WoodMart v6.2.4 – Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme

WoodMart is a great WordPress theme for WooCommerce. This template features a clean, modern design to give your online store a new look.

Use powerful AJAX technology to provide users with fast and seamless online shopping without constant page reloads

Demo: https://themeforest.net/search/20264492

Features WoodMart - Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme

  • 45+ beautiful demo layouts
  • Over 15 pre-built homepages
  • WooCommerce 3.0+ Premium Support
  • WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder
  • 100% responsive and retina ready
  • Supports WordPress 5.0+
  • RTL ready demo
  • Drag and Drop Title Builder
  • Easy one-click installation
  • False content includes
  • Clean and well-organized codebase
  • PHP Object Oriented Standard
  • Reduced CSS and CSS files
  • Cross-browser compatibility: FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE10, IE11, Edge
  • Custom CSS and JS in theming
  • AJAX store filter
  • AJAX-поиск
  • WPML multilingual support
  • WooCommerce support
  • Support for multiple plugin providers
    • Dokan
    • YITH multi-vendor
    • toilet market
    • toilet leverancier
  • 8 predefined header layouts
  • Advanced header customization options
  • 3 Header layouts for mobile devices
  • sticky header
  • Advanced ad pop-up options
  • Accordion feature of the catalog widget
  • Nice scrolling of widget filters
  • 6 product thumbnail layouts

WoodMart - Responsive WooCommerce WP Theme Not Working Free Changelog

23-11-2021 – Update version 6.2.4
ADDED: Additional pages to Dummy content (Screenshot)
FIXED: “Price filter” widget after AJAX (Topic)
FIXED: Problem with header styles if you change the header through presets
FIXED: Elementor “Product” element PHP error (Topic)
FIXED: Brands wrong schema on single product (Topic)
FIXED: WordPress customizer white screen (Topic)
FIXED: Layered navigation widget missing categories
FIXED: Header cart icon count on change quantity in mini cart
FIXED: “Call to a member function get_cart_subtotal()” PHP error (Topic)
UPDATED: Woodmart Core plugin to 1.0.31

15-11-2021 – Update v6.2.3
FIXED: RTL issue after theme update
FIXED: Custom fonts broken CSS
FIXED: PHP errors with “Ultimate Addon for WPBakery Page Builder” plugin
FIXED: “Row divider” element generated unnecessary CSS
FIXED: Issue with swatches on variable products

12-11-2021 - Update v6.2.2
FIXED: Cart quantity after product add to cart
FIXED: PHP errors in "Size guide" WPBakery element

11-11-2021 – Update version 6.2.1
FIXED: WPBakery element “Design option” tab translations issue
FIXED: Pagination links with AJAX issue
FIXED: PHP errors in “Images gallery” WPBakery element
FIXED: Theme Settings reset after update

13-10-2021 – Update version 6.1.5
FIXED: PHP error with new WPML version (topic)
FIXED: PHP error with get_cart_contents_count() function (topic)

02-07-2021 - Update version 6.1.4
FIXED: Typography font family select in theme settings
FIXED: Typography responsive settings
FIXED: Typography font family settings
FIXED: Lazy loading with product categories icon
FIXED: Single product PHP notice

25-06-2021 – Update v6.1.3
FIXED: Broken image in categories menu
FIXED: Portfolio filter PHP error

21-06-2021 – Update version 6.1.0
ADDED: NEW VERSION – Corporate 2
ADDED: NEW VERSION – Real estate
ADDED: Step-by-step theme setup wizard (screenshot)
ADDED: New parallax and distortion slide change animations (screenshot)
ADDED: Image option to Extra menu list element (screenshot)
ADDED: Full screen search on mobile devices (screenshot)
ADDED: Slider element link option for each slide (screenshot)
ADDED: New design for testimonials element “Information top” (screenshot)
ADDED: New design for blog “Meta on image” (screenshot)
ADDED: Categories ID to title in widget Layered navigation (screenshot)
ADDED: Contact form 7 element new style “With background”
ADDED: Option to select page widgets title tag (screenshot)
ADDED: Theme Settings navigation to WordPress admin bar (screenshot)
ADDED: Woodmart slider navigation to WordPress admin bar (screenshot)
ADDED: Portfolio element carousel layout (screenshot)
ADDED: Sticky column offset option (screenshot)
ADDED: “Single posts from term” rule for theme settings presets
ADDED: Slide content alignment option for mobile devices (screenshot)
ADDED: Slide background option for mobile devices (screenshot)
ADDED: New elements appearance animations (screenshot)
ADDED: Align, color and link options to the List element
UPDATED: wpml-config.xml file
UPDATED: Woodmart Core plugin to 1.0.29
UPDATED: TweenMax library to 2.1.3
UPDATED: Google fonts list
PERFORMANCE: Increased the number of auto CSS generator files parts
IMPROVED: Woodmart slider now uses Flickity carousel instead of Owl Carousel
IMPROVED: Automatic “New” label maximum period increased to 365 days (screenshot)
IMPROVED: Changed `h3` to `span` tag in side login title
IMPROVED: Mobile bottom navbar the number of custom buttons increased to 5 (screenshot)
IMPROVED: Single product additional tab the number of custom tabs increased to 3 (screenshot)
IMPROVED: Term presets now working for parent and child term
IMPROVED: Theme dashboard settings sorted and optimized
THEME SETTINGS: “Cookie Law Info” moved from “Shop” to “General” section
THEME SETTINGS: “Promo popup” moved from “Shop” to “General” section
THEME SETTINGS: “Header banner” moved from “Shop” to “General” section
THEME SETTINGS: “Instagram API” moved from “General” to “API integrations” section
THEME SETTINGS: “Blog” divided to “Blog archive” and “Single post” sections
THEME SETTINGS: “Portfolio” divided to “Portfolio archive” and “Single project” sections
THEME SETTINGS: “Shop” divided to “Shop” and “Product archive” sections
THEME SETTINGS: “Products grid” moved from “Shop” to “Product archive” section
THEME SETTINGS: “Products styles” moved from “Shop” to “Product archive” section
THEME SETTINGS: “Categories styles” moved from “Shop” to “Product archive” section
THEME SETTINGS: “Shop filters” moved from “Shop” to “Product archive” section
THEME SETTINGS: “Widgets” moved from “Shop” to “Product archive” section
THEME SETTINGS: “Sidebar & Page title” divided to “Page title” and “Sidebar” sections
THEME SETTINGS: “Page title” moved from “Shop” to “Product archive” section
THEME SETTINGS: “Sidebar” moved from “Shop” to “Product archive” section
THEME SETTINGS: “Product page” renamed to “Single product”
THEME SETTINGS: “Single product” divided to “Add to cart options and “Related products” sections
CSS: Refactored product hover styles
CSS: Refactored product categories styles
CSS: Refactored blog post loop styles
FIXED: Shop page mobile product categories icon
FIXED: WCFM plugin product hover styles
FIXED: WCFM plugin store page sidebar icon issue
FIXED: Dokan plugin add new product popup select issue
FIXED: WC Multivendor plugin vendor name link issue
FIXED: Post author avatar image in WebP format
FIXED: Elementor text editor issue with active “Optimized DOM Output” option
FIXED: Sticky column in Elementor builder with default “Optimized DOM Output” option
FIXED: Row dividers issue in iOS devices
FIXED: Review images gallery align
FIXED: Notices spacing on mobile devices
FIXED: RTL menu labels
FIXED: Shopping cart issue in Safari 13.1 browser
FIXED: Justify option in Images gallery element
FIXED: Typography font-style: italic issue
FIXED: Images gallery align issue on mobile devices
FIXED: Header dropdown menus shift issue
FIXED: Changed “rel” attribute from “noffollow” to “nofollow”
FIXED: Error on shop page after PJAX and back button
FIXED: Load more button with sorting dropdown issue
FIXED: AJAX search init on page load
FIXED: PHP errors on product thumbnails template file
FIXED: Brand element image on elementor
FIXED: Single product offset issue
FIXED: Mobile categories menu in page title after shop AJAX
FIXED: Mobile search icon on sticky header
FIXED: Sticky notice close button
FIXED: Portfolio page issue
FIXED: Additional pages import error
FIXED: Compare header count issue
FIXED: Add to cart button tooltip issue
FIXED: WooCommerce PHP error in dashboard
FIXED: Browse categories with menu click action issue
FIXED: Single product magnific popup animations on 360 and video
FIXED: Product attributes custom fields translations
FIXED: “New products” data source with automatic new label option in Products element
FIXED: One page navigation click issue
FIXED: Single product variations JS error
FIXED: Product element in dropdowns load by AJAX
FIXED: HTML Block widget issue block with same name
FIXED: Grouped product notice position on add to cart
FIXED: Default WPB Image gallery element style issue
FIXED: Typography change color preview
FIXED: Sidebar opener on Elementor full width pages
FIXED: Header full width menu offsets
FIXED: Hot spot element rating issue
FIXED: WPML with Elementor elements compatibility
FIXED: Term ID in presets select
FIXED: Typography font family select in Safari
FIXED: Deprecated jQuery functions $.isArray and $.isFunction
FIXED: Breadcrumb data type changed from “http://rdf.data-vocabulary.org/#” to “https://schema.org/”
FIXED: Width and height attributes in menu icons
FIXED: Advanced topography custom selector hover color
FIXED: Yoast SEO compatibility with Section title element
FIXED: Menu click action on sticky header
FIXED: PHP errors
REMOVED: From viewport tag “maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no” values
REMOVED: Favicon options from theme settings

26-04-2021 – Update version 6.0.4
FIXED: Single product AJAX add to cart issue
FIXED: Errors with REST API
FIXED: Wishlist and Compare count in header
FIXED: Wishlist page with WPML
FIXED: Menu dropdowns issue
FIXED: Single product images gallery init zoom on page load
FIXED: Broken styles in Popup element
FIXED: Advanced typography predefined selector
FIXED: Site logo in sticky header on Safari
FIXED: Site logo with webp images
FIXED: PHP errors

= 14-04-2021 – Update v6.0.3 =
FIXED: Menu items column
FIXED: Single portfolio disable page title option
FIXED: Widget price filter after AJAX
FIXED: Missing string translation
FIXED: Single product icons with Dokan plugin installed
FIXED: Mobile menu item icons
FIXED: JS errors with Combined JS
FIXED: Double click issue on mobile
FIXED: Sticky single product offset
FIXED: Limit categories icon
FIXED: Arrow on highlighted products
FIXED: Logo on IOS
UPDATED: Outdated WooCommerce template files

= 09-04-2021 – Update v6.0.2 =
FIXED: Header logo lazy loading
FIXED: “Call to undefined function WC()” error
FIXED: Missing single product thumbnails
FIXED: Logo center problem
FIXED: Mobile menu items
FIXED: Header builder mod_security
FIXED: Changed “h3” to “span” tag in cart side widget
FIXED: Woodmart slider with WPML
FIXED: Double WhatsApp icon
FIXED: Brand element missing images

= 07-04-2021 – Update version 6.0.1 =
ADDED: Promo popup element extra content classes option
FIXED: Header banner spacing
FIXED: Missing menu dropdowns
FIXED: Show sidebar button on shop page
FIXED: Theme settings background color PHP error

= 07-04-2021 – Update version 6.0.0 =
ADDED: NEW VERSION – Accessories
ADDED: NEW PAGE – About me
ADDED: NEW PAGE – About us #1
ADDED: NEW PAGE – About us #2
ADDED: NEW PAGE – Our team
ADDED: Elementor templates library with more than 300 ready to use elements
ADDED: “White label” options (screenshot)
ADDED: Theme options presets (screenshot)
ADDED: Portfolio AJAX links
PERFORMANCE: CSS generator now works automatically. We have splitted entire CSS and JS into files and load them only where they are needed
PERFORMANCE: Separate page for mobile devices option (screenshot)
PERFORMANCE: “AJAX Dropdowns” local storage cache
PERFORMANCE: Added option to load optimized “Elementor frontend” CSS file (screenshot)
PERFORMANCE: Added option to disable “Contact form 7” plugin CSS and JS files (screenshot)
PERFORMANCE: Added options to disable Elementor icons and Elementor animations CSS files (screenshot)
PERFORMANCE: Optimized Google fonts loading
PERFORMANCE: Added “System font stack” to typography select (screenshot)
PERFORMANCE: Added “Imagify” plugin compatibility
PERFORMANCE: Added options to preload “woodmart-icon.woff” and “woodmart-icon.woff2” fonts (screenshot)
ADDED: “Hide empty” option to product “Brands” element
ADDED: Option to set a number of days to keep your products marked as “New” after creation (screenshot)
ADDED: Translations for product attribute fields (screenshot)
ADDED: Option “Init carousel on scroll” for element “AJAX Products tabs” (WPBakery)
ADDED: Element “Navigation anchor” for better one page navigation (Elementor)
ADDED: Portfolio images size option to theme settings and element (screenshot)
ADDED: Option to select page title tag (screenshot)
ADDED: “Order by” to product filters element (screenshot)
ADDED: “noopener” and “noreferrer” parameter for “rel” attribute to social links
ADDED: Compatibility “Yoast SEO” custom page title with our PJAX functionality
ADDED: “Thumbnails image width” option to change single product gallery thumbnail images width (screenshot)
ADDED: Shop tools option to our “Product element” and shop tools compatibility for “Woocommerce Products” shortcode (screenshot)
ADDED: Option to “Logo” element for adding width and height attributes (screenshot)
ADDED: Option to increase AJAX variation threshold (screenshot)
ADDED: Instagram fake images option (screenshot)
ADDED: Categories to “HTML block” post type
ADDED: Additional theme styling for the WCFM – WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace registration, vendor and store listing pages
ADDED: Additional theme styling for the Dokan dashboard, vendor and store listing pages
ADDED: Translations context for “On” string in blog post date meta
ADDED: rel=”nofollow” for links with href=”#”
CSS: We have removed a lot of CSS selectors and now we use CSS variables
CSS: Most of our CSS classes that started with “woodmart-” now start with “wd-”
CSS: Combined action buttons styles (burger, close and filter animated buttons replaced with font icon)
CSS: Combined popup styles
CSS: Form style classes ”.form-style-rounded”, ”.form-style-semi-rounded”, “form-border-width-1” removed from body tag
CSS: Nanoscroller library replaced with pure CSS scrollbar
CSS: Removed unused Photoswipe library styles
CSS: Removed unused Magnific popup library styles
CSS: Font icon HTML tag <i> changed to <span> due to the accessibility issues
CSS: Refactored list styles. <ul> and <ol> list icons and spacing styles now set globally and removed in specific places with html list structure (menus, pagination, widgets, etc.)
CSS: Refactored forms style
CSS: Refactored page title style
CSS: Refactored search form style
CSS: Refactored search results style
CSS: Refactored all header elements
CSS: Refactored all navigations style
CSS: Refactored dropdown menu style
CSS: Refactored off canvas sidebar
CSS: Refactored action button on product hovers.
CSS: Polyfill script for css variables IE browsers support
FIXED: The problem with the inability to save the number of products on the store page
FIXED: Deprecated jQuery functions
FIXED: CSS generator file path
FIXED: PHP error “Uncaught TypeError: implode()” in “variation-gallery-new.php”
FIXED: PHP error “Call to undefined function wp_body_open()”
FIXED: Js methods have been redesigned to run only when the user starts to interact with the element for which the script is needed
FIXED: Single product brand without image (screenshot)
FIXED: Sales label for variation product displaying as individual (screenshot)
FIXED: Image gallery element with masonry view in Elementor backend
FIXED: Incorrect header if an earlier deleted header is selected in the page settings
FIXED: Single product “360 view” images load only when you click on the icon
FIXED: WPB Google map element API key issue
FIXED: Inability to leave a comment for a product without selecting a rating
FIXED: Problem with non-initialized field Select2 in theme settings
FIXED: External links in “Banner” and “Menu price” elements (Elementor)
FIXED: “YITH Multi-Vendor” plugin sidebar compatibility issue
FIXED: “Product filters” element problem displaying all attributes on all category pages
FIXED: “Related projects” now shows projects by category of current project
FIXED: “Lazy loading” with WooCommerce email images
FIXED: “Additional variations gallery” thumbnails size not proportional
FIXED: Share your Wishlist issue
FIXED: Load WPBakery templates from frontend editor (screenshot)
FIXED: “WCFM Marketplace” product per view and per page filters issue (screenshot)
FIXED: “WCFM Marketplace” all products per page issue
FIXED: Instagram element PHP error
FIXED: Empty menu element PHP error
FIXED: Promo banner link double page open
FIXED: Header not sticky when the user did not log in
FIXED: Disappearance of categories from the shop page title
FIXED: “Scroll top on variation select” option if the variation has no image
FIXED: “Sticky add to cart” option with Elementor pro single product custom template
FIXED: “Infobox” element issue with “Open in new window” option
FIXED: Safari browser password manager issue
FIXED: Scroll to top and arrows buttons with RTL language translated site.
FIXED: Product navigation dropdown on mobile devices
FIXED: Contact Form 7 5.4 notices
FIXED: Notices background and color setting
FIXED: Gutenberg editor list block styles
FIXED: Quick shop label align
FIXED: Small accessibility Issues
IMPROVED: Force “Dokan” plugin pages to use Font Awesome 5 icons from “Elementor” or “WPBakery” page editors
IMPROVED: “WPML” language and currency switcher refactored
IMPROVED: “WPCS – WordPress Currency Switcher” switcher refactored
IMPROVED: “Load more” button now change URL to the current page on load content
IMPROVED: “Number of categories” option can now open and close additional categories (screenshot)
IMPROVED: After entering incorrectly through the side login form, you will remain on the same page and receive an error message in the side form (screenshot)
IMPROVED: “HTML Block” and “Woodmart slide” post type now public queryable only if the user is logged in
IMPROVED: “Product category next to title” option now ordering categories from parent to child
IMPROVED: Compatibility our Elementor elements with WPML translations
IMPROVED: “Reset default” button moved to a separate section
UPDATED: Woodmart Core plugin 1.0.28 – Added “ABSPATH” check to plugin files
UPDATED: Google maps API version from 3.41 to 3.44
UPDATED: Outdated WooCommerce template files
UPDATED: wpml-config.xml file
DEV: Added filter ‘woodmart_html_block_access’ to change access to HTML block edit page
DEV: Added filter ‘woodmart_product_element_query_args’
DEV: Added filter ‘woodmart_three_sixty_framerate’ for change framerate in “360 element”
DEV: Added filter ‘woodmart_get_prev_product_same_term’
DEV: Added filter ‘woodmart_wc_default_product_cat’ if you specify a value of “true” then the default category will not be displayed (screenshot)
REMOVED: “Call to action” option from menu item settings (screenshot)
REMOVED: Deprecated moment.js library
DEPRECATED: “Sticky notifications” option
DEPRECATED: “AJAX” source type for Instagram element

= 11-12-2020 – Update v5.3.6 =
FIXED: Autocomplete control in theme settings
FIXED: Product brands element PHP notice
FIXED: Outdated WooCommerce template version
FIXED: Sticky header issue
FIXED: Menu dropdown hover issue
FIXED: Compatibility with Extras for Elementor & JetEngine
FIXED: Product brands PHP notice
FIXED: PHP 7.4 notices
UPDATED: Waypoint library to 4.0.1

= 09-12-2020 – Update version 5.3.5 =
FIXED: jQuery 3.5.1 error with PJAX library
REMOVED: Deprecated jQuery methods

16-11-2020 – Update version 5.3.4
FIXED: Device.js error on Mac
FIXED: Clear swatches cache on product selling
FIXED: Sticky add to cart with Elementor custom single product template

05-11-2020 – Update v5.3.3
FIXED: New products query performance

04-11-2020 – Update v5.3.2
FIXED: Add to wishlist issue

04-11-2020 – Update v5.3.1
FIXED: PHP Errors with elementor