WP All Export Pro v1.7.4 Beta 1.0 – Simple & Powerful XML / CSV Export Plugin

WP all exportsAllows you to easily export data from posts, pages, users or any other custom post type (e.g. WooCommerce products, orders, etc.) to XML, CSV or Excel files.

The output file can be constructed in any convenient way. For example, you can specify only the data that needs to be exported.WordPress WordPress export and WordPress CSV export can be done easily usingWP all exports.

An efficiently developed plugin that works with large databases no matter how much data you have in WordPress.WP All Export allows you to export hundreds of thousands of data, even for shared hosting. Need to edit your profile or products in Excel?

Use WP All Export to export the data and edit it properly, then useWP All Import Pro Edition.

Features WP All Export Pro - Export WordPress to CSV, Excel and XML

  • Export data from any theme or plugin
  • Rearrange and rename columns, combine fields, and more.
  • Easy-to-use, powerful XML generator for any schema
  • Powerful filters for precise control over what's exported
  • Drag and drop to rearrange columns: edit column labels, move them, combine data and create the exact spreadsheet you need.
  • Any XML Structure: Choose between drag and drop and hand coding to match any XML schema, no matter how crazy.
  • Export a lot of data: It doesn't matter how big your website is or how much data you need to export.
  • Multilingual exportWPML: Export translation data using the built-in language converter. It couldn't be easier.
  • Powerful Filters: Create rules to determine the final data in the export file.
  • Zapier Integration: Supports over 1000 apps including Email, Dropbox, Google Drive and more.
  • Scheduled Exports: Run automatic exports on any schedule. Follow our score and click to schedule a service, or set up a cron job.

Changelog WP All Export Pro not working

improvement: decrease the frequency of plugin update checks
improvement: add HKG Dollar to Google Merchant Center exports
bugfix: error when filtering by WPML language
bugfix: WPML language filter not applied when running scheduled exports
bugfix: closing tag missing when custom XML export files are empty

improvement: added RON to Google Merchant Center export currencies
improvement: moved ACF and WooCommerce support to add-ons

bugfix: XML tag appended to empty CSV files
bugfix: ACF user email field not exported correctly
bugfix: PHP notice when adjusting prices in Google Merchant Center exports

maintenance: compatibility with Elementor v3.3 JavaScript changes

improvement: hide _oembed_ fields from custom fields
improvement: update scheduling keys in the scheduling service when changed in settings
bugfix: filtering by a custom field called featured working only for products
bugfix: functions with empty string arguments not parsed correctly in Custom XML exports
bugfix: ratings and star count not exported in WooCommerce Review exports
bugfix: simple XML exports generate invalid XML when there are no records by missing the closing tag
bugfix: values that contain square brackets not exported in Google Merchants Exports
bugfix: custom functions not correctly parsed in Google Merchants Exports
bugfix: ACF repeater fields are exported using commas as a delimiter, but the bundle defaults to pipes when importing

improvement - remove Friendly Name editing option from Client Mode
bugfix - array_intersect_key error when PMXE_Options are corrupt
bugfix - order item fields with HTML encoded names can\'t be exported

New Feature: Allow non-admins to run exports with Client Mode
bug fix: incorrect number of processed entries when exporting items only once in multiple iterations
bug fix: Google Merchant Center throws error on shipping length
bug fix: state not saved for \'Fill in empty columns\' and \'Display each repeater row in its own csv line\' in ACF repeater fields
bug fix: js error when removing filters
bug fix: use wp_salt() when AUTH_SALT isn\'t defined
bug fix: downloadable files aren\'t migrated properly in some cases
bug fix: \'0\' is present in the \'Export the value returned by a PHP function\' setting for Attachment fields
bug fix: import template in bundle file not set to choose \'WooCommerce Reviews\' when imported
bug fix: featured and attached images options not working for image fields

bugfix: some checkbox options broken after WordPress v5.5 compatibility fix

maintenance: compatibility with WordPress v5.5 jQuery changes

improvement: Export WooCommerce Reviews
improvement: Migrate Comments and WooCommerce Reviews
improvement: Export Cost of Goods Sold to Google Merchant Center
improvement: Add WP_Query support for Toolset Types exports
bug fix: time not exported in fields with date and time
bug fix: date filters with ‘equal or older than’ doesn\'t include dates equal to the filter value
bug fix: no default value for \"Set to false if product has no GTIN or MPN\"
bug fix: PHP 7.3 warnings when exporting Excel files

improvement: export custom ACF fields defined in Gutenberg blocks
improvement: disable scheduled exports via Automatic Scheduling UI
API: add new filter wp_all_export_no_cache to avoid server cache for export files
bug fix: WPAE UI is translated to the filtered WPML language
bug fix: custom functions unavailable when editing an exported field
bug fix: unable to update filters on the Run Export page
bug fix: date filters including first/last day of month do not work properly
bug fix: notices related to Google Merchants exports
bug fix: exports sent to Zapier in the incorrect order
bug fix: WooCommerce customer exports do not correctly report the number of exported customers
bug fix: unable to only export customers once via scheduled exports
bug fix: fields containing commas incorrectly exported to Google Merchant Center
bug fix: product names are incorrectly urlencoded in custom XML exports
bug fix: taxonomy meta fields not available for export
bug fix: 0 values are represented as an empty string in custom XML exports
bug fix: order items doubled in custom export fields in custom XML exports
bug fix: custom fields not parsed correctly in custom XML exports
bug fix: Manual Scheduling disabled when Automatic Scheduling is selected
bug fix: unable to filtering by hours or minutes in some cases
bug fix: unable to export ACF group fields
bug fix: trying to delete History File fails ungracefully if it doesn\'t exist
bug fix: Fee Amount exporting as an empty field in custom XML exports

improvement: add SAR currency to Google Merchant Center
improvement: add default Unit Pricing Measure to Google Merchant Center
improvement: only update max_execution_time on plugin requests, don\'t modify it globally
bugfix: unable to export WooCommerce customers to XML
bugfix: error with empty strings at the beginning or end of function calls
bugfix: ACF date field not parsed correctly with some custom date formats
bugfix: unable to export image galleries inside ACF flexible content fields to XML
bugfix: time-based export filters should use GMT not server time

bug fix: unable to export users

improvement: add UAH currency to Google Merchant Center exports
API: add \'pmxe_is_bundle\' filter
bug fix: unable to filter by user data
bug fix: wp_query missing error in some cases
bug fix: ACF link export incorrectly formatted
bug fix: \"Tax Amount\" rounded to nearest integer
bug fix: currency included in price field when price is empty for Google Merchant Center exports

improvement: add Thai Baht to Google Merchant Center currencies
improvement: add custom line endings for CSV
API: add new action pmxe_acf_date_picker_format to set custom ACF date formats
bugfix: unable to use wp-cron for scheduled exports on sites running PHP-FPM and WordPress 5.1+
switched to wp-load for cron URLs, with backwards compatibility for wp-cron
bugfix: ACF repeaters export incorrect values in ACF version 5.7.10+
bugfix: Google Merchant Center incorrectly converts units from inches to mm
bugfix: ACF date format not parsed correctly
bugfix: tax amount incorrectly calculated in PHP 7.1+
bugfix: is_empty field only looks for NULL fields, not empty values
bugfix: exporting ACF user fields results in error

add-on: move all user export functionality to new user export add-on
improvement: preserve admin body classes that are added by other plugins
improvement: change scheduling endpoints from wp-cron.php to wp-load.php for WordPress 5.1/PHP-FPM compatibility
bugfix: change language code alias for WPML compatibility
bugfix: meta keys that are not returned as an array are exported as empty
bugfix: allow uppercase ID in custom XML template
bugfix: use ACF date format for date pickers
bugfix: custom export field notices not working for WooCommerce orders
bugfix: missing items in combine multiple fields are not replaced
bugfix: term ID missing when using custom fields and exporting taxonomies
bugfix: some WooCommerce attributes cause errors when writing to CSV
bugfix: scheduling API responses improperly translated
bugfix: changes to field not rendered in preview from edit field modal

bug fix: compatibility with ACF v5.7.11