WordPress Multisite User Sync/Unsync v2.0

The WordPress Multisite User Sync/Out of SyncThe plugin allows you to sync/unsync users between sites (blogs) in a WordPress multisite network.

WordPress Multisite Network Types

  • Multidomain. For example: example. Site 1, example.
  • Subdomains. For example: site1.example. com, site2.example. com
  • subdirectory. For example: example. com/site1, eg.

Demo: https://code canyon.net/item/WordPress-multi site-user-using memory is by memory/19660623

Features WordPress Multisite User Sync / Unsync

  • Users are automatically synced when they add, update, or register on a WordPress multisite network site.
  • Synchronization between users Automatic synchronization and Manual synchronization are two types of options.
  • Automatic synchronization of users "All Sites", "Main Site to Subsite", and "Subsite to Primary Site" are the type options.
  • Option to automatically unsync on user deletion: Enable/disable automatic unsync on user deletion.
  • Option to exclude user roles.
  • Bulk sync/unsync users.
  • Users who self-sync/unsync.
  • Users registered in the frontend will be automatically synced.
  • User sync / unsync to a single site.
  • Sync and unsync users across different sites.
  • Also assists WooCommerce consumers.

Third-party plugin support

  • Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)
  • Erweiterte benutzerdefinierte Felder (ACF) PRO

Changelog: WordPress Multisite User Sync/Unsync

- Exclude User Roles: You can exclude user roles as per your needs.
- Improved user sync.

- Maintenance release.

- Feature - Added "All sites" auto user sync type option.
- Improved "Settings" and "Bulk Sync" section.
- Improved user sync.

- Maintenance release.

- Added "Auto unsync" option.

- Security release.

- Initial release.