WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout Wizard v3.7.4

What are the benefits of using the WooCommerce multi-step checkout wizard?

The most critical aspect of any ecommerce website is the checkout page. If customers find the checkout process too difficult, they may leave without buying something, or they may not return.

WooCommerce Multi-Step CheckoutSimplify and beautify the checkout experience and increase conversions.

It will build a checkout wizard by separating different sections of a regular WooCommerce checkout page, making it easier for users to shop.

Demo: HTTPS://code canyon.net/item/my commerce-multi step-checkout-wizard/8125187

Features: WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout Wizard

Various designs

progress bar style

Changelog: WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout Wizard

Version 3.7.1
Updated functionality to show Register form in the checkout wizard only if "Allow customers to create an account during checkout" is enabled.

Version 3.7.0
Set Scroll to error option to "No" in the default.

Version 3.6.9
Fixed the issue where plugin scroll option was not saving.

Version 3.6.7
Added filter to customize login failed error message.

Version 3.6.6
Fixed Order review step javascript error

Version 3.6.5
Fixed the bug where default error messages restored after plugin deactivation

Version 3.6.2
Added functionality to change order review title

Version 3.6.1
Fixed CSS issues

Version 3.6
Added Progressbar Style
Added scroll to feature

Version 3.5.5
Added javascript to trigger custom events on the step change

Version 3.5.3
Fixed the issue where selected shipping method was not showing in order review step

Version 3.5.2
Added translation string for Order Review Step

Version 3.5
Fixed Safari browser issue

Version 3.4.1
Fixed double currency sign in Tax

Version 3.3
Added functionality to change order button text based on payment method selected

Version 3.2
Added city and state into order review step

Version 3.1
Added coupon fix

Version 3.0
Added Order Review step

Version: 2.7.4
Fixed deprecated shipping functions error

Version: 2.7.2
Fixed Account registration bug on checkout

Version: 2.7.1
Fixed vertical wizard CSS issue

Version: 2.7
Fixed login form issue for IE
Fixed Account register form issue for IE

Version: 2.6
Fixed redirect URL issue of registration form
Fixed template override issue of German Market plugin

Version: 2.5
Added option to show Registration form in the wizard
Added option to show product thumbnails in the order table
Fixed "apple buy" bug for stripe plugin

Version: 2.4
Fixed Stripe payment plugin issue

Version: 2.3.9
updated all hooks to pass $checkout fields array
User can add new fields in each step

Version: 2.3.8
Replaced loading icon to default woocomemrce
Fixed small javascript bug

Version: 2.3.7
Fixed small javaScript bug
Minified All CSS and JS files

Version: 2.3.6
Added loading icon before the checkout wizard is shown
Added label for combine Billing & Shipping Step

Version: 2.3.5
Added option to combine Billing and Shipping steps
Added javascript hooks to extend the default functionality

Version: 2.3.3
Added option to change terms and condition text
Fixed nested form validation issue

Version: 2.3.2
Added option to enable/disable plugin zipcode validation

Version: 2.3.1
Added option to add plugin JS files either in theme footer or header.

Version: 2.3
Added Coupon code form into Wizard

Version: 2.2.5
Fixed some minor styling issues.

Version: 2.2.4
Added option to combine order review and payment steps

Version: 2.2.3
Fixed loader issue on the checkout startup

Version: 2.2.1
Fixed the bug where user was not able to login using email address.

Version: 2.0.0:
Added "Login Form" in the wizard
Added new wizard type "Elegant" 
Added validation for ZipCode and Terms and conditions 
Moved the plugin menu page under "woocommerce"