store
  • Select one or more store managers and cashiers from the drop-down menus.
  • During store setup, create a new user account.


  • You can make as many POS registers as you want.
  • For each registration, you can enable or disable various payment methods.
  • For each registration, display all products or only selected products or categories.
  • Display all items at once or by category
  • Allows scanning of product barcodes
  • certain cashiers will be assigned
  • Enable receipt printing
  • Choose from a variety of personalized receipt templates
  • Allows registration of closing reports


  • Mobile-friendly: Save the POS page to your smartphone and open it like any other app.
  • Registration screen:
    • Make the login page your own.
    • Upload your store logo to display on login pages and registration screens.
    • Pre-programmed discount keys
    • The colors on the registration screen can be customized.
    • Product viewing and filtering (all, on sale, featured)
    • Product titles, SKUs and barcodes can all be used to find products.
    • Activate the barcode scanner: You can now add products to your cart simply by scanning the barcode.
    • On the registration screen, create a new product (if added by a manager, it can also be saved for future sessions)
    • During a registration session, associate a current order with an existing user or create a new user account.
    • Please double check the customer's billing and shipping details before completing the payment.
    • Carts can be saved and frozen, and comments can be added. You can retrieve them later and let the customer complete the transaction.
    • Actions in the shopping cart:
      • Remove all contents from the current cart.
      • Change the price of each item in the basket.
      • Notes can be added to the cart or each individual item in the cart.
      • Apply discounts and taxes.
      • Use coupon code
      • Plus shipping.
    • Allow customers to pay for the same order using multiple payment methods.
    • Total due, total paid, balance, change, and smartly calculated amounts are all displayed on an easy-to-use payment interface.
    • full screen view option
    • Activate or deactivate sounds for products added to cart.
  • You can contribute cash on hand when you open the registration or throughout the session.
  • View all store orders organized by date and filterable by registration in the registration report. You can return order details and print a receipt.
  • View current revenue for POS registers, including login time, cashiers logged in during the session, total cash on hand, and total sales by payment type.
  • Close Enrollment: Close Enrollment and download the Closing report with today's profit data and notes.Cashier stats: time since login, number of orders created, total sales and report downloads.

Statistics and orders on the dashboard

  • The WooCommerce Admin plugin has an integrated dashboard where you can:
    • Display data for a specific time period.
    • Orders and sales can be filtered by store.
    • Orders and sales can be filtered through POS registers.
    • Displays total orders, net total, average order value, average number of items per order, total items sold, total new users, total loyal customers, and coupons used by total users.
    • Compare the data with data from a previous period or year.
    • Display sales data by day, week or month.
    • Display sales using a line or bar chart.
    • Show earnings by payment method.
    • Show cashier income.
  • Orders "released via POS system" or "released online" will be filtered.
  • Displays the store, POS register, cashier and payment method used in the order information.

Changelog: YITH Point Of Sale For WooCommerce (POS)

1.3.0 - RELEASED ON 28 OCTOBER 2021
New: support for WooCommerce 5.9
Update: YITH plugin framework
Tweak: added conditional check to avoid fatal errors when cashier or user is removed
Tweak: use specific info in the global var 'yithPOS' for payment gateways to avoid including all object properties

1.2.0 - RELEASED ON 11 OCTOBER 2021
New: support for WooCommerce 5.8
Update: YITH plugin framework
Tweak: improved performance when filtering online or POS orders

Update: YITH plugin framework
Update: language files
Fix: debug info feature removed for all logged in users
Fix: itemized taxes in customer and register reports

New: support for WooCommerce 5.7
Update: YITH plugin framework
Update: language files
Tweak: improved performance when filtering online or POS orders

1.0.20 - RELEASED ON 10 AUGUST 2021
New: support for WooCommerce 5.6
New: improved register and customer report with itemized taxes, tax total, net sales
Update: YITH plugin framework
Update: language files
Fix: timezone issue when retrieving order count in cashier info and order stats on register closing
Fix: rewrite rule issue with URLs starting with 'pos'
Tweak: improved performance when retrieving order stats
Tweak: improved performance when fetching categories in 'add product' form
Tweak: added 'address 2' field in billing details
Tweak: allow vertical scrolling for modals in small screens
Dev: added yith_pos_search_results_product_name filter to allow filtering the product name in search results
Dev: added yith_pos_search_use_exact_sku filter to allow filtering by using the exact SKU or not when searching by SKU is enabled
Dev: added yith_pos_search_by_title_arg filter to allow filtering the title argument in query when searching by SKU and title

1.0.19 - RELEASED ON 1 JULY 2021
New: support for WordPress 5.8
New: support for WooCommerce 5.5
Update: YITH plugin framework
Update: language files
Fix: issue with timezone when retrieving order count in register stats
Fix: coupon discount total shown in order details based on tax settings
Tweak: search by SKU showed multiple results
Dev: added yith_pos_search_by_sku_arg filter to manipulate the query on search value

1.0.18 - RELEASED ON 10 JUNE 2021
Update: YITH plugin framework
Update: language files
Fix: 'robots' meta for standard site pages

1.0.17 - RELEASED ON 3 JUNE 2021
New: support for WooCommerce 5.4
Update: YITH plugin framework
Update: language files
Fix: search by barcode
Tweak: added "noindex" and "noarchive" to "robots" meta tag to avoid search engine indexing for the POS page
Dev: added yith_pos_query_custom_barcode_search filter

1.0.16 - RELEASED ON 10 MAY 2021
New: support for WooCommerce 5.3
Update: YITH plugin framework
Update: language files
Fix: order item price when applying coupons
Fix: timezone issue when showing dates
Fix: search by barcode
Dev: added yith_pos_wc_settings filter

1.0.15 - RELEASED ON 15 APRIL 2021
New: support for WooCommerce 5.2
Update: YITH plugin framework
Update: language files
Fix: issue when filtering products by category on barcode scanning
Tweak: set register status to 'publish' when it's restored from trash
Tweak: sort variations by the custom ordering set on product edit page
Dev: added yith_pos_register_manager_get_totals filter
Dev: added yith_pos_cart_generated_order filter
Dev: added yith_pos_product_variations_query_args filter