WooCommerce Notification v1.4.3 | Boost Your Sales - Live Feed Sales - Recent Sales Popup - Upsells

in your storefront,WooCommerce NotificationsHighlight recent orders. It's the online counterpart to a bustling store, and it shows potential customers that your products are in high demand.

  • By showing other consumers who have purchased something, you can increase your conversion rate.
  • Orders are displayed in real time for buyer confirmation and social proof!
  • Give visitors a sense of urgency to show off new products!

Demo: https://code canyon.net/item/ my commerce-notification-boost-somebody-sales/16586926

Features: WooCommerce Notification – Boost Your Sales

Show recent orders

The plugin displays information from recent WooCommerce orders.

  • Select the order you want to view: Orders that are completed, in progress, on hold, cancelled, refunded, pending payment, or failed can be displayed.
  • order time: Choose a time and view orders from that point.
  • Exclude products: Remove products from notifications you don't want to see.
  • Out of stock product: You can choose whether to include out-of-stock products in notifications.

Falsche Bestellungen anzeigen

Do you want to increase sales of a specific item? Do you want to show your customers new products? With the fake order feature, this plugin can be useful.

  • Create an order for a specific product: Select a few items and fill in the required details. For selected products, the plugin will generate fake orders.
  • Create an order for a category of your choice: If you have too many products in your store to pick manually. This feature will help you select products to place virtual orders for them.
  • Create an order with the latest product:Make up fake orders for the latest items. Helping you get new products in front of your customers.
  • Automatically detect addresses: Create fake orders near customer addresses based on IP (city, country).
    Random purchase time: The plugin will randomly choose a purchase time within the time frame you specify.
  • Virtual client's name and address: Fill in the customer's name and address as required. To make a more fake order, the plugin will combine it with selected product/selected category/latest product and random purchase time.

WOOCOMMERCE notification messages in multiple formats

You have complete freedom to add and configure any number of messages. Each communication will be displayed in its own pop-up window.

  • Shortcodes: Shortcodes can be used to customize your message. This information will be extracted from your order or automatically created by the system.

{first_name} - the customer's first name
{city} - the city where the customer is located
{state} - the state of the customer
{country} - the country where the customer is located
{product} - product title
{product_with_link} - Product title with a link to a single product page
{time_ago} - time since purchase
{custom} - use custom shortcode

  • US address state: Using the states shortcode, you can now correctly display US addresses.

For example, just bought a Woo Ninja in Chicago, IL, USA.


The WooCommerce Notifications plugin gives you a lot of options for customizing your popups.

  • Choose a background image that pops up: There are currently three background images to choose from, and more will be added frequently.
  • Set text, product name and background color.
  • Border-radius: Set the radius of the pop-border. up’s
  • There are four pop-up positions and two product image positions available.
  • The close icon can be enabled or disabled.
  • The effect of appearing and disappearing.
  • When the popup appears, there is a sound effect.
  • Add your own CSS to the mix.
  • Choose from three different sizes of product images.
  • Clickable Product Images: Product photos are now clickable in popups. It will take you to the website of a single product.
  • If a product variant is missing a product image, the plugin will display the parent product image instead.
  • Show current product or products of the same category: The plugin will display the products the customer is viewing or products of the same category.
  • Assign Pages: In settings, enable or disable plugins on the home page, checkout page, and cart page. Conditional tags can be used to assign conditional tags to other pages.
  • Show notifications on specific pages: You can use the Conditional Tags option to show notifications on specific pages based on the parameters the page meets.Just enter the ID or title of the page where you want the notification to appear. For example, to use page IDs of 50 and 75, use is page(50) or is page(array(50, 75).
  • Set the time when the notification appears, the delay time to appear, and the loop time.


  • Mobile Compatibility: The plugin is fully compatible with mobile and responsive devices.
  • Save Log: When a visitor clicks on the notification, the Save Log helps the system save the information.Webmasters will then get statistics on traffic and be able to analyze sales fluctuations. The reporting system allows you to track clicks by date or product name.
  • With featured save logs, admin sites will learn more about customer attitudes and behaviors for products shown in notifications by seeing how they engage in real-time.
  • Auto-update: You may set the plugin to auto-update using an Envato purchase code.
  • SPEED: Notifications will be loaded once the site has loaded utilizing Ajax technology. Your site’s loading performance will not be affected by the plugin.
  • Ease of use: The plugin has a user-friendly interface. Setting the best default settings only takes a few minutes.

Changelog: WooCommerce Notification

/*1.4.3 - 2021.12.31**/
- Fixed: Compatible with the Polylang plugin
- Updated: Compatibility with WC6.0.0

/* - 2021.08.25**/
- Fixed: Hidden notify in new widget preview wordpress
- Fixed: Critical error when the product is not added to other languages in ajax.

/* - 2021.08.06**/ 
- Updated: Compatibility with WP5.8 and WC5.5.
- Fixed: Critical error when the product is not added to other languages.
- Fixed: Style notify image on safari

v1.4.2.3 - 2021.06.08
- Added: Filter product with product visibility
- Added: Notifications which are displayed on a category page are only related to the products of that category
– Updated: Remove the blank space between the city and the comma
- Fixed: Get product title in specific language WPML
- Fixed: Style notify image on mobile

v1.4.2.2 - 2020.12.12
- Added: Compatibility with WP 5.6

v1.4.2.1 - 2020.10.10
– Added: Auto detect with WooCommerce geolocation

v1.4.2 - 2020.08.15
– Updated: Class support
- Added: Compatibility with WP 5.5 and WC 4.3
– Added: Auto change Virtual Time for site Timezone
– Added: Change {number} in a reasonable way
– Fixed: Appear message again after clicking close icon
- Fixed: Check update request

v1.4.2 - 2020.06.12
- Fixed: Error on Edge, Safari
- Fixed: "Hide out of stock" option not working on cart/checkout page
- Fixed: Conflict with WooCommerce Product Bundles
- Fixed: Conflict with WooCommerce Product Add-on required fields
- Fixed: Support class request
- Updated: Discount bar can now be used without Upsells
- Added: Option to always display discount bar when customers have not reached the minimum amount

v1.4.1 - 2019.10.09
- Fixed: Background templates

v1.4.0 - 2019.09.24
Fixed: Duplicated sound when hovering notification
Fixed: Can not disable time loop
Fixed: Wrong caching data
Updated: Encrypt customer info(name, city, state, country) so that real info is not shown in page source
Added: Support swipe notification to close for mobile devices
Added: 22 new templates
Added: Rounded corner style
Added: Image padding
Added: Close icon color
Added: Loop by session

v1.3.9.8 - 2019.06.14
Fixed: Sounds file corrupt
Changed: Increase key activation and support renew reminder
Added: Able to dismiss key activation and support renew reminder