WP Staging Pro v4.1.5 - One-Click Solution for Creating Staging Sites

WP Staging Pro- A plugin to clone and recreate changes to your WordPress site in just a few snapshots.

WP Staging allows you to work securely on web pages: copy repositories and records from one web page to the next; allows you to reject explicit forms and envelopes; extremely fast cloning measures; client job verification; even important websites Also maintained; very simple to use

Demo:HTTPS://I'm afraid-staging.com/

Features WP Staging Pro - Create Staging Sites for WordPress Sites

  • Copy your website with one click
  • Copy database, plugins, themes and media files from staging site to Live
  • Setup site for verified users only
  • The cloning process will not slow down your website
  • The staging site is on your server. No data sent to 3rd party
  • Clone and push WordPress multisite, (main and subsites)

Changelog WP Staging Pro - 1-click solution for creating staging sites doesn't work

= v4.1.5 =
* New: Add support for WordPress 5.8.3
* New: Add filter for excluding files during cloning / backup #1494
* New: Add filter for overwriting max execution for database backup restore #1512
* New: Add filter to allow overwriting of the maximum allowed request time to make sure backup restore works for huge files. (19.000.000M database rows) #1510
* Fix: If cloning a multisite subsite into external database, it does not clone / backup wp_users and wp_usermeta #1515
* Fix: Skip tmp single file plugin during backup PUSH copy process #1491
* Fix: Preserve table selection during PUSH and UPDATE even when all backup tables unselected #1488
* Fix: Make sure maximum memory consumption during cloning or backup is never higher than 256MB #1502
* Fix: Use custom implementation of wp_timezone() for backward compatibility to WordPress older than 5.3 #1505
* Fix: Override FileObject::fgets to make them behave exactly from SplFileObject of PHP < 8.0.1 #1506
* Tweak: Show custom uploads folder in tooltip description and explain better that changing a symlink image will also change the image on the production site. #1495

= v4.1.4 =
* Hotfix: Fix CLONE PUSH BACKUP on Medium and High CPU Load on WP STAGING PRO 4.1.3. Improve Performance of database backup #1492

= v4.1.1 =
* Fix: Update notice is shown even when using latest version #1398
* Fix: Backup & cloning 100% compatible with PHP 8.0.12 #1281
* Fix: Skip search replace on backup & cloning query if it's size exceed preg functions limit #1404
* Fix: Skip inserting backup & cloning query if it exceeds mysql max_allowed_package. Show warning to user #1405
* Fix: Make db option wpstg_staging_sites always return an array #1413
* Fix: Fix dependency injection for backup notices class. Solve conflict with TranslatePress #1416
* Tweak: Use php version number as tag for php docker container #1407
* Tweak: Improve symlink tooltip text #1411
* Tweak: Refactor WP STAGING Pro to WP STAGING | PRO in notices #1409
* Tweak: Remove 16 characters limitation for the backup & CLONE NAME and keep it for CLONE DIRECTORY #1412

= v4.1.0 =
* New: Show a summary of selected tables and plugins in the push selection
* Fix: WP Staging's variable not declared on plugins page #1373
* Fix: Fix PUSH process when no table is selected #1387
* Fix: Enclose table name with backticks during quering in CLONE and PUSH jobs #1388

= v4.0.9 =
* New: Ask user to allow sending non-personalized usage information for improving the user experience
* Fix: Feedback modal not opened after disabling a plugin #1373
* Fix: Prevent cloning error by enclosing table name with backticks in CLONE and PUSH jobs #1388
* Tweak: Disable the notice about not messing with uploads or wp-content directories #1385

= v4.0.8 =
* Fix: Push from staging site in external database can fail if there are many tables to replace due to exceeding maximum allowed number of external database connections #1379
* Enh: Added buttons to ease process of selecting tables during PUSH process. #1377

= v4.0.7 =
* Tweak: Make staging site upgrade routine run always #1358
* Fix: Fix issue about checking rest url #1354
* Fix: Fix exclude condition for tables during PUSH #1364

= v4.0.5 =
* Fix: New pro version does not recognize staging sites created with older free version #1293

= v4.0.3 =
* New: Support for WordPress 5.8
* New: Show notice if uploads dir is outside WP Root #1138
* Enh: Show warning during restore if Backup was created on a server with PHP ini "short_open_tags", and restoring on a server with it disabled #1129
* Enh: Also show disabled permalink message in disabled items notice on the staging site and show a page builder (DIVI, Elementor etc) not working help link in wpstg page footer #1150
* Enh: Allow filtering the Backup directory using the `wpstg.backup.directory` filter #1167
* Enh: Decouple clone name and clone ID for better usage #1158
* Enh: Allow backups on the staging site #1172
* Enh: Show issue notice if backups is created on version >= 4.0.2 #1198
* Enh: Remove deprecated hooks call #1209
* Fix: Fix staging site when site has freemius script #1112
* Fix: Prefix 'wpstg' to sweetalerts Swal to avoid conflict with its other versions #1125
* Fix: Fix a bug in the backup export logic that would loop when encountering a file with non-empty contents that PHP would evaluate as false #1126
* Fix: Set default values for wpstg settings on plugin activate event if wpstg settings not already set #1135
* Fix: Fix the problem when unable to access the staging site because production site have different siteurl or home url and either one of them is having www. prefix #1136
* Fix: Restore a backup with VIEWs or TABLEs with special MySQL configurations such as DEFINER #1139
* Fix: Fix issue where tab triangle was inconsistent by using css based tab triangle #1148
* Fix: Fix issue where backup tmp folder cleaning process closes logs modal #1157
* Fix: Reduce time to query INFORMATION_SCHEMA on some shared hosts from ~10s to one millisecond #1154
* Fix: Fix a bug on backup creation that would not prefix the table name if a MySQL View is selecting data from another MySQL View #1155
* Fix: Fix a bug on backup restore that would fail when trying to create a MySQL View that selects data from another MySQL View that has not been created yet due to order of creation #1155
* Fix: Check available free disk space on large disks on 32-bit PHP #1179
* Fix: Fix a bug where a PHP memory_limit of -1 (Unlimited) would be interpreted as 64MB, now it's interpreted as 512MB #1178
* Fix: Fix download of .wpstg files on Bitnami/AWS Lightsail servers #1181
* Fix: Remove usages of `abstract static` methods that would violate `strict` PHP checks #1185
* Fix: Cloning a site resets the settings to the default ones #1183
* Fix: Fix a bug on backup creation that would prevent user from logging in after restoring a backup on a site with a different WPDb prefix #1169
* Fix: Allow backup restore with a warning if file count is different than expected, improve backup file count logic #1189
* Fix: Fix Clone RESET and Clone DELETE when unable to delete file due to permission error #1196
* Fix: Fix an issue when canceling a push confirm redirects to empty page #1206
* Fix: Add missing back button and hide cancel button after clone UPDATE and clone RESET #1207
* Fix: Fix Error in JS console related to registering of main-menu in page where it was not available #1205
* Dev: Add wrapper methods for deprecated hooks functions to support WordPress < 4.6 #1209

* Enh: Replace css based hover with pure js hoverintent for tooltips #1106
* Enh: Cleanup logs older than 7 days automatically #1116
* Enh: Update the version to check in Outdated WP Staging Hooks notice #1118
* Fix: Fixed conflict with Rank Math Seo PRO when Rank Math Seo PRO is activated network wide in multisites #1111
* Fix: Make Scan::hasFreeDiskSpace() return other info even if disk_free_space is unavailable #1093
* Fix: Fix an issue where MySQL views were not being deleted correctly during the database cleanup step of the backup export #1098

= v3.2.6 =
* Feat: Compatible up to WordPress 5.7.2
* Enh: Preserve directories/tables selection and excludes rules for RESET and UPDATE process #809
* Enh: If any wpstg process is running allow to stop that process within RESET modal #942
* Fix: Fix multisite subsite capabilities on the staging site #852
* Fix: Properly resets the properties between Cloning tasks #896
* Fix: Avoid PHP warning when building version of missing asset file #929
* Fix: Clean leftover wpstg-tmp-* and wpstg-bak-* directories from plugins and themes directories while push #954
* Fix: Make RESET modal show error message within modal on failed response instead of browser logs #942
* Fix: Replace wpstgGetCloneSettings() in mail-settings.php with CloneOption::get() #956
# Fix: Little typo changed effect to affect #963
# Fix: Made node_modules dir to be only excluded from WP Staging's Plugins #963
* Fix: Fix UPDATE and RESET for old wpstg clones which are without appended underscore db prefix #958

= v3.2.5 =
* Feat: Compatible up to WordPress 5.7.1 #855
* Feat: Check disk space according to selected directories #761
* Feat: Make the staging site admin bar background color customizable #758
* Feat: Add UI to exclude certain files or folders by rules #726
* Feat: Show success popup on UPDATE and RESET jobs' completion #818
* Enh: Disallow hypen in table prefix #819
* Enh: Directory navigation in file selection to infinite deep level #768
* Fix: Fix copy of big external tables #795
* Fix: Exclude mainsite uploads dir content while cloning non-main sites in multisite #755
* Fix: Fix RESET process for destination dir outside WP Root #808
* Fix: Exclude blog_versions table from SearchReplace job as well #807
* Dev: Integrated Rollup for bundling/minifying/concatenating assets #828
* Dev: Remove console.log() output #874
* Fix: Fix issue where sub directories can only be collapsed when parent directory is checked #835
* Fix: Push now works if the ANSI_QUOTES sql_mode is enabled, as it is by default on Digital Ocean #839
* Fix: Fix isStagingSiteCloneable index not found when saving settings on old staging site #846
* Fix: Fix: Showing warning alert during PUSH when user tries to navigate to other page or close the browser/tab #848
* Fix: Fix unable to connect external database when making sure staging site doesn't use production site database and prefix #851
* Fix: Database backup's DELETE now works when deleting backup with no table #857
* Fix: Fix cloning not working due to warnIfClosingDuringProcess not being called properly #871

= v3.2.4 =
* Enh: Add Shutdownable interface to replace usages of __destruct in the code #729
* Enh: Refactor on how the plugin keeps track of a request running time #766
* Fix: Replace deprecated jQuery click method #730
* Fix: Fix overlapping of sweetalert confirmation on push with sidebar #742
* Fix: Exclude wp staging content folder during staging #741
* Fix: Add sanitizing for path to fix comparing for Windows paths #751
* Fix: _cerber_files tables are excluded and could not be copied Fix #770
* Fix: Replaced jQuery assignment with an IIFE wrapper #761
* Fix: Fix extra directories scanning #779
* Fix: Wrap a few error_log calls in WPSTG_DEBUG to avoid cluttering the log #783
* Fix: Improve symlink consistency and add better error logs for symlink #786
* Fix: Fix extra directories check if an empty needle is provided to strpos in it #788
* Dev: Update php-scoper and other development dependencies #744
* Dev: Build javascript when building the distributable version of the plugin #750
* Dev: Internal helper CLI command to order the changelog notes according to type #749
* Dev: Refactor Job(s) implementation to use the Resources Trait #765
* Dev: Add internal documentation to versioning and hotfixes #780

= v3.2.2 =
* Feat: Compatible up to WP 5.7
* Feat: Check database connection in clone data edit #650
* Feat: Exclude .wp-staging-cloneable file from cloning and update #718
* Feat: Show notice if a user is using an outdated version of WP Staging Hooks plugin #716
* Feat: Add single disabled items notice with better message #717
* Feat: Add options to enable/disable staging sites cloning from UI #722
* Enh: Use included directories instead of excluded directories to increase cloning speed #671
* Enh: Stringify directories array var in $_POST to reduce $_POST size during cloning #671
* Enh: Replace relative paths exclude to absolute and wildcard paths exclude during cloning #671
* Enh: Detect snapshot tables using regex #694
* Enh: Enable disable save button in clone data edit during database connection #700
* Enh: Improve exclude filters for Push process #720
* Enh: Move Backend/public/img to assets/img #719
* Enh: Unify Single and Multisite Classes #713
* Enh: Keep other staging behavior when the staging site is cloneable #722
* Fix: Lost password link generation in staging sites #697
* Fix: Fix cloning on multisite for PHP 5 #725
* Fix: Skip symlink scanning during directory scan #736
* Dev: Internal refactoring of database backup to avoid long-lived branch #624
* Dev: Enforced changelog entries in CI #695
* Dev: Refactored webdriver tests to make them faster #656
* Dev: Refactor how the automated test workflows are generated. Add new webdriver test before release with default settings #712
* Enh: Refactor search and replace jobs to use memory and time-consumption aware trait #702
* Dev: Increased default file batch limits for faster development environment and CI #706
* Dev: Renamed all code and UI references of Snapshot to Backup #715
* Dev: Add helper to manage clone settings #717

= v3.2.1 =
* Feat: Compatible up to WP 5.6.2
* Feat: Option to clean folders uploads, plugins and themes before updating staging site
* Feat: Option to clean folders uploads, plugins and/or themes during push
* Feat: Option to symlink uploads folder incl. images from staging to production site. No need to copy images between staging and production site anymore
* Feat: Show creator user name of staging site
* Feat: Add option to toggle mail sending through settings on staging site
* Feat: Add filters for overriding mail sending
* Feat: Add option to reset clone
* Enh: Show notice if sending mails are disabled
* Enh: Show message and stop execution if php version is lower than 5.5
* Enh: Abort cloning process if table already exists in external database
* Enh: Improve design of clone and database backup overview item
* Enh: Move action of clone and database backups to dropdown
* Enh: Delete opcache for wp staging classes after installation
* Fix: Can not update database credentials in staging sites wp-config.php under rare circumstances
* Fix: During the update process if options table was not selected it didn't get skipped
* Fix: Error if WP is lower than 4.6
* Fix: Can not delete entire staging site on error
* Fix: Activating pro version does not properly disable free version