WP User Frontend Pro Business v3.4.10 – Ultimate Frontend Solution For WordPress

WP User Frontend Prois the ultimate WordPress solution to let your users manage everything from the front end!Easily build signup forms, profiles, Woo Commerce products, signup and contact forms with custom post type support.

WP User Frontend Prois the best WordPress plugin to create forms to add posts and edit your profile for users without having to visit your blog's admin panel.

Users can create new posts and edit them from the external interface, they can view their pages in the external interface from the user dashboard, users can edit their profiles, and admins can restrict access to the WordPress admin panel for any user level

Receive email notifications of new posts, customization options that allow users to edit or delete messages, add attachments from external interfaces, and more.

Demo:https://we's vs.com/ i'm afraid-user-frontend-pro/

Features WP User Frontend Pro - The Ultimate Frontend Solution for WordPress

Drag and drop builder

Creating a post, subscription or WooCommerce product form is super easy with the drag and drop builder. You can simply select a field, drag it into the builder, and drop it where you want.

Live preview

WP User Frontend Pro has live previews of all supported forms. You can create the custom form you want and edit it to see how it looks.

custom field

Create as many custom fields as your form needs. Choose your custom field from our 17 predefined field types. WP User Frontend can also capture custom fields from other installed plugins!

custom taxonomy

Add custom taxonomies to your templates. Use them as drop-down menus, multi-select or checkboxes.

Custom post type support

WP User Frontend supports custom post types. So, with it, you can create any custom post/page/post type anytime, anywhere from the frontend.

infinite form

Build unlimited shapes. Create as many variations as you want, customize them and let go of your creativity.

Gas placement support

With WP User Frontend, users can post on your website without registering. It can also be configured to automatically register guests with the provided name and email address.

WooCommerce Support

Users can create products directly from the theme using WooCommerce supported theme forms.

custom redirect

Use it to redirect users to a page, a custom page, or show them a Flash message after a successful submission.

image submission

Allow users to upload images into posts with file size and format restrictions. Great for casual posts or subscription forms.

Set default publish status

After submitting a post, you can publish it directly or wait for review before publishing. Convenient to maintain the quality of published content and prevent spam.

Create or edit post notifications

Get notified when users submit posts, or even when edits are made. You can get all article information in the mail without checking your website dashboard.Post title, body, excerpt, tags, categories, any custom fields are supported in messages. Great, right?

Action hook field

What could be better when you can insert action_hook anywhere in the form and display content from outside the plugin. Well, I'm talking to your programmer!

after expiration

Even if you don't use subscriptions, you can still expire posts in specific forms. Yes this is awesome!

Custom fields in the admin area!

Do you think you can use custom fields in the frontend? What happens when you want to edit a post from the WordPress admin panel? Oh, don't worry, we've got you covered.The same custom field UI is also created for the admin panel, so you can edit it as you would in the frontend.

Sign up form builder

Want to register additional infosets for your users? Easily add additional fields and elements to your registration form.

Assign roles to forms

Need to register users with different roles on your site? All forms have different character setups, lifesaver!

Captcha support

Eliminate spammers with the most popular method captcha! We currently support reCaptcha and Real Simple Captcha tools.

release listing

With a simple shortcode, all user posts can be displayed on the frontend. Users can edit or delete them. List all your posts on the frontend, edit or delete them.Also see their featured image.

Changelog WP User Frontend Pro Business - The Ultimate Frontend Solution for WordPress Cancelled for Free

= v3.4.10 (28 Oct, 2021) =
* Enhancement - Featured item for subscriber
* Enhancement - Warning added for unsaved form data on frontend
* Enhancement - Editor added for registration form email template
* Enhancement - User directory admin user profile tab control for admin
* Enhancement - User directory frontend reset button, back to listing button added, design improvements
* Enhancement - User directory frontend settings profile header, user listing template images updated
* Enhancement - User directory frontend media file optimized
* Fix - Vendor registration form redirect issue handled
* Fix - License menu issues fixed
* Fix - Content restriction error handled
* Fix - Required address field conditional inconsistency fixed
* Fix - Tribe events calender data not syncing properly

= v3.4.9 (16 Sep, 2021) =
* Enhancement - Country wide tax rate option enhanced
* Enhancement - Missing state for address field added
* Enhancement - Roles in atts added for user-listing shortcode
* Enhancement - New option for redirection after pay per post payment in form setting
* Enhancement - Controller added for various email notification
* Update - Subscription Post expiration option change to input field
* Update - Campaign Monitor SDK update to latest version
* Fix - Subscription expiration notification inconsistency handled
* Fix - Invoice address not comply with customizer fixed
* Fix - PMpro integration inconsistency handled

= v3.4.8 (06 Jul, 2021) =
* Enhancement - Google Map field enhanced along with acf google map
* Fix - Form preview page inconsistency with builder
* Fix - TOC field not saving properly for registration form

= v3.4.7 (08 Jun, 2021) =
* Enhancement - User Directory module redesigned with better UI & UX
* Enhancement - Private message module redesigned with better UI,UX & file attachments
* Enhancement - Contacts method added for front-end user
* Enhancement - Post approval notification option added
* Fix - Datetime inconsistency with tribes event calender fixed
* Fix - Math Field validation inconsistency handled properly
* Fix - PMpro module date inconsistency handled
* Fix - Buddypress field inconsistency handled with CS fixing
* Fix - Registration form inconsistency with multisite fixed
* Fix - Tax option not saving on backend fixed
* Fix - Datetime year range set to 100 years

= v3.4.6 (8 March, 2021) =
* Fix - Multiple repeat field not showing
* Fix - Missing semantic description for subscription email body
* Fix - Decimal tax value getting floor value
* Fix - Dokan vendor registration form custom URL redirection not workin
* Fix - Bulk form id settings option on various post tables

= v3.4.5 (12 January, 2021) =
* Fix - Stripe cancel doesnt work properly when deleting from stripe
* Fix - Register user unable to delete file after login
* Fix - BuddyPress integration has issue due to sanitization
* Fix - Social login avatar not working
* Fix - Dokan vendor registration state field
* Fix - QR code doesnt work on guest mode
* Fix - WPUF vendor registration redirect with setup wizard
* Enhancement - Sent email after publishing post

= v3.4.4 (11 December, 2020) =
* New - Added partial content restriction
* Fix - Email content formatting was not correct
* Fix - Rollback didn't work for custom post type
* Fix - Date field year and month didn't select properly
* Fix - Stripe trial didn't work properly
* Fix - Semantic subscriber email notification
* Fix - Undefined offset due to edit_posts capability
* Enhancement - View profile link didn't show

= v3.4.3 (14 November, 2020) =
* Fix - Can't edit registration form

= v3.4.2 (11 November, 2020)
* Fix - Optional password fields on edit profile forms
* Fix - Post expiration inconsistency
* Fix - Column's inside fields are not appearing on the BuddyPress mapping option
* Fix - Terms and conditions were not saving
* Fix - Remove conditional fields from action hook
* Fix - Take pack restrictions from pack when purchasing via pmpro plugin
* Fix - Revolution slider not working with report module due to chartjs color confilct
* Fix - WooCommerce product type form category child Of selection type is not meeting condition

= v3.4.1 =
* Feature - Mathematical Captcha field
* Enhancement - No message is seen after sending the reset password email
* Fix - Invoice item name doesn't show
* Fix - Social URL doesn't show in user listing directory
* Fix - Wrong class name for attachment element
* Fix - Couldn't send email notification following user settings
* Fix - Taxes were not being calculated properly
* Fix - Stripe card design doesn't look right