WPMU Dev SmartCrawl Pro v2.17.0 – Plugin SEO WordPress

SmartCrawl Prois a tool that can help you improve your search engine results. SmartCrawl is an SEO application that makes it easy for search engines to find your website's content.Instead, what you care about is how search engines locate your website.

SmartCrawl Pro will thoroughly analyze your website and report its strengths and weaknesses.Once everything is done, the plugin will tell you what needs to be done to improve your site's reviews and user experience.

This is the most useful feature because it lets you see how your SEO is doing before you spend hours.You can also customize how search engines view your website with the SmartCrawl Pro plugin, which allows you to generate and update titles and descriptions for articles and pages.

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Features SmartCrawl Pro - Smarter WordPress SEO

Only the most proven optimization methods are included in SmartCrawl, resulting in high-impact results with as few settings as possible.

  • Search Engine Optimization Audit: Schedule audits to scan, analyze, and send SEO reports on a regular basis.
  • title and meta: Customize how the title and description appear on the search page.
  • social strength: Link social accounts to get full credit from shared content.
  • website analysis: Quick setup with one-click scan, analysis and activation.
  • auto link: Link keywords to similar post and page content on your website.
  • 301 redirect: Easily redirect traffic from one URL to another.
  • Moz integration: Sync Moz reports comparative analysis, including rankings and links.
  • import and export: Move your SmartCrawl installation to any site for quick setup.
  • Search Engine Optimization Center: Use the Hub to get an SEO overview of all your sites from one place.

Changelog: WPMU Dev SmartCrawl Pro

v2.17.0 - 2022-01-26
New: Regex redirects
New: Ability to bulk import and export redirects from CSV
New: Ability to search through redirects
New: Relative URL support in redirects
New: Query variable support in redirects
Improvement: New SmartCrawl admin menu icon
Improvement: New design for email reports
Fix: Sitemaps documentation link not pointing to the correct section
Fix: Cursor in redirect modal jumping to EOL after every key press

New Update Changelog v2.16.0​
New: Advanced WooCommerce SEO Options
Improvement: Include homepage URL in the first page sitemap in addition to the first post sitemap
Fix: Schema module self-activates upon any changes to the Social module
Fix: Custom taxonomy terms with dashes not supported in macros

v2.15.2 - 2021-11-03
Improvement: Whitelabel improvements

New Update Changelog v2.15.1​
Improvement: Code and stability improvements

New Update Changelog v2.15.0​
New: NewsArticle schema added automatically for types included in the news sitemap
New: Included publication language code in the news sitemap
New: SEO Checkup tool depreciated in favor of SEO Audit
New: Added Product ID and SKU as options for MPN and other identifiers in WooCommerce Product schema
New: Added default value for priceValidUntil to fix warnings in WooCommerce Product schema
Fix: Incorrect taxonomy term loaded in schema type builder conditions
Improvement: Schema builder code improvements