WooCommerce Simple Auctions v2.0.10 - WordPress Auctions

WooCommerce Simple Auction is the most reasonable selling answer for WordPress and WooCommerce.

As WooCommerce Auctions expands, you can undoubtedly replicate Ebay with regular, intermediate and reverse auctions, and finally by selling customary store items.

WooCommerce Simple Auctions is an easy-to-use device that allows you to get a total WordPress sales arrangement that's not difficult to introduce, run, and use.

Using the WooCommerce Simple Auctions module, you can set up a closeout site for WordPress and start offering in 30 minutes (if you have an installment processor ready).

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Demo:https://code canyon.net/search/6811382

Features WooCommerce Simple Auction - WordPress Auction

  • Works with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce (and previous forms)
  • Consistent coordination with WooCommerce through its pitfalls - you get another WooCommerce item - sell
  • Ability to check credit/installment card details
  • Works with any installment gate supported by WooCommerce
  • Typical, Inverse and Fixed Liquidation, Brokered/Programmatic Issues
  • Determining starting cost, adding value, holding value, buying now
  • Set auction start and end times
  • Effective control over how you need to display the closeout - either with the project or independently
  • My initial completion, future, recent, including recently seen, sale and occasional sale of gadgets
  • Email Notifications (with editable email format) Bid Description, Closeout Winning Bid, Installment Updates, Bombing Offers, No Buy Hold, Sale Complete, Admin Bid Alert Admin (Non-bid, Client Selloff Notification, Client Notification Closeout Notifications, Closeouts Early Closure Email Notifications
  • Clearance items with sell symbol (name) on thumbnail
  • If a customer logs in and wins the sale, the item has a win logo on the thumbnail
  • Item page with new tab "Sales History"
  • Customer page "My Auctions", the listed auction page where customers set their bids (for dynamic and winning auctions)
  • Sales Filtering and Scheduling in Item Posting (wp-administrator)
  • Sort pre-closeout by current bid, date, buy present value, action, end date (early end), start date (latest start)
  • Closing items have symbols depicting different sales states: dynamic, completed, completed and paid, failed (wp-administrator)
  • Sales Actions (Shortcodes), Closeout Watchlist Includes (Shortcodes & Widgets)
  • Sales history in wp-administrator - CSV and Excel transactions are available for purchase history and sortable sections
  • Ajax live update of current sales and closeout history
  • Sell ​​through virtual or downloadable items
  • Manual bid eviction
  • Manual sales or programmatic resale if no bids or payments are not made on time
  • WPML works, PO documentation that can be explained in lang/dir
  • Job-based bidding and payment method validation (via extension) - allows for explicit client jobs (e.g. online client jobs)
  • Allow customers to conduct and display their auctions for a fee to you as the site owner

Changelog WooCommerce Simple Auction - WordPress Auction Free Invalid

- Fix: problem with normal and proxy bidding on same page addon
- Fix: load wp-admin css only on edit post screen

- Fix: JS strict problem
- Fix: login redirect to my account
- Fix: bid increment decimal separator issue

** Version 2.0.8 **
- Fix: sort problem
- Fix: decimal problem
- Fix: optimizations

** Version 2.0.7 **
- Fix: meta fields caching fix
- Fix: auction activity date range bug

** Version 2.0.6 **
- Fix: fatal error in Elementor widget
- Fix: lost password redirect
- Fix: checkout redirect
- Fix: deprecated function
- Fix: buy now quantity fix
- Fix: cache delete on auction finish
- Fix: code cleanup

** Version 2.0.5 **
- Fix: [won_auctions] shortcode problem
- Fix: warnings
- Add: show currency sign and format as defined in WooCommerce settings in bid input

- Fix: php error
- Fix: ajax bid check

** Version 2.0.3 **
- Fix: elementor fatal error
- Add: added new shortcode [won_auctions] for logged in user

- Fix: translations
- Fix: default products widget in Elementor
- Fix: code quality check
- Fix: [auctions_watchlist] shortcode
- Fix: auction base page sorting issue
- Fix: add / remove from watchlist

** Version 2.0.0 **
- Add: Elementor support
- Add: fully tested with PHP8 and WooCommerce 5.0
- Fix: mysql improvements

= v1.2.40 =
- Fix: shortcode problem
- Fix: watchlist remove problem

= v1.2.39 = 
- Fix: WPML buy now bug
- Fix: breadcrumbs bug
- Fix: rest api problem
- Fix: typos
- Add: woocommerce_simple_auction_end_auctions_meta_callback hook
- Add: small performance improve