WP ERP Pro v1.2.6 + Addons

WP ERP Pro(WordPress Enterprise Resource Planning) Create a modern, user-friendly and reliable business management system for your company.

The ultimate business and company management solution Using HR, CRM, and account management directly in WordPress, you can better automate and manage your expanding business.

Demo: https://WPERP.com/pro/

Features: WP ERP Pro

  • Weekly / Monthly HR Email Summary: This special feature will keep you up to date with the latest HR news and trends.
  • Customizable life stages in CRM: Now you can use this feature to personalize customer life stages and focus on their work.
  • CRM task management: This tool allows you to organize projects, communicate with others on your team, and be very efficient.
  • Purchase and Sales Returns: WP ERP Accounting makes it easier than ever to create sales and purchase returns for your account.
  • You can work from home:The process of digitally obtaining and receiving work-from-home credentials.
  • Employee leaving:Using this feature of WP ERP HR, you can automate and simplify the employee resignation process.
  • Company Organization Chart: This feature allows you to establish your organizational structure and personnel flow.

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List of WP ERP Pro plugins

  1. WP ERP WooCommerce Integration v1.3.1
  2. WP ERP Attendance v2.0.3
  3. WP ERP Document Manager v1.3.2
  4. WP ERP HR Frontend v2.1.2
  5. WP ERP Workflow v1.2.2
  6. WP ERP Asset Manager v1.1.2
  7. WP ERP SMS Notification v1.1.1
  8. WP ERP Training v1.1.2
  9. WP ERP Deals v1.1.2
  10. WP ERP Reimbursement v1.2.2
  11. WP ERP Custom Field Builder v1.3.2
  12. WP ERP Recruitment v1.3.0
  13. WP ERP Payroll v1.4.0
  14. WP ERP Hubspot Contacts Sync v1.1.0
  15. WP ERP Payment Gateway v1.1.0
  16. WP ERP Inventory v1.3.1
  17. WP ERP Zendesk v1.1.0
  18. WP ERP Mailchimp Contacts Sync 1.1.0
  19. WP ERP Gravity Forms Sync 1.1.0
  20. WP ERP Awesome Support Sync 1.0.0
  21. WP ERP Salesforce Contacts Sync 1.1.1
  22. WP ERP Help Scout Integration 1.1.1

Downloading WP ERP Pro v1.2.6 + plugin does not work

WP ERP plugin

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing the plugin.We make no guarantees if any themes/plugins contain viruses. Please check Virustotal before using on localhost.

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