WooCommerce Point Of Sale (POS) v5.5.4 Plugin

This WooCommerce Point of SaleThe plugin allows you to configure sales in a salon or store using a WordPress online store that works on WooCommerce.

In your online store, you can publish the address of the point of sale.And when a customer makes a purchase at your store, you'll be able to let your customer place an order using your online store, keeping records across multiple sales objects and tracking item availability.

In your store, you can provide customer registration and record the online version of your store.WooCommerce Point of Sale plug-inSupport check stamps, payment receipts. You can also receive electronic card payments using any device, including touch devices.

You can also place an order on your online store and let users pick it up directly in your store.POS The plugin supports the creation of unique order codes, with a stamp, making it impossible for users to re-register items.

The WooCommerce Point of SaleThe plugin works in the same database as the physical repository, so you can sync all your data.Also, the plugin is not meant to incur any charges in the form of monthly payments or other unpleasant surprises.


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Premium Features of WooCommerce Point of Sale

  • designed forWooCommerce
  • Various configurations
  • Sign up and shop
  • convenience store
  • customized product
  • Coupons, Discounts and Fees
  • Order and Customer Notes
  • Order management
  • payment method
  • help reminder
  • fast conversion
  • Product display
  • card storage
  • Measure
  • code scanner
  • Product barcode
  • storage in warehouse
  • Order filter and reporting
  • Tax

Changelog WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) Free Cancellation

2021-10-29 - v5.5.4
Feature - option to disable the order status selector when fulfilling orders.
Feature - support for custom status selection (Order Status Manager by SkyVerge) for parked and fulfilled orders.
Feature - ability to scan barcodes using device camera.
Feature - option to restock out of stock products when scanned through the register.
Feature - global setting for loading of coupons on register load.
Fix - unexpected behaviour when regular products have parents.
Fix - PHP warnings related to SSL certificates.
Fix - plugin conflict that broke receipt template functionality within POS.
Fix - respect visiblity settings when displaying related products.
Fix - variation selection fails under specific circumstances.
Fix - orders with no billing first name were shown as “Walk-in Customer”.
Fix - product preview panel did not show data.
Misc - bumped the minimum required version of WC to 4.1.0.
Tweak - display SKU and image on variable product option tiles.
Tweak - search and show billing company information.

2021-08-26 - version 5.5.3
Feature - ability to define margins when printing barcodes in a continuous format.
Fix - style conflict with Avada theme.
Fix - custom product grid did not load all products.
Fix - card reader selection issue with Stripe Terminal.
Tweak - complete refactor and redesign of processing refunds through the register.
Tweak - display terminal ID along with label in register settings page.
Tweak - dispaly additional terminal info under Payments > Stripe Terminal > Available Terminals.
Tweak - display meaningful error message if no readers available.
Tweak - update setting defaults for indexing, scanning, searching and fetch order settings.
Tweak - increased number of additional payment methods to 20.

2021-06-30 - v5.5.2
Feature - generate a payment link when holding orders that require payment.
Feature - option to display product attributes within search results.
Feature - option to only display orders for logged in POS user.
Feature - support for evaluated shipping costs through default core shipping rates.
Fix - remove unnecessary decoding on API responses.
Fix - receipt CSS was affecting back-end order details page.
Fix - receipt URL corrupted due to escaping characters.
Fix - updating quantity for custom products created new cart line item.
Fix - barcodes not showing when printing barcode labels.
Fix - register did not load due to third party conflict.
Fix - skip stock validations when adding custom products.
Fix - first page of products loading twice after adding variable product.
Fix - orders page loading when no matches found.
Fix - variations with optional attributes are added to the same cart as separate item.
Fix - labels when discount applied are included in receipt.
Fix - display formatted product prices in search results.
Fix - conflict with WP Recipe Maker plugin.
Fix - display order number generated by third-party plugins.
Fix - cart item toggle icon did not animate when expanded.
Tweak - send order number as metadata when processing through Stripe Terminal.
Tweak - reset grid view after checkout process is complete.
Tweak - remove service worker setup.
Tweak - customer details required before processing downloadable products.
Tweak - product preview tweaks to text and styling.
Tweak - validate and save email address on End of Sale for walk-in customers.
Tweak - clerk role cannot edit product name and attributes.
Tweak - improvement to order processing when previous order has failed.

2021-05-26 - v5.5.1
Feature - shipping method, payment method, subtotal and fees are listed in order details table.
Feature - ability to include billing address in the receipt template.
Feature - ability to add more than one fee to the cart.
Feature - support for shipping class costs when adding shipping through POS.
Feature - ability to disable the middle check digit in UPC-A barcodes.
Fix - products could not be added from search bar if not on products tab
Fix - disable product scan if not on products grid.
Fix - styling for back-end metaboxes on register settings.
Fix - customer card scanning not working as expected on POS.
Fix - display correct register on order details panel.
Fix - remove the uniqueness constraint for slug in categories.
Fix - discount would not work if coupon is disabled storewide.
Fix - end of day report includes float details and counted total.
Tweak - default quantity when adding custom products.
Tweak - user experience tweaks when adding coupons, fees and discounts.
Tweak - improvement to responsive layouts for the product preview panel.
Tweak - user experience improvements to grid when using on tablet and mobile devices.
Tweak - remove ability to add and display cart on login page.

2021-05-07 - version 5.5.0
Feature - end of sale option to set order status before confirming the order.
Feature - set tax class and status when adding custom product.
Feature - image resolution of products can be set from global settings.
Feature - product preview panel now includes table for variable products.
Feature - product grid and cart width can be adjusted using slider.
Feature - add fallback for full text search when searching for products.
Fix - incorrect customer last name was showing when loading existing customer.
Fix - product data panel on touch devices would close when clicking on Update.
Fix - incorrect total when replicating previously ordered item.
Fix - support for search terms includes white spaces at the end.
Fix - icon was not displaying correctly on product data meta box.
Fix - prompt user with error notice when scanning barcode for out of stock products.
Fix - cart items count was not considering each cart items multiple quantities.
Fix - populate customer information when re-ordering.
Fix - console error was displaying when manifest.json could not be loaded.
Fix - product POS visibilty was not saving when quickly editing product.
Fix - cart was not scrolling to bottom when cart items have reached viewport height.
Fix - removed deprecated database query to enhance performance.
Fix - respect money separators when adding a custom product price.
Fix - support for backward compatibiltiy when using WC < 4.1.0.
Fix - hold button stops functioning after closing payment panel.
Tweak - product grid stability when switiching between grid layouts.
Tweak - dedicated product preview and stock indicators on product card.
Tweak - product search improvements including less required characters.
Tweak - auto save counted cash value when closing register.
Tweak - improvements to shipping options including limiting countries as per global settings and hiding methods until address is entered.
Tweak - include stock status on variable products variation tiles.

2021-03-01 - v5.4.0
* Fix - major refactoring to improve complex cart calculations of tax, fees, discounts, shipping and coupons.
* Fix - intermittent issue where generated chip & PIN order ID was not used when placing some new orders.
* Fix - error when updating the database.
* Fix - incorrect tendered/change amounts when non-default currency options used.

2021-01-20 - v5.3.6
* Fix - products with no POS visibility did not show on web store.
* Fix - cannot open some registers from My Account page.
* Fix - login screen shows duplicate users when using custom roles.
* Fix - error while loading coupons with duplicate codes.
* Fix - issue with non-Latin product attribute slugs.
* Fix - save customer billing name to the WordPress user profile.
* Fix - cannot change / add or remove register logo.
* Fix - disable keyboard shortcuts on input elements.
* Fix - error if a register post has no date of creation in DB.
* Fix - hold button is always showing.
* Fix - product variations with 0 price were not displaying on grid.
* Fix - remove 'http://' from outlet website URL on reciepts.
* Fix - barcode on receipt was only generated for the first copy when multiple copies are set.
* Fix - console error if shipping is disabled.
* Tweak - WC 4.9.0 compatibility.
* Tweak - tweak to email validation when entering customer details.

2020-11-24 - v5.3.5
* Fix - keyboard shortcuts not working when scan mode is enabled.
* Fix - cashier tender options affected after database updates.
* Fix - unused attribute not hidden if its the first one.
* Fix - cannot add non-published custom products from the register.
* Fix - products with stock quantity less than 1 cannot be added to cart.
* Tweak - improve product grid scrolling behaviour.
* Feature - set custom logo for the register screen.
* Feature - option to set maximum concurrent requests.
* Feature - set default search or scan mode for the register.
* Feature - option to include product attributes in product search parameters.

2020-11-17 - v5.3.4
* Fix - remove obsolete init hook that affected performance.
* Fix - product search did not return all matches.
* Fix - order contact details links were not working on the regisers order details page.
* Fix - logo size is not respected when configuring receipt template.
* Fix - tax rates and shipping methods could not be loaded when logged in as clerk.
* Fix - cannot reset user outlets.
* Tweak - add transient to cache product meta keys.
* Tweak - highlight product card if item is already in the registers basket.
* Feature - set suggested amounts when adding UoM products.
* Feature - scan EAN-13 and UPC-A weight or price embedded barcodes from the register.
* Feature - scan product SKU code when adding new product from the register.

2020-10-27 - v5.3.3
* Fix - loading shipping zones consecutively.
* Fix - scanned variations with one attribute not handled correctly.
* Tweak - product grid styling enhancements and change of default view.
* Tweak - option to reset database and reload regsiter upon failed initialisaiton.
* Tweak - hide unused product attributes from the product grid variation selector.
* Tweak - global setting for loading of customers on register load.
* Tweak - register setting for grid layout.

2020-10-23 - v5.3.2
* Fix - register clerks were not able to login to register.
* Tweak - product grid list view enhancements.

2020-10-22 - v5.3.1
* Feature - grid layouts including rectangular tiles and list view.
* Fix - out of stock products are validated before order is processed.
* Fix - update product stock after ordering.
* Fix - cart does not auto-scroll after adding many items.
* Tweak - loading of customer data upon register initialisation.
* Tweak - enhanced customer search.
* Tweak - global coupon settings respected on register.
* Tweak - always display stock indicators on product tiles.
* Tweak - option to set required fields for adding custom products.