Wp Quiz Pro v2.1.8 - The Best WordPress Quiz Plugin

WP Vasvrais the most popular WordPress quiz plugin for creating engaging and engaging quizzes. This will keep your users engaged on the page, which will increase engagement on any website or blog.

Demo: https://no theme shop.com/plugins/WordPress-quiz/

Features: Wp Quiz Pro – The Best WordPress Quiz Plugin

  • Increase the number of viral visitors: Quizzes have proven to be an untapped source of viral traffic. Create your own quiz to capitalize on that traffic.
  • Compiling a list of email addresses: Ask users to opt in before launching a quiz or receiving their quiz results. Before you know it, you will have a sizable email list.
  • Increase user engagement: By driving consumers to your pages, you can increase your bounce rate and drive visitors to your website.
  • Bounce rate decreased: Users who take a quiz are more likely to stay on your site until the quiz is complete. This has a major impact on reducing bounce rate.
  • Make your own trivia quiz: Take trivia quizzes to get your visitors scratching their heads and try to get all the questions right at once.
  • The exam can be taken online: WP Quiz is more than just fun. The plugin can also be used to create professional-level exam papers.
  • Personality tests can be created in a number of ways: Take unique personality quizzes on your website to help customers figure out what kind of personality they have.
  • Take part in the survey: You can turn a quiz into a poll by allowing visitors to vote on options and take your survey.
  • Make a Fun Facebook Quiz Site: Using the unique Facebook Quiz feature, you can turn your website into a full-fledged Facebook quiz site.
  • Make an interactive list post:Create a quiz with a list of alternatives that users can vote for or against to change the quiz's options.
  • Subscribers must be increased:Get more subscribers by asking them to drop their email address before taking a quiz or seeing results.
  • Make more money:Make money by showing ads between questions and before results, or increase ad views by using the page reload feature.

Changelog: Wp Quiz Pro – The Best WordPress Quiz Plugin

v2.1.8 (27th September, 2021)
- Fixed: On some mobile devices it was not possible to create new quizzes

v2.1.7 (29th Jan, 2021)
- Updated: Translation file
- Fixed: Option 'Subscribe to Play' quiz was not working
- Fixed: Option to show results in the popup was not working

v2.1.6 (27th Dec, 2020)
- Added support for the audio tag in the question hint
- Added `permission_callback` to `register_rest_route` calls
- Fixed the result not showing if timer for the last question expired

v2.1.5 (22nd Sep, 2020)
- Added answer explanation text in the final quiz results of the multipage quizzes
- Fixed a JS error appearing on the Facebook and Swiper quiz
- Fixed answer explanation appearing instantly even if forced action is on

v2.1.4 (3rd Sep, 2020)
- Fixed quiz migrated from version 1.0 sometimes not working
- Fixed YouTube video not working
- Fixed quiz data not saving with the large quiz

v2.1.3 (2nd Jul, 2020)
- Added option to enable payment to view the quiz result
- Added filter to change the email headers
- Fixed payment method is visible even when setup incorrectly
- Fixed WEBM video automatically plays

v2.1.2 (5 May, 2020)
- Fixed quiz email not sending in the PHP 7.3
- Fixed Vote down stats for the swipers quiz are not recording correctly
- Fixed AWeber lists dropdown not showing lists after the first connect
- Fixed quiz timer not hiding after the quiz completion
- Fixed some PHP notices

v2.1.1 (1 Apr, 2020)
- Added list dropdown in the AWeber integration

v2.1.0 (7 Feb, 2020)
- Improved AWeber integration, please connect your account again from WP Dashboard >> WP Quiz Pro >> Settings > Subscription
- Fixed autoplay issue for MP4 videos
- Fixed MP4 video not displaying in some browsers

v2.0.19 (21 Oct, 2019)
- Added Paypal payment method
- Added missing text in the localization file for translation
- Fixed quiz data is deleted when adding links to quiz results

v2.0.18 (14 Sep, 2019)
- Disabled overall timer when using reload feature
- Fixed Play Again button not showing when using reload feature
- Fixed JS error when playing Facebook quiz using Friends profile image

v2.0.17 (27 Aug, 2019)
- Added an option to use minute format in the timer
- Added some missing strings in the localization file
- Fixed force action not working after Personality quiz reload
- Fixed empty quiz after importing the content content

v2.0.16 (16 Aug, 2019)
- Fixed can't turn off auto scroll for the last question
- Fixed subscription box title does not show correctly
- Removed the deactivate free version notice
- Removed some unused strings

v2.0.15 (29 Jul, 2019)
- Fixed the answers list not displaying when reload option is enabled

v2.0.14 (24 Jul, 2019)
- Fixed wrong results showing on in the Trivia quiz type
- Fixed missing animation effect in the Personality quiz type after subscription form submission

v2.0.13 (9 Jul, 2019)
- Fixed translation issue in the List quiz type

v2.0.12 (1 Jul, 2019)
- Fixed Admin emails were not working
- Fixed Twitter share conflict with Yoast SEO
- Fixed Answer checking runs before force action is completed

v2.0.11 (24 Jun, 2019)
- Added `quiz_url` to the `play_data` table
- Added an option to not print the Google Analytics code
- Removed `ES6` code from the frontend
- Fixed Quiz data getting erased if there is `target="_blank"`
- Fixed unicode characters not working after list quiz voting

v2.0.10 (14 Jun, 2019)
- Added filter to change trivia delay time
- Improved GetResponse settings
- Improved Trivia delay time between questions
- Removed Support page
- Fixed reload page issues
- Fixed placeholder texts in shared Facebook quiz

v2.0.9 (21 May, 2019)
- Added delay time before redirecting to the next question to show explanation
- Removed unnecessary Facebook permission: user_gender, user_friends is used when it is required
- Fixed FaceBook quiz not working
- Fixed Personality quiz sometimes shows 2 results
- Fixed List type options do not get saved
- Fixed Reload option does not work with Randomize questions option
- Fixed Player tracking not working with the Reload option
- Fixed JS error on the Support page
- Fixed some strings with wrong text domain

v2.0.8 (1 May, 2019)
- Added ConvertKit integration
- Improved: Scroll to the quiz after refreshing
- Allowed changing title and description of share url
- Fixed Vimeo video sometimes doesn't work
- Fixed the result does not show in Personality play data list

v2.0.7 (28 Mar, 2019)
- Added support for %%score%% and %%total%% in the result titles of Trivia quiz
- Added credit link in the embedded code
- Optimized data handling while recording the player data
- Fixed CSS conflict with few themes

v2.0.6 (20 Mar, 2019)
- Added scroll option in multiple page layout
- Added delay time before redirecting after completing the quiz
- Added new text in the translation(.pot) file
- Improved Leads page columns layout
- Fixed error when deleting an email subscriber
- Fixed trivia answers are not checked in some cases
- Fixed not able to remove all the sharing buttons
- Fixed personality quiz was not working if only personality quiz is enabled
- Fixed sharing conflict with Yoast SEO open graph
- Removed Google+ share button