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Shipping tracking, product shipping and delivery date estimation made easyWooCommerce Shipping Trackingbe conquered!

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Features: WooCommerce Shipping Tracking By Vanquish


Customers can simply track their orders using WCST. You will be able to identify the shipping company and tracking number for each order.Tracking information (business URL and tracking number) will appear immediately on Order Fulfillment emails and on WCST's View Order website.

To monitor their orders, your customers simply click on the URL generated by WCST.The tracking URL will immediately redirect to the company page (if available, if approved by the company), where the user can track the delivery status with the relevant tracking code.

Note that the Vanquish WooCommerce Shipping Tracking plugin, such asWordPress, The minimum PHP version required is 7.0.

your own business of course

WCST has identified more than 40 food delivery businesses. You can't seem to find the one you're looking for? do not worry! !

Vanquish's WooCommerce Shipping Tracking Plugin lets you create your own custom shipping business (name and tracking URL).To do this, go to WooCommerce -> Shipping Tracking -> Add Custom Shipping Company. Customize your company page

All kinds of tracking companies, shipping companies, date cultures, and custom texts are all there!

For each order, WCST allows you to attach one or more tracking codes and shipping companies.

Delivery dates and personalized texts can also be selected for each shipment. This way both store admins and consumers can easily track shipping times!

HTML snippet for email and order details customization

On-site timesheets allow you to track delivery progress.

Vanquish WooCommerce Shipping Tracking also allows you to view the status of your shipments along with the timetable on your website. To do this, just use[On-site tracking delivery]Shortcode from special menu inside order details message.

Once complete, a tracking widget will appear showing each shipping step up to the current date in each order detail page!

Alternatively, you can display the Follow Site widget in any page. To do this, just use the following shortcode with the special "track_in_site" parameter:[wcst_tracking_form track_in_site = "true"]. It will display a form and once the user has entered the tracking code, the "Live Tracking" widget will show the shipping progress.

Note: Although AfterShip will try to recognize the shipping company using only the tracking code, this method may fail in some situations. Simply supply the corporate tracking code in this format: tracking code company slug ### to prevent detection.

dhl ### 29795032 is an example.

Companies tracking slugs may be located at https://www.aftership.com/couriers. Just click on what you want; slugs can be found in /curriers/string.

Note that the AfterShip service supports this feature. Must have at least one free profile (so you can only achieve 100 shipment tracking per month).The plugin settings page contains instructions on how to connect to the AfterShip configuration file (just two steps!).In the absence of any other codes, the service will automatically identify the carrier from the tracking code (if supported).

All Woocommerce Outdoor emails and order detail pages have tracking information

After the tracking information is recorded on the order management page, the order details page will display all the information.Also, this information will be included in every woocommerce email sent based on the purchase status.When the status is set to "Completed", tracking information is only included in emails by default; however, you may choose to disclose the information on other websites.Under General Settings, select the status that information must be incorporated into emails.

You can even create your own status!

Customers will have access to all the required information this way!

Tracking code email notification

Administrators can also send event notification emails by simply selecting the tracking codes he would like to alert users to.Once he makes his choice, he simply clicks the Update Order button and the plugin sends an email with the tracking number of his choice.The special settings menu can be used to change the tracking code email template. To personalize the message, you can also use a shortcode to display the user's first and last name!

Germanized Professional Invoice Email

WooCommerce Shipping Tracking for Havoc plugin now has Germanized professional invoice email support, allowing it to provide tracking information in invoice emails based on current order status.

Daily on-time delivery field

Do you want to give consumers the option to choose a delivery date and time? You can now!

Title, description and tags are all fully configurable! Supports multiple languages!

Plus, WooCommerce emails include delivery date and time!

Last but not least, on the checkout page, you can choose a date that takes into account the product's estimated shipping time, as well as the shipping method's estimated time of arrival!

CSV bulk import

You can import order tracking data from a . csv file into WCST!

The store administrator for each order can additionally enter one or more delivery details.

The Fallwing column must exist in the CSV file:

  • order number: This is the numeric identifier for the order.
  • Order Status: This field can be left blank. If specified, the order status will be set to the provided value.toilet-hanging, toilet-process, toilet-on-hold, toilet-complete, toilet-aborted, toilet-refunded, toilet-failed are all valid values.
  • Mandatory email notification can be left blank. If you specify a value, the plugin will send a woocommerce notification email back to you.Available values ​​include: End Email Customer Refund Order, Email Customer Invoice, Email Customer Process Order, Email Customer Process Order, Email Customer Process Order, Email Customer Process Order, Email Customer Process Order Mail customers process orders, send email customers process orders, send email customers process_
  • Ship date: This field can be left blank. If there are multiple commit dates, the values ​​must be separated by personality. Dates should be in yyyy-mm-dd format.
  • custom text: This field can be left blank. Values ​​must be separated by | characters in the case of multiple custom texts. Note: From custom text, remove all.Custom Text 1 | Custom Text 2 are two examples of custom text.
  • Details about tracking: The following formats are required: Company ID: Tracking Code. In the case of multiple transfer values, the multiple transfer values ​​must be separated by personality.DHL: # 315R | GLS: 1324SR7 is an example.

Automatic bulk import

You can set the plugin to automatically import the order shipping tracking form from the url referencing a. csv file, if you want. Just enter.csv file url path (e.g. DropBox file link or https url) and select batch import job interval!

NOTE: The wp schedule event WordPress function is used to schedule the event (). Only if someone visits your WordPress site will it start a scheduled import at the set time. The wp schedule event reference page has further information.

Custom messages in multiple languages

WPMLPowered by vanquish's WooCommerce Shipping Tracking, allows store admins to define HTML snippets for any installed language.

Store admins can add language messages by simply selecting the language for translation in the WPML selector, typing and saving!

Menu de connexion rapide

Using the Quick Assign option, store admins can now assign shipping details to orders without changing each order individually.You can enter shipping details for an order, set its status, and choose to use this menu to resend status notification emails to customers with just a few clicks!

Most Admired Shipping Company

On the Preferences menu, you have the option to choose a "preferred" carrier. This will be pre-selected when you submit your tracking code!

For shipping prices, get delivery estimates

You can define shipping estimates by precomputing each defined shipping rate using the WooCommerce feature, WooCommerce's Table Shipping, or WooThemes' Table Shipping.

Our Prospects Automated Shipping Products

Another important aspect of the WCST plugin is the estimated ship date (ship date: the date the package is delivered to the carrier).The estimated delivery date may be displayed on the product page by the store admin using a shortcode or by setting the automatic display of the estimated date (in the plugin settings menu).This is determined automatically using the "estimation rules" applicable to the product.

The plugin can display a specified shipping date or display a range of dates for the product.

Also, if the product is out of stock, the estimated delivery date will not be displayed!

After each item is displayed in the product table, an estimated date can be provided as an option in the cart/checkout page.Just activate a specific option in the plugin settings menu.

Last but not least, you may display a custom label (translatable with WPML) before the expected date!

How does it work? It's that easy! Just two steps:

The first step is to set an estimated date.

Store administrators can create a number of Estimation Rules using the Estimated Shipping Configurator in the Shipping Tracking menu.

He can choose one of the following options for each option:

  1. Select the product, category, or label to which the rule applies from the drop-down menu.
  2. The date the item is shipped/delivered to the courier is called the shipping/delivery date.
  3. If the order is placed within that hour, it will be shipped the same day (if the date is the ship/ship date).
  4. If this value (in days) is selected, the estimated date will be determined from the first available commit date after the delay time.
  5. Days that cannot be shipped due to holidays or non-working days.

Step 2: On the product page, use the shortcode (or use the automatic estimated date option).

Store admins can use the unique[wcst shows estimated date]Shortcode to display estimated daily shipping rates on product pages, descriptions or short descriptions, or any tab.

Instead, store admins can set options to display estimated dates automatically (in the plugin options menu).

The date on which a "build" rule suitable for the project is found will be calculated by the plugin.The WooCommerce Shipping Tracking of the Vanquish plugin will automatically determine when the item is ready to ship the next business day.

Additionally, a new column has been introduced in the product listing that shows the product's projected shipping rules.

Shortcode Tracking Form Conquer WooCommerce Shipping Tracking

The tracking form can be displayed in any post/page with a unique shortcode[wcst tracking table], Enables the user to select a carrier (using the selection menu), enter a tracking code, and be taken to the carrier's tracking website.

Changelog: WooCommerce Shipping Tracking by vanquish – CodeCanyon

= v30.7 - 04.01.22 =
* Minor bugfix

= v30.6 - 17.12.21 =
* Fixed an issued that prevented tracking info to be properly embedded into the emails

= v30.5 - 08.12.21 =
* Improved estimated product date computation

= v30.4 - 07.12.21 =
* Minor bugfix

= v30.3 - 06.12.21 =
* Typo

= v30.2 - 29.01.21 =
* Added the following filters: 'wcst_getting_tracking_url' and 'wcst_getting_shipping_companies'

= v29.9 - 25.01.21 =
* Added the option to associate a shipment to specific order items

= v29.8 - 23.01.21 =
* Fixed an issue related to the activation system

= v29.7 - 21.01.21 =
* Updated Belpost tracking URL
* Updated AfterShip carriers list

= v29.6 - 01.01.21 =
* Templates can be now copied into the theme folder

= v29.5 - 04.10.21 =
* Minor update

= v29.4 - 04.10.21 =
* Fixed an issue related to multiple tracking number display

= v29.3 - 01.10.21 =
* Updated FedEx URL

= 29.2 - 28.07.21 =
* Chile Express updated

= v29.1 - 12.08.21 =
* Minor improvements

= v29.0 - 28.07.21 =
* Added Welivery

= v28.9 - 23.07.21 =
* Typo

= v28.6 - 02.07.21 =
* Fixed some javascript issues

= v28.5 - 01.07.21 =
* Minor improvements

= v28.4 - 07.06.21 =
* Fixed an issue related to the dispatch date selector

= v28.2 - 28.05.21 =
* Fixed an issue that caused the plugin to crash

= v28.0 - 18.05.21 =
* Fixed an issue due to the hour timepicker was not working

= v27.7 - 06.02.21 =
* Fixed an issue related to the "Add another tracking code" button

= v27.6 - 19.01.21 =
* Fixed an issue with WooCommerce 4.9

= v27.5 - 14.01.21 =
* Added new tracking company: Flash Express

= v27.3 - 05.01.21 =
* Added option that allows excluding specific dates to be selected as delivery dates

= v27.2 - 28.10.20 =
* Fixed an issue related to the bulk import feature

= v27.1 - 27.10.20 =
* Minor improvements

= v27.0 - 20.10.20 =
* Update the Colissimo tracking URL