WP All Import Pro v4.7.2 Beta 1.4 – WordPress XML & CSV Importer Plugin

WP All Import Pro Editionis a WordPress plugin developed by Soflyy (WP All Import). WP All Import Pro allows you to import hundreds of thousands of records, even on shared hosting.

The #1 import plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce. Complete, granular control of your data with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface

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Demo:http://woowoowoo.WPA LL import.com/

Features WP All Import Pro - WordPress XML & CSV Importer Plugin

  • Simple drag-and-drop interface
  • Run a scheduled automatic import
  • Import photo galleries, categories, custom fields, and more
  • Works with any file structure without editing or rearranging data
  • ANY FILE TYPE, ANY FILE STRUCTURE: No need to rearrange your data, just upload your files to WP All Import to sort
  • Full customization: fine-grained control over each piece of data
  • Import a lot of data: No matter how big your website is or how much data you need to import,WP import allcan be handled.
  • WPML & Polylang: With the support of the WPML and Polylang teams, importing data into a multilingual website has never been easier.
  • Not just articles, everything: import and export WooCommerce products, products, orders, categories, real estate listings, photo galleries...
  • WooCommerce, ACF, Users: Enter user data into any theme or plugin, including WooCommerce customers, plugin membership, and more.
  • Scheduled Imports: Run a scheduled automatic import or set up a cron job.

Changelog WP All Import Pro not working


security fix
improvement: add support for extremely long image source URLs
improvement: invalidate 'skip records that haven't changed' hash when using the 'instead of delete' options
bug fix: file cleanup fails on PHP 8

= v4.6.5 =
- New Feature: Import files from FTP
- improvement: deprecate \'High Speed Small File Processing\' import option
- improvement: allow multiple import IDs to be passed to WP-CLI
- improvement: sort imports by friendly name
- improvement: improve import speed when matching WooCommerce products by _sku custom field
- bug fix: \'Change image file names\' setting used when \'Use images currently in Media Library\' is selected
- bug fix: existing Reviews content type conflicts with WooCommerce Reviews
- bug fix: \'Use images currently in Media Library\' option tries to match images in content section
- bug fix: periods removed from cron job keys when saving plugin settings
- bug fix: references in \'pmxi_posts\' table for terms imported via \'Taxonomies\' imports removed on plugin deactivation
- bug fix: invalid images in post content downloaded as HTML pages
- bug fix: chromium scroll anchoring causes screen jumping effect
- bug fix: pagenum query argument causes broken link on import complete screen
- bug fix: WPML translations matching don\'t work for product variations in some cases
- bug fix: unable to match existing comments/reviews by custom field
- bug fix: unable to import existing files from sub folders
- bug fix: disabling \'Keep images currently in Media Library\' invalidates hashes when \'Images\' aren\'t set to be updated
- bug fix: changing image options in add-ons using Rapid Add-On API doesn\'t invalidate hashes
- bug fix: post created/updated/deleted counts disappear from \'Import in Progress\' page upon import completion