WPForms Pro v1.7.2 – Drag & Drop WordPress Forms Plugin

WPForms Pro is the best WordPress contact form plugin

Create a contact formWPFormseasy and convenient. Uses a drag-and-drop visual editor, which makes the plugin more user-friendly (very convenient to use).

main taskWPFormsis to make the plugin as user friendly as possible. Since not everyone is familiar with HTML/CSS to directly edit form fields etc.So it doesn't contain some confusing features that are in other plugins.

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Features of WPForms - The World's Best Drag and Drop WordPress Forms Plugin

  • Drag and Drop Form Builder: Easily create stunning forms in minutes without writing a single line of code.
  • Shape templates: Start with pre-built shape templates to save even more time.
  • Responsive Mobile Friendly: WPForms is 100% responsive, which means it works on mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • Smart Conditional Logic: Easily create high-performance forms with our Smart Conditional Logic.
  • Instant Notifications: Respond quickly to prospects with our instant form notifications for your team.
  • Item Management: View all your leads in one place to streamline your workflow.
  • Easy payments: Easily collect payments, donations, and online orders without hiring a developer.
  • Marketing and Subscriptions: Create and connect subscription forms to your email marketing services.
  • Easy to embed: Easily embed forms into blog posts, pages, sidebar widgets, footers, and more.
  • Spam Protection: Our smart captcha and honeypot automatically prevent spam.


Changelog WPForms Pro - Free Drag and Drop WordPress Forms Plugin

v1.7.2 - 2022-01-04
### Added
- Search by form name and description is available on the Forms Overview page.
- New "Author" column in the Forms Overview table to display a name of a person who created the form.
- Display log records on the single Entry page when an entry note has been added or deleted.

[] - 2021-11-11
## Fixed
- Email address validation against allowlist or denylist always fails.
- Country flag from Phone field position on top of Dropdown field choices on Edit Entry page.
- Legacy Stripe field not showing years in credit card expiration subfield.

[v1.7.1] - 2021-11-09
### Added
- Time values are now validated against Limit Hours settings of the Date / Time field.

### Changed
- Updated bundled Dropzone.js library to 5.9.3.
- Improved translations by removing confusion if non-translatable placeholders are used.
- Improved support for WordPress Core UI colors and admin themes in admin bar menu.
- Improved format and limits validation of modern File Upload field.
- Improved display of empty and hidden field labels in Form Builder preview.
- Field helper notification in the Form Builder now can be dismissed.
- Improved and standardized look of classic and modern Dropdown field across Form Builder, admin area and frontend.
- Display "Save and Resume" link in Page Break field preview in Form Builder if Save and Resume is turned on.

### Fixed
- Empty fields are displayed on Entry details after editing an Entry with Page Break or Entry Preview fields.
- Strip slashes from Paragraph Text field when the value is dynamically populated.
- SMTP settings page linked to Setup Wizard even when SMTP settings are already configured.
- Occasional fatal error when moving Page Break field while another field is being added on slow Internet connections.
- Entry Print Preview displays empty admin page if Entry ID is not valid.
- File upload error when custom validation of any other field fails.
- Notifications count in the admin bar is misaligned.
- Field helper notification in the Form Builder overlaps and blocks Duplicate and Delete actions when hovered.
- Inconsistent new lines in different field types in Entry Preview.
- Non-latin (Punycode) email addresses are not converted for display in email suggestion hints.

[1.7.0] - 2021-10-05
### Added
- New field - Rich Text.
- Uncanny Automator integration.
- New filters to programmatically hide certain field values from the Entry Preview output.

### Changed
- The "Back to All Entries" link is replaced on the "Back to Entry" on the Edit Entry page.
- Improved form builder education: install and activate payment addons without leaving the form builder.
- Updated jQuery Validation library to v1.9.3.

### Fixed
- Incorrect handling of language files downloads when the plugin is activated, or site language is changed.
- Page Break: disabling the Previous button does not work.
- Alignment for admin notification counter.
- Keyboard does not focus on a numeric keyboard on mobile devices with the US-format Phone field.
- Placeholder styling issue in Modern Multiple Dropdown field that is Conditionally Shown.
- Ability to delete uploaded files on the Edit Entry page.
- Javascript error in Elementor page builder.
- Embedded forms into global sidebar report about an error in the Divi page builder.
- Change settings were not applied for a Duplicated Modern Dropdown field.
- Do not allow Entry editing when a form template is changed on the Blank Form.
- PHP fatal error generated on some installs when spawning cron as an unauthenticated user.
- Form fields not displaying full width on mobile devices with Base form styling selected.

## [1.6.9] - 2021-08-24
### Added
- New field - Entry Preview.
- Keyboard Shortcuts informational popup in the Form Builder, triggered with `Ctrl + /` shortcut.
- Separate category for templates added by addons.
- Smart Tags support in Confirmation Messages.
- Advanced Entry search by Entry ID, Entry notes, user IP, and user agent.
- Punycode support for the Email field to allow using international domain names.
- Compatibility with PHP 8.

### Changed
- Display only WPForms related actions on the Tools > Scheduled Actions page.
- Enable AJAX form submission by default for new forms created using Blank template and addon templates.
- Default state on the CAPTCHA Settings screen on new installs is now set to None.
- Improved consistency of various modal popups in the Form Builder.
- Do not allow Entry editing when there are no fields with editable values.
- Speed up form preview in the Form Builder by limiting the number of choices displayed.
- Updated ActionScheduler library to 3.2.1.
- Updated Flatpickr JS library to v4.6.9.

[v1.6.8.1] - 2021-07-21
### Changed
- Allow using right click to open a form preview in new tab or window.

### Fixed
- Notifications disabled on the previous version were enabled after the 1.6.8 update.
- Single Item field set to Hidden type now does not have unnecessary padding.
- Block preview in new WordPress 5.8 Widgets Block Editor now aligned properly.
- Omit a redundant number of files option from the Classic File Upload field.
- Some fields had no padding on the Edit Entry screen if the value was empty.
- Word wrapping issues in various places for non-English languages.
- Remove excessive whitespaces after in the Notification name after cloning.
- HTML field in notification emails is now displayed honoring the field's conditional logic.

[v1.6.8] - 2021-07-13
### Added
- Form Builder visual modernization and improved user experience.
- Form Builder is now more optimized, loading and performing faster.
- More tooltips in various areas of the Form Builder to provide context for different options.
- A lot more Templates that you can use for one-click forms creation.
- Categorize Form Templates into different sections and improve search, allowing faster access and better user experience.
- New Preview button for all Templates, so you can check how your form will look like before applying the Template.

[v1.6.7.3] - 2021-07-02
### Changed
- Renamed a misspelled `wpforms_display_sumbit_spinner_src` filter to `wpforms_display_submit_spinner_src`, old name is now deprecated.

### Fixed
- Expired transients are not deleted automatically.
- Entries count race condition under high load in the plugin Lite version.
- Form Builder product education links.

[v1.6.7.1] - 2021-06-15
### Changed
- Password strength text in the Form Builder matches the text on a frontend now.
- Improved logic of pasting a text in the fields with word and character limits.
- Updated DOMPurify lib to 2.2.9.
- Some admin notices can be dismissed on a per-user basis.

### Fixed
- Smart Tags don't parse dot and comma symbols well.
- Occasional PHP Notices on getting addons' download URLs and printing the entry.
- In rare cases, WPForms functions calls are not handled correctly inside the third-party frontend AJAX calls.
- Tooltipster JS error on Edit Entry page.
- Incorrect `wpforms_smart_tag_process` filter deprecation notice.
- Compatibility with the Elementor 3.1.x, 3.2.x and 3.3.x.
- Broken XLSX of exported entries in rare cases when server temporary directory is not writable.
- Cleanup database from obsolete data after preparing an entries export file for download.
- Properly handle errors reporting when entries exporting failed for some reason.

[v1.6.7] - 2021-05-11
### Added
- Additional Print Entry screen controls for adding HTML fields and Section dividers into the printed page.
- Minimum password strength validation for a Password field.

= [v1.6.6] - 2021-03-30 =
### Added
- Ability to delete uploaded files when editing a form entry.
- Delete all uploaded files to clean up space when the associated entry is deleted.
- Support currencies with no decimals.
- WordPress 5.7 new color scheme compatibility.

### Changed
- Hide the "Add New Notification" button, when the Notifications were turned off.
- Allow using 0/false values in choices label for Checkboxes, Multiple Choice, Dropdown fields.
- Better AJAX form submit error messages handling for the Email field.
- Refactored Tools page with all of its subpages for easier long-term support.
- Exclude Page Break, Custom Captcha, HTML, and Section Divider fields from a single entry export file.
- Updated the WPForms > About Us page.
- Updated Dropzone lib to 5.8.1 (fixes IE11 issue).
- Updated DOMPurify lib to 2.2.7.
- Replaced jQuery.ready() function usage with a recommended way since jQuery 3.0.

### Fixed
- Front-end slow loading of a form with Conditional Logic, when applied to fields with image choices.
- Incorrect Edit Entry page layout where fields are rendered, when fields have custom CSS classes that modify the form structure (i.e. by adding columns).
- HTML layout is broken on the Analytics page for some site languages.
- Incorrect permission checks for different places in the dashboard and the Form Builder.
- RTL support for Name, Email, Password, Address, and Date/Time fields.
- Incorrect total form count value for different user's roles on the Forms Overview page (All Forms).
- Speed up the Form Builder rendering by loading certain scripts only when the Embed functionality is triggered.
- Validation for Rating Field is still required even though the selection is still showing.
- The `iframe` HTML element was not rendered incorrectly in the Twenty Twenty theme.
- The Checkboxes and Multiple Choice fields CSS issues in Twenty Twenty-One theme.
- On WordPress 4.9.0-4.9.4 and certain FTP configurations there could be an error while trying to automatically download the translations.
- Omit Dynamic Choices fields from conditional logic settings.
- Allowlist/Denylist validation was broken for the Email field in a multi-page form.
- Error message text was missing or incorrect when an addon installation failed on certain WordPress/server configurations.
- Correctly format big amounts in the Single Item payment field.
- Single Item payment field shows an "Amount mismatch" error on the form submit on PHP 8.0.
- PHP notice generated while exporting a form with the Divider field, which has Conditional Logic.
- PHP fatal error generated when using `{entry_date format="m/d/Y"}` smart tag in a Notification message of the plugin Lite version.
- Display the Payment Gateway Information option on the Entries Export page only if any of the payment addons is active.
- Incorrect WPForms custom capabilities display in the Members plugin.
- Columns sorting on the Forms Overview page made by non-administrators (using the Access Control functionality) could break forms in certain cases.
- WPForms Challenge was drunk in the Firefox browser.
- reCAPTCHA doesn't render in a popup when the same form exists in another place.

= [] - 2021-02-23 =
- Incorrect validation in the Single Item field with 'user defined' type and 'required' status when paying in thousands.
- PHP notice while exporting a form template with no form fields.
- On certain WordPress/server configurations there could be an error while trying to automatically download the translations.

= [v1.6.5] - 2021-02-16 =
### Added
- Automatically download translation files for the core plugin and its addons.
- Export all entries in the Microsoft Excel (.xslx) format, which should fix CSV-related compatibility issues.
- Clone Notifications in the Form Builder to quickly recreate a lot of them.

### Changed
- Updated DOMPurify lib to 2.2.6.
- Convert "Viewed" and "Starred" export entry values to "Yes"/"No".
- Reload the Form Builder after Save and Embed option usage, and going back using the browser Back button.
- Improved empty states for Single Entry view.
- Disable From Name and From Email fields in Form Builder > Notifications when the WP Mail SMTP plugin forces those values.

### Fixed
- RTL support for the Smart Phone field.
- Properly display entry time when the site has a timezone with fractional offset.
- The Gutenberg block JavaScript issue in WordPress 5.0-5.1.1 versions.
- The Gutenberg block CSS issues in Twenty Twenty-One theme.
- AMP incompatible script for Lite version.
- Address field should have US country pre-defined when US mode is active.
- Multiple choice selected choice resets to default while editing the entry.
- Logs records on WPForms > Tools > Logs may not be clickable under certain circumstances, preventing previewing the logged information.
- Email Summaries ignoring timezone offset while generating reports.
- CSS issue in WordPress 5.5+: the form title centered on single entry view if starred.
- Email Suggestion feature when using two or more forms on a page.
- Shorten the names of uploaded files to avoid broken links on a single Entry page and in emails.
- Missing on-hover tooltips' after cloning/duplicating elements in the Form Builder (Notifications, fields, etc).
- Minor styling issues on the WPForms > Tools > Logs page.
- Issues while importing forms saved in UTF-8 with BOM.
- Improve performance of the WPForms Challenge.
- WPForms module icon compatibility with the latest Elementor version.
- Incorrect CPT and taxonomy terms alphabetical sorting of the Dynamic Choice option values for fields that support this Advanced Option.
- Properly clean up all orphaned CSV files after the export has been completed.
- Compatibility with WordPress 4.9 on the WPForms > Analytics/SMTP pages.
- Incorrect required File Upload field post-processing when upload failed.
- AJAX form submissions and file uploading on some server configuration.
- Improve Admin Menu Bar support since WordPress 5.2.
- Do not allow submitting the form with required but empty (or equal to 0) user-defined Single Item payment field value.