WordPress Real Category Management v4.0.8 – Custom Category Term Order / Tree View

WordPress True Category Management- Custom Taxonomy Term Request, Tree View
Take your WordPress index to the next level with super fast association mode. Supervise classification in a tree-like fashion and make custom class requests.

RCM (WordPress Real Category Management) allows you to coordinate all your WordPress categories on the home screen - effectively and neatly.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/search/13580393

Use the mouse (or click) to move your message. Make, rename, delete or rework classifications. It works with any custom post type andWooCommerceproject.

Just introduce this module and it will work with all your instant messages. It also supports different pages.

  • Supports WordPress 5.0 / Gutenberg
  • Flexibility to view your portfolio structure
  • Drag and drop your post
  • Works with WooCommerce products and product attributes
  • Just install it to work with your existing categories
  • Move or append to category
  • Support for custom post types
  • Supports various taxonomies and WooCommerce product features
  • No annoying page reloads during content transitions (pagination, category switching, category switching) - it's like infinite scrolling for your WP list table
  • Full control over your folders (create, rename, delete, rearrange) in one toolbar
  • Custom term orders for front-end orders (drag and drop)
  • Compatible with touch devices
  • Multisite support

Changelog WordPress Real Category Management Free Cancellation

= v4.0.8 (2021-05-25)​ =
compatibility with latest antd version
migarte loose mode to compiler assumptions
polyfill setimmediate only if needed (CU-jh3czf)
prettify code to new standard
revert update of [email protected] as it does not support monorepos yet
upgrade dependencies to latest minor version
move type check to validate stage
do not rely on install_plugins capability, instead use activate_plugins so GIT-synced WP instances work too (CU-k599a2)
make window.fetch stubbable (CU-jh3cza)

= v3.5.4 (2021-02-02) =
### fix
* compatibility with Elementor template library when clicking Add New button (CU-d13prj)
* compatibility with FooBox lightbox (CU-dczh1k)

= v3.4.5 (2020-12-01) =
update dependencies (CU-3cj43t)
update major dependencies (CU-3cj43t)
update to composer v2 (CU-4akvjg)
update to [email protected] (CU-3cj43t)
release : publish [ci skip]
enforce explicit-member-accessibility (CU-a6w5bv)

### ci
* make scripts of individual plugins available in review applications (#a2z8z1)
* release to new license server (#8wpcr1)
### chore
- merge tsconfig.json with backend-coding
### feat
- route PATCH PaddleIncompleteOrder (#8ywfdu)
### refactor
- use "import type" instead of "import"