WOOT v2.0.4 - WooCommerce Products Tables Professional

WooCommerce Active Item Sheet (WOOT)- WooCommerce plugin to display store products in table format (new name is PROTAS).Forms focus your buyers on what they want to buy, nothing superfluous, just what the customer wants, and focus on what's on display!

As a store owner, you can increase the profitability of your business website by providing structured information to your customers through responsive, beautiful merchandise and powerful dynamic forms.Shoes, auto parts, electrical appliances, food, media materials, digital content, tableware, alcohol, extrapolated products, etc., can all be provided to customers in a more organized and targeted manner.Site administrators have a lot of flexibility and have a lot of power behind the scenes.

WOOT has its own API that allows you to enhance the functionality of your plugin, such as adding custom columns. Use product tables on your woocommerce store website to increase conversions!

Features: WOOT – WooCommerce Products Tables Professional

  • column constructor
  • Column modification, thumbnail size, column width and many other options are available (screen below)
  • [woot] is a neat shortcode with a lot of flexibility.
  • You can do a lot with product sheets!
  • More than 40 preset column fields can be displayed.
  • Custom columns can be designed.
  • Each table has its own set of sheets.
    On the same web page, multiple product tables with different skins can be displayed. CSS allows you to make your own skins.
  • Powerful Product Filter Maker
  • Filter components such as price, title, content, excerpt, SKU, attribute, taxonomy, meta field, inventory, special price, width, height, length, weight, etc. are all available.
  • remote filter
  • Drop-down menus, multi-drop-down menus, range sliders, text inputs, calendars, and switchers are all examples of filters.
  • predefined mechanism
    As shown in the table, in a pop-up window, present your consumers with a specified and related set of products.
  • There are 25 different ways to sort items.
  • When a user searches for a product by title, the shortcode [woot drop down] displays the following table in the text input.Put it in your store's header to help customers find the product they're looking for.
  • Remote Forms is a powerful tool that allows you to spread your store's products to any other site, allowing you to increase sales and create your own referral network, even though it's built entirely in HTML without a CMS.
  • "Gallery" section
    To showcase your best products, create a smooth CSS gallery. The shortcode [woot gallery] can also be used to represent a product gallery.
  • [woot cart] is a shortcode that allows you to create a custom wagon cart page.
  • The [woot reviews] shortcode allows you to display a table with current product reviews on its own page or any other page.
  • [woot cross sells] is a shortcode that allows you to display a table with cross-sell products for the current product on its single page or any other page.
  • The [woot upsells] shortcode allows you to display a table with upsells for the current product on its own page or any other page.
  • The shortcode [woot variant] allows you to display a table with product variants for the current product on its own page or any other page.
  • The [woot related] shortcode allows you to display a related product table for the current product on its own page or any other page.
  • [woot attachments] is a shortcode that allows you to display a table with product attachments for the current product on its own page or any other page.
  • [woot favorites] is a shortcode that displays a table with the current user's favorite products.
  • [woot compare] is a shortcode that displays a table with selected compared items currently selected by the user or predefined by the store administrator.
  • The [woot single] shortcode displays a table with product parameters for any one of the selected products.
  • With the Favorites extension, your customers can collect products with one click.
  • Allow your consumers to compare products using the extension "Compare" before purchasing them.
  • Extended "Attachments" - Provide your customers with product examples in the form of media files or any other type of document.A form with product attachments in the backend, and a suitable API
  • You can use the "Load More" button instead of pagination.
  • Using the attribute parameter author: [woot author=23], you can list products from many suppliers.
  • With any contact form plugin, you can create custom columns such as "ask a manager for a product".
  • Responsivity
    All product sheets can be viewed in small format on mobile devices (if needed)!
  • For each product table, there is a large collection of flexible choices, including: Hide Products Added to Cart, Hide Products Removed from Cart, Hide Products Removed from Cart, Show Cart , Show Sort Drop Down, Show Sort Drop Field, Show Sort Drop Down, Show Sort Drop Down, Show Sort Drop Down, Show Sort Drop Down Narrow View Width, use the Load More button.Hide filter form, show print button default sort, drop down position per page, value per page, default per page
  • Each product column has a set of choices, some of which are basic: width, font size, font family, color, and background are all factors to consider. On small screens, hide
  • Ability to design custom columns according to your company's needs (via PHP code)
  • Metafield constructor
    Using built-in constructors, you can add metafield data to table columns.
  • When clicked, the product table may be displayed in a popup window. Use the applicable pre-configured form to display the form in a pop-up of the store's text content.There is no limit to the number of tables that can be displayed in a popup per page!
  • Built-in shopping cart
  • At the top of the form, there are shortcodes that can be inserted into website pages.
  • Mechanism for the cabinet of product tables
  • print button
  • Add several items to your cart with one click
  • Option to move compact view
  • Option to hide items already in cart
  • Editor di codice CSS
  • Pagination is the number of pages in a book.
  • WOOF Compatibility
  • MDTF is compatible with this product.
  • suitable forWOOCS
  • suitable forWOOBE
  • UI for custom post types
  • compatibleWPML
  • Elementorand page builder page content supports WOOT shortcodes.
  • Powerful and robust API
  • No jQuery used - it's all JavaScript.
  • Great technical support for handling a lot of code every day!

Built-in WOOCOMMERCE field

  • ID
  • Thumbnail
  • Title
  • Description
  • short introduction
  • Slug
  • όλα τα ακίνητα
  • product category
  • product label
  • Product customization classification
  • Product meta field
  • SKU
  • Price
  • normal price
  • selling price
  • Sales from
  • sales time
  • Manage inventory
  • Inventory quantity
  • stock status
  • Sold separately
  • product status
  • For sale
  • Gallery
  • Status
  • Featured
  • Downloadable
  • tax status
  • tax class
  • Weight
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Sold separately
  • Featured
  • property visibility
  • Shipping
  • tax status
  • Upsells
  • Cross-sells
  • grouped products
  • Variations
  • Author
  • Total sales
  • number of comments
  • average rating
  • Comment calculer
  • Product Category
  • release date
  • Modified date

Changelog: WOOT – WooCommerce Products Tables Professional

v. (09 Dec 2020)
    - some fixes for PHP 8.0 compatibility

v.2.0.3 (10 Nov 2020)
    - https://products-tables.com/update-v-2-0-3-v-1-0-3/

v.2.0.2 (25 Sep 2020)
    - https://products-tables.com/update-v-2-0-2-v-1-0-2/

v.2.0.1 (16 Sep 2020)
    - fixed attribute 'author' for shortcode [woot]
    - fixed Vocabulary work for such shortcodes as [woot_grouped]

v.2.0.0 (30 July 2020)
    - release