Scrapes v2.1.0 – WordPress Auto Post And Crawler Plugin Scrapes

Scrapes is a WordPress plugin that automatically copies content from a website to a WordPress site.

Scrapes Easy to use, does not require any programming skills, and is designed to be more user friendly.

You no longer need an API that requires registration and provides limited access, and you can also receive data from websites that don't support the API. Schedule once and get your automation work done 24/7!


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Features WordPress auto-publish and crawler plugin

  • Supports 3 operation modes: single grab, serial grab, feed grab (RSS)
  • Detailed Dashboard: View all tasks on one screen
  • Supports all fields in WordPress
  • visual selector
  • Automatically detect what is needed (autodetect)
  • Get updated objects from a website's feed (RSS)

Changelog Scrapes v2.1.0 - Automatic WordPress Scraper and Content Crawler Plugin with free cancellation

- New feature – Bing Microsoft Translator
- New feature – DeepL Translator
- New feature – Google Translate (Official)
- New feature – Yandex Translate
- Improvement – Minor code fixes.
- Improvement – Fix for translation feature.