WooCommerce Upload Files by vanquish v66.3

conqueredWooCommerce upload fileThe plugin allows you to add any file from product, cart, checkout, thank you and/or order details pages! Preview images, add bills, charge more, and more!

Live demo (please report if it doesn't work)

url: https://www.codecanyon.eu/wcuf/wp-admin/
user: demo
pass: demo

Demo:HTTPS://code canyon.net/item/my commerce-upload-files/11442983


How does it work?

Customers will be able to add a lot of record data for purchased widgets from item pages, order details pages, and/or throughout the checkout process...All with the help of a user-friendly progress bar!All uploads may be linked to an order, and depending on the product, the retailer admin will be able to find them immediately on the backend order details webpage, or they will usually be forwarded to the store admin's email for processing as an optional feature available.

Word: WooCommerce adding info via vanquish plugin only helps native (simple and variable)WooCommerceProduct categorization, which does not help with any custom product categorization performed by third-party plugins.

Word: The plugin, like WordPress, requires a minimum PHP model of 5.6.

How to configure

It's super easy! Go to the Configurator File Add menu and add a brand new Add area to configure a brand new add area.Once the sphere is created, the admin simply chooses on which web page it should appear (items, cart, checkout, line elements) and sets its "visibility" mainly based on criteria.(On/Off for specific products, categories, or all gadgets) filter

This creates an add field for each matching product displayed on the selected page (and, in the case of a product page, optionally, for each single model)!

You can optionally specify some additional options for additional customization, equivalent to:

  1. Teacher title
  2. HTML/CSS description
  3. Display HTML/CSS text content when complete (Also, some specific shortcodes can be used to display file records with image/audio preview)
  4. Most Uploadable File Measurements
  5. Maximum and minimum picture width, peak value and DPI (the premise is that the added file is jpg/png. DPI knowledge is learned from picture EXIF, if it is not legal for EXIF ​​knowledge, it is not allowed to add)
  6. Allowed file sorting
  7. Email notification
  8. Allows import of multiple recorded data per region
  9. ... an extra!

You can choose whether to use secure hyperlinks.File associations may be disguised in this way and may be limited to retailer executives and potential customers who provide record data to individuals.Still, in the case of cloud storage providers, direct hyperlinks to files are still available to everyone.Even with a spoofed URL, the file is reserved for anyone with a paying buyer.


You now have the possibility to save uploaded record data to your DropBox or Amazon S3 account via WCUF!

When you select a specific possibility in the plugin possibilities menu, every time at checkout (or when the shopper saves the uploaded record data in the order network), all ephemeral uploaded record data may be moved from the server to your DropBox/S3 account page).libreWooCommerce add infoThe plugin will save the log data in a folder in your DropBox account calledPurpose -> WooCommerce Add Info -> Site Title -> Order ID. If you add a link to a product, you'll find a whole new subdirectory calledProduct ID-Variant ID.

If your DropBox connection fails, please do not participate!Log data is usually saved on a local server, and you can process them frequently via the capture detail page!An email with an incorrect description may be sent to you.

NOTE: Transient logging data is still kept on your local server and will most likely be deleted once you move them to DropBox. make suremaximum execution time(Most of script execution time) PHP settings are appropriate; in any other case large file handling may trigger file migration from server to DropBox to fail.

Upload unlimited files with no file size limit

WooCommerce Info Add-In allows you to add an unlimited variety of recorded data for any measurement.Thanks to the revolutionary block adding mechanism, it is possible to add any file indefinitely.

Email with notifications and attachments

Do you need to be notified when a consumer uploads a file and gets a hyperlink directly via email as a store admin? Now you can!

You may now allow the possibility of "email notifications" for each added area.

The "Connect Uploaded Files" feature allows you to get uploaded record data directly in your inbox if desired.Plus, you can optionally specify multiple recipient email addresses!

NOTE: Some servers limit the size of attachments sent using wp e-mail() to 5 MB.For those of you who are having trouble sending emails via SMTP, all you need to do is set up an SMTP email sending plugin. ThisWooCommerce add infoby Vanquish plugin allows you to send emails using any external email provider (equivalent to Gmail, Outlook or any SMTP server).

Before uploading, crop the image

The WCUF plugin has a crop photo editor that your potential clients can use to crop photos before importing them.
The store administrator must allow the option to add a region in the image media file to configure part of the device and set the crop width and crop peak to allow the editor to be embedded.These are the dimensions the picture may have after cropping.

Rotation should be famous: the rotation is done on the server. For those of you who rotate a lot of photos, make sure your server has enough memory.In any other case, the rotation may fail. Try including the next assertion in wp-confing. php file to increase server memory: outline('WP MEMORY LIMIT', '1024M'); or change PHP.ini file to expand the memory limit setting (where 1024M is the memory you need to allocate, if it is not enough, try to increase it).

product upload page

Recording data can now be added before adding questions to the cart!(In this case, some options should not appear) Add fields may be configured by the store admin to show directly on the product page!

This method allows customers to instantly add a single file (or multiple records if the "Multiple records per region" possibility is selected) from the product webpage.

NOTE: By default, add fields link to specific items in the cart.So if the consumer provides product 1 (quantity 3) and you schedule two add fields, Vanquish's WooCommerce add fields will only show two add fields, not six (since there is only one product in the cart with a quantity of 3 instead of 3 separate items).Use a person-specific item property in order to add multiple instances of the same product to the cart (the plugin will associate a separate add field for each item in the cart in this way).

If the sphere has been configured to point out before inclusion in the cart, and the Allow one per product variation option is selected, this area will only show when a variation is selected when the product page changes.Extra Data: On the product page, the consumer should select a variant, and the Vanquish plugin's WooCommerce add information will display the relevant add space.

You can even choose where to add area fields (before/after retrofit decision records, product descriptions, etc.).Alternatively, you can embed shape additions in any product text area by using a specific help shortcode[wcuf product page upload form]!

NOTE: Make sure you're using a theme that contributes to all the custom hooks of WooCommerce product page templates. Commonplace adds area management to product pagesMUST if eliminated[wcuf product page upload form]be exploited (take action, go toSelect -> Stress Disable Habits Add Zone Management -> Product Page).

Configuration of individual products

Do you want to add the same product to the cart under completely different circumstances to add completely different record data?For example, for those who are promoting corporate playing cards, do you want your customers to be able to add the product to their cart multiple times and then add specific personal record data for each item?Now you can!

You simply use the personal product configurator to select the products and/or categories that need to be offered individually.The WooCommerce Add Information by vanquish plugin will add each desired item to the basket as a separate product each time the consumer offers it.Clients will be able to use this method to add many record data for each item in the cart.

Add order, cart and order pages to your computer.

Any additions may show up in the cart, checkout or order pages! To finally modify the sphere position, check out the plugin options!


The store admin will also enable the required possibilities.In this case, the "Add to Cart" button on the store page is disabled for all items that match the add area, and changes are made via the "View" button, forcing the buyer to the product page.

The plugin will attempt to hide the add to cart button if an area is about to be indicated on the product page before the product is put into the cart (this feature can't be implemented for some themes that are not 100% WooCommerce compatible).As a result, consumers are forced to add files before adding items to their carts.

Additionally, buyers may not be able to place an order if all optional uploads cannot be completed on the Checkout page!The Vanquish WooCommerce Add Info plugin will notify shoppers if any uploads are missing.

If the add field is about to appear after the item is placed in the cart, or the item is already in the cart and the consumer removes the desired add, the plugin will try to reject the page with a warning message until all required record data has been submitted!(Note: Some browsers do not allow this opt-out for security reasons.)

For a simpler request test, go to Options and select OK in Allow consumers to leave the page if desired.By doing so, the consumer will only receive a warning discovery prompt when exiting the main web page; on subsequent attempts he can usually leave the web page.

Bereichsverantwortlichkeiten basierend auf Benutzerrollen

Rely on the current consumer positioning to present/camouflage areas!

Departmental Responsibilities Based on Payment Method

You can only prove/hide the field if the fee method selected by the order may be one of the strategies selected in the entire zone configuration!

NOTE: This area is simply demonstrated in the order details and cost pages.


You can use the options menu to choose when to add fields in the product, cart and checkout pages!(No custom locators are used; this is achieved through regular WooCommerce hooks.)

Many files for a single support department

By default, only one file upload per zone is allowed, but optional WCUF allows submission of many record data using a single add zone.In addition to the maximum file measurement in this case, it is also possible to determine the maximum kind of recorded data that can be uploaded.

WCUF will create one. A zip file containing all uploaded record data.
The amount of record data that can be uploaded for the add area will also be "linked" to the various items in the cart or purchased (if the "Show Add Marketplace" possibility is not accessible, the possibility does not exist).If you select the option "Before adding item to cart", the buyer may not be able to add record data greater than X to the zone (X is the number of items purchased in the cart).

NOTE: The PHP "ZipArchive" feature provided by most web hosting providers is necessary for many records of data with a single field add feature.If it is not turned on, this feature will not appear.

Many filters and numeric options

For those importing large volumes of recorded data into a single added area, activate specific possibilities by navigating toAddLog Data Configurator -> Selectand selectSure InsideAllowed Amount Selectionspace. This can allow one selection per uploaded file. The customer will be able to enter the amount of value in the input field.

For example, a print service is promoting 100100 print services. Buyer purchased 5 100×100 gadgets and wanted to print three primary documents and two secondary documents.Because of the number of possibilities, he can set the main added dependencies to three and the second to add several!

Number of products in cart (by number of files uploaded)

Toggle a specific possibility in the preferences, which periodically adjusts the kind of product cart mainly based on the kind of record data uploaded (and the number of fields if multiple files are used)!This feature is useful when you need to offer specific low-cost or value-for-money products primarily based on the quantity in your cart!

If you want a device, stay tuned for my WooCommerce Costs and Reductions! join in!

Cart price based on associated additional fees

You now have the possibility to assign values ​​to cart items primarily based on additional values ​​related to the item's add parameters!For example, pricing of products can now be determined primarily based on the various recorded data provided!

Medical Movie Special Edition: More Fees/Discounts with Every Upgrade

WCUF allows you to pay an additional fee for each document you submit. It also works if the flexibility to add multiple record data for a zone is enabled.Retailer owners can choose to charge a flat fee or share unique value (equivalent to an additional 20% per uploaded file).

Additionally, in addition to the "Free Further Payments" for primary N uploads (together with the amount), you can specify a "Further Payment Limit" so that customers are not overcharged for added uploads.

For audio/video recorded data (most popular extension), there may be an additional charge per second (media recorded data should have well-encoded ID3 data, in any other caseWooCommerce adds information by conqueringPlugin cannot execute) provide mandatory data)!

For PDF A further fee can now be charged based on the kind of record data page uploaded. Store admins can even set the number of free pages and the variety of more pages.

NOTE: PDF files should be sound PDF encoded files.

To use low cost per uploaded file, just put the destructive value in the extra value! This stylish addon will impose a disruptive cost on the cart to use the low cost!

Found payment object PER Entity

For each added area, shared low cost can be used in checkout subtotal if at least one file is uploaded.

Custom button schedule (translatable via WPML)

Utilizing text contentMenu Voice can customize button text for adding, deleting, trimming recorded data, etc.

If your website uses WPML, you can set button text content for each language!You can simply swap languages ​​using the WPML language selector and then set the text content!

WPML text and school uploads

Titles, descriptions, disclaimer text content, etc. can be translated. Translate WPML menus with strings and select Add Region for Regionswoocommerce-files-upload-field-text!

Show response area

Currently, add fields in cart, checkout, order and shortcode pages are responsive.They are grouped and displayed in a row, and the width of the row components can be set via the selection menu. by default,WooCommerce adds information by conqueringThe plugin displays one addition area per line.


Do you need to display the add area type only on specific web pages? Or maybe you need to show add type in custom space or text content space at checkout?Now you can!

The WCUF plugin exposes the next shortcode for you to use as needed:

  1. [wcuf_up_form_form]: It can display the add type, where all add fields match the item currently added to the cart, in any area that contributes to the shortcode system.It cannot be used in product, cart or checkout pages.
  2. [wcuf_product_page_upload_form]: It can display product pages in any area that contributes to the shortcode system to add variety. It may only be used on product pages.
  3. [wcuf_cart_page_upload_form]: It can display cart pages in any custom space that contributes to the shortcode system to add variety. It may only be used for the purchase cart page.
  4. [wcuf_checkout_page_upload_form]: It can display Checkout web page additions in any custom space that contributes to the shortcode system. It may only be used in the fund web page.
  5. [wcuf_upload_form_last_order]: It can show the currently logged in consumer an add type with all add fields that match the item purchased in the final order.It cannot be used in product, cart or checkout pages.

Specific shortcodes for product, cart, and checkout pages can be helpful if you want to display add fields in custom spaces such as tabs or text content fields (each should help with the shortcode system) .

NOTE: use[wcuf_product_page_upload_form] , [wcuf_cart_page_upload_form] or [wcuf_checkout_page_upload_form]You should disable Habit Add Zone Management by going to Preferences -> Disable Habit Add Zone Management and selecting the page you're using shortcodes for.Shortcodes can only be used on each web page.

Auto Supply Score for My Account Page and Last Order

WCUF has the option to display the added field for final positioning orders immediately from the My Account webpage!To allow this feature, you should allow this visibility possibility from the Normal menu option.

Picture/sound preference

WCUF also allows to display picture preview (only accustomed to jpg/png compressed recording data) and audio preview (mp3/wav recording data) for uploaded media recording data.To try this you should use specific shortcode[filename_with_media_ preview]In the "Text content displayed after adding" area in the entire add area configuration.

Packing form for shopping cart and payment

You can choose to display an uploaded image preview of each product included in the product table displayed on each cart and checkout page (just get used to jpg/png record data)!

Also, in the shopping cart page, the thumb of the product may change by previewing the uploaded image...just allow the specific selection you want by selecting the menu!

Function overview Overview

From the options menu, you can allow uploaded file records to be displayed in the cart details, cost and/or order pages.

support counter

The WooCommerce Add Info for Vanquish plugin provides a brand new column "Add Counter" to the Order Desk.This might make it simple so that you can observe the diversity of consumer uploads for each order.

Upload text feedback and disclaimers

Alternatively, the store admin of each added area can allow the possibility to respond with text content and a "disclaimer".This way the consumer will be able to save the advice related to the uploaded record data and in the end he may be forced to simply accept the disclaimer instead of being able to add the record data.

upload progress bar

Give your clients some advice! By command file addition, the web page may display a progress bar.

Remove bulk uploaders

Directly from the order history, you can delete all uploads for the selected order.


For WC Multi-VendorCustomers, the uploaded record data will also be downloaded from the supplier's order details page!


If the addition is done at least from the Line Element or Thanks pages, the order status may be modified periodically to select the status via the selection menu!To do this, just useChoices menuo!

keep the server clean

When an order is deleted, all uploads are additionally deleted.

WOOCOMMERCE Form Compliance Instructions

If you're using a third party theme/plugin that implements custom add-to-cart performance on product pages (such as including items to cart without reloading the page) or tweaks checkout, Cart, order and thank you pages, WooComerce file add-on does not work.It is designed to work on habit templates, so changing it's structure or habit may triggerWooCommerce add infoVia Conquest plugin not working or exhibiting surprising behavior. If you're using any custom templates, please get back into the habit of using plugins.

Action and processing

wcuf_order_sub_folder_name(filter): Triggered when an order folder containing uploaded record data is created.By default, if the file is related to a product, the subdirectory should conform to the {product_id}_{vari_id} header structure. This motion allows customization of the title.Use the handler's next signature:your_function_name ($ folder_name, $ product_id, $ variation_id)and use the next hook:add_filter ('wcuf_order_sub_folder_name', 'your_function_name', 10, 3);


This WooCommerce Add Information by vanquish plugin is designed and checked for desktop mockups for Chrome, Firefox and Edge. It doesn't have any official help for cellular browsers.For the plugin to work properly, the browser needs to be fully HTML5 compliant, otherwise the plugin will not work as expected and cause surprising habits.

In the case of a cellular browser, remember to use a browser that is fully compatible with HTML5 (equivalent to Chrome) and the latest model of the working system.in case of any problem (egAs a result of using an outdated browser model, working system, bad {hardware} resources, or any other interference (proper help to HTML5 requirements) nothing will happen.Might be deployed to fix these third groupings.

Makes it possible for record data to be saved correctly within the zone, if you use any 3rd collection driver to move references to remote files, will prevent the browser from serving the correct file data information uploaded by the WooCommerce plugin via the conquering required add process .

The plugin requires the browser to be fully functional.If any browser encounters a specific bug (equivalent to cellular browsers in specific models not being able to select multiple record data due to a bug that prevents their native controllers from working in general) that prevents WooCommerce from adding information preventing the plugin from working properly, report it Give it to its developer or switch to a fully working plugin.I do not charge any fees for third party software program questions.

WooCommerce upload field screenshot

Upload product page

[file name] and [Extra cost]Shortcodes that participate in the "Upload" text content area

Added image preview

Example of special quantity selection (in the case of supporting multiple files for unique sectors)

If the order card ordered needs to be uploaded, please check the notification


File deletion process and previous progress bar

upload counter

Bulk upload delete



Changelog: WooCommerce Upload Files by vanquish

= v66.3 - 27.01.22 =
* Improved session management

= v66.1 - 24.01.22 =
* Session management improvement

= v66.0 - 25.01.22 =
* Minor improvement

= v65.9 - 22.01.22 =
* Session management improvement

= v65.6 - 13.01.22 =
* Fixed an issue that prevented file type and size restriction checks to be properly performed on
the order details page when uploading a single file

= v65.5 - 04.01.22 =
* Fixed a javascript issue that prevents files to be properly uploaded

= v65.4 - 30.12.21 =
* Minor improvements

= v65.3 - 09.12.21 =
* Mounted a difficulty associated to the picture rotation (crop)

= v65.2 - 30.11.21 =
* Minor CSS enhancements

= v65.1 - 23.11.21 =
* Minor replace

= v65.0 - 19.11.21 =
* Mounted a difficulty with the shopper aspect cropper

= v64.9 - 13.11.21 =
* Mounted a difficulty associated to the "delete recordsdata" button textual content

= v64.8 - 12.01.21 =
* Minor visible enhancements to the choices menu
* Added choice to disable the auto add characteristic within the Thanks and Order particulars pages

= v64.7 - 09.01.21 =
* Minor enchancment associated to the cart web page administration

= v64.5 - 22.10.21 =
* Added french translation

= v64.2 - 13.10.21 =
* Added choice to exclude fields from the "Product cart amount as variety of uploaded recordsdata" possibility

= v64.0 - 06.10.21 =
* Improved picture preview show on automobile desk

= v63.9 - 04.10.21 =
* Typo
* Amount is now displayed additionally within the cart desk previews

= v63.8 - 30.09.21 =
* Obligatory uploads: possibility to cover or disable the "add to cart button"

= v63.6 - 19.09.21 =
* Mounted a difficulty associated to the activator

= v63.5 - 16.09.21 =
* Mounted a difficulty associated to the activator

= v63.4 - 01.09.21 =
* Minor enchancment

= v63.2 - 24.08.21 =
* Mounted a difficulty with the DPI restriction

= v62.7 - 20.07.21 =
* Mounted a difficulty when rotating a picture, the web page was scrolling on the highest of the web page

= v62.4 - 08.07.21 =
* Mounted a difficulty associated to the necessary possibility and the add to automobile button show

= v62.0 - 30.06.21 =
* Minor enhancements

= v61.9 - 15.06.21 =
* Minor enchancment

= v61.8 - 11.06.21 =
* Minor enhancements

= v61.6 - 01.06.21 =
* Mounted an interference associated to the "RnB Calendar" plugin

= v61.4 - 29.05.21 =
* Mounted a difficulty with the visibility per delivery strategies characteristic

= v61.1 - 27.05.21 =
* Minor code enchancment

= v61.0 - 13.05.21 =
* Minor bugfix

= 60.8 - 03.05.21 =
* Added new choice to show the add area by time

= 60.7 - 06.04.21 =
* Minor CSS enchancment

= 60.6 - 04.04.21 =
* Mounted a minor situation

= v60.5 - 22.03.21 =
* Minor bugfix associated to the choices menu and WPML

= 60.4 - 10.03.21 =
* Added new wcuf_dropbox_folder_path and wcuf_s3_folder_path filters

= 60.3 - 27.02.21 =
* Minor enhancements

= 60.2 - 25.02.21 =
* Added the brand new "wcuf_folder_path" filter

= 60.1 - 12.02.21 =
* Minor CSS enchancment

= 60.0 - 10.02.21 =
* Added the brand new 'wcuf_file_name' filter triggered when saving a file

= 59.9 - 04.02.21 =
* Mounted a difficulty associated to the cropper

= 59.8 - 21.01.21 =
* Is now doable replace the Suggestions textual content even with out re-uploading a file

= 59.7 - 13.01.21 =
* Mounted a difficulty with WooCommerce 4.9

= 59.6 - 12.01.21 =
* Minor bugfix

= 59.5 - 30.12.20 =
* Mounted a difficulty as a result of file weren't related to the order