WP Fluent Forms Pro Add-On v4.3.0 – WordPress Form Plugin

WP Fluent Forms Pro Add-onis the easiest and fastest way to create WordPress forms. Over 60 pre-made designs and attractive user interface will make creating forms enjoyable and enjoyable. structure. edit. delete.simple and clear.

WP Fluent Forms Pro Add-On has it all, from highly customizable drag and drop fields to HubSpot connections, multi-step forms to uniquely integrated visual data representation.

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Features WP Fluent Forms Pro Add-on

WP Fluent Forms Pro Add-On has all the features you need to create and customize forms for any purpose.Whether it's a simple contact form or a payment form, you can create it quickly and easily. The new WP Fluent Forms has tons of features that will impress individuals from all walks of life.

Prepare input fields.

All input fields are carefully designed to serve a specific purpose. Everyone has their own personality.

Mold builder with drag and drop

All you need to do to create a form is drag and drop the fields you need to see the magic. Creating forms has never been easier.

Pre-made form templates

Do you know what it means to have fun? Choose a template and build your form with ease. There are dozens of samples, all classified.

Calculated field

Yes, if you keep the option of adding numbers and need to calculate them, our form builder plugin can help you.

Data Visualization Report

WP Fluent Forms Pro Add-On will generate charts based on submitted entries to help you better understand your data and take action.


Now cut lengthy tables into multi-step formats. According to research, these forms have high conversion rates and are easy to use.

multi-column table

Do you want to go back to a single column layout? Introduce two- or three-column layouts with the WP Fluent Forms Pro Add-On.

conditional logic

This single feature is a very valuable option that can help you achieve the desired level of control over your forms.

Upload your files and photos.

If you allow users to upload files and photos, they will be able to do so. Don't add that it's a useful feature at times.

All the 3rd party integrations you need in one place!

WP Fluent Forms Pro Add-onIt's a formidable competitor when it comes to backing up your arsenal with complementary apps.WP Fluent Forms includes a powerful range of other connectors, from CRM to email marketing software, project management to conversion tools.

Works smoothly with all page builders

Form example

Check out the sample forms for a good idea of ​​what they will look like when done.We've created some demo forms based on actual needs, hope you can see what we're talking about. Check the application form before making a purchase choice.

Changelog: WP Fluent Forms Pro Add-On: The Fastest & Most Powerful WordPress Form Plugin

= v4.3.0 (Date: Jan 18, 2022) =
- Adds Payment Inputs in Conversational Forms
- Adds Checkable Grid Field in Conversational Forms
- Adds File Upload Field in Conversational Forms
- Adds Image Upload Field in Conversational Forms
- Adds Discord integration
- Adds SalesFlare integration
- Adds Address autocomplete with map
- Adds Auto-locate user in address field
- Adds Media Attachment in email notifications
- Adds support for country-wise google autocomplete
- Fixes Stripe subscription trial Days issue
- Fixes Stripe donation issue with subscription
- Improves Customer Billing Address for Payments

= v4.2.0 (Date: Sep 01, 2021) =
- Subscription Payments
- Stripe Inline element checkout
- Paystack Payment method
- Razorpay modal payments
- Google Map API integration for Address field
- Manage Payments and subscription for user portal
- New "Stripe Connect" API implementation
- Calculate values with Repeater Field

= v4.1.5 (Date: July 13, 2021) =
- Improvements on Conversational Forms
- Payment & Coupon Module improvements
- Help Message Positioning
- Predefined Data Set for Checkable Input Fields
- Raw HTML Email Template for Double Option Emails
- Regex on conditional Logic
- Other Improvements

= v4.1.0 (Date: June 30, 2021) =
* New Payment Methods – RazorPay and Mollie
* Improvements on Conversational Forms
* MetaBox Plugin integration
* Sharable Landing Page
* Introducing ReCaptcha V3
* Elementor Integration Widget Improvements
* Other Improvements

= v4.0.0 (Date: June 08, 2021) =
* Introducing Conversational Form Style
* Dedicated landing page for Conversational Form
* Payment Module Improvements
* Added Layout Option for Conversational Form
* Bulk Resend Notification Fixed
* Various Integration Improvements
* Editor UI improvements
* PHP 8.0 Support

= v3.6.68 (Date: Mar 06, 2021) =
* PHP 8 deprecated issue fixed
* Export and Import Form/Entries Nonce issue fixed
* Add Date range selection on entries chart

= v3.6.66 (Date: Mar 05, 2021) =
* Refactored VueJS build system, Form editor is now 40% faster.
* Nonce check issue fixed on admin ajax
* Coupon issue fixed
* Added Hooks for Smart Codes
* Added Week-days to Date Field
* PHP 8 compatibility issue fixed

= v3.6.65 (Date: Feb 09, 2021) =
* Payment Coupon: Add coupon field to your payment form
* Add Multiple Stripe and PayPal account to Form level
* Telegram Messenger feed added
* Randomize /Shuffle checkable options
* PHP 8.0 support – Fluent Forms is not 100% compatible with PHP8
* Limit how many option a user can select for a select field.
* UI improvements
* Elementor Widget improvement
* Better CSS loading time
* FluentSMTP support
* Replace icon fonts with SVG

= v3.6.62 (Date: Dec 01, 2020) =
* New: Added Post/CPT selection
* Payment Integration Improvement
* Step Form Improvement
* SendInBlue improvement
* Database Improvement
* Smartcode improvement
* UI Improvement

= v3.6.61 (Date: Dec 01, 2020) =
* New: Ability to delete old entries
* Calculation Performance boost
* Live calculation value update on slider element
* Form Builder screen improvement
* Smartcode parser improvement
* Non-ASCI chars handling when redirecting fix

= v3.6.60 (Date: Nov 23, 2020) =
* NEW: Built-in Double Optin Confirmation (Bye Bye Spams)
* NEW: Reply any integration feeds manually
* New: BuddyBoss integration
* New: Number formats on the fly for numeric fields
* New: Import Global Styles from another form
* New: Dynamic Input Values as Label HTML (Live Update)
* New: Inline Conditional Tags on CRM integration Feeds
* Improvement: Oxygen Builder & ACF Integration
* File Upload and Step Form improvements
* Many other small bug fixes and improvements
* Overall UI/UX improvement