WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses v19.7

Your registered customers can attach multiple addresses to their profile and can select different product addresses on the checkout page, usingWooCommerce Multi-Customer Address (WCMCA).


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Features: WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses

how it works

The goal of the plugin is to make it easy for customers to save multiple billing and/or shipping addresses for use throughout the checkout process.

Additionally, the plugin allows users to save new addresses on the checkout page!So, after storing the address (either through the My Account page or directly on the Checkout page), the user will be able to instantly select any previously saved address as a shipping and/or billing address!

During the checkout process, WCMCA now allows your customers to assign multiple shipping addresses per product!

Add, edit and delete addresses

Customers can add, modify or delete additional billing and/or shipping addresses from the My Account page, which can then be used as shipping or billing addresses throughout the checkout process.The plugin validates the zip code (according to the selected country), email and phone number fields before saving the address.Users will be able to select a default address for each address so that the indicated address will be loaded as the billing/shipping address on the checkout form immediately!

Disable multiple addresses for a specific address type

Do you want to turn off the option to use multiple billing or shipping addresses? Yes, you can!Disabling this option doesWooCommerce -> Multiple Customer Address Optionsmenuo!


Consumers will be able to open in-flight addresses or add new addresses throughout the checkout process!All of this is done with the help of a selection menu that integrates effortlessly into the checkout page!

Shipping emails and notification emails

The plugin allows you to enter a shipping email address in the checkout shipping form, which will then be used to send WooCommerce notification emails to that address!

The shipping address of the product

The WCMCA has been updated to allow your customers to send each item to a separate address! Just enable specific per-product shipping options in the plugin options menu and you're done! 🙂
The plugin will display a selection menu seamlessly integrated into the checkout order form, under each item, allowing registered customers to create a new billing/shipping address or select an address that an already existing item will be shipped to!

Each item has its own address, specified by the guest user.

NOTE: Depending on the product's address, no additional shipping or taxes will be charged. The primary billing/shipping address is often used to determine shipping and taxes.

Product delivery address: handling fee

The plugin may charge an additional handling fee for products shipped to addresses other than the current checkout shipping address. Consider the following scenario:

  1. If there are 2-4 products to be shipped to an address other than the checkout address, a fee of $4 per product will be charged.
  2. If there are 5 to 10 products to be shipped to an address other than the checkout address, a fee of $3 per unit will be charged.


NOTE: Handling charges are not included in shipping. This is a fixed value and the shipping location is not taken into account when calculating the cost.

Adding the same item to the cart multiple times

You can enable different carts for the same product if you want. This feature is especially handy when combined with the product shipping address feature.

Customer address management

Administrators can see all client addresses, and administrators can add, modify, and delete them as needed.Visiting the user profile page is all that is required to complete the process.

Manage the management of the address of the order page

Admins can load any customer's shipping and billing address into the Manage Orders page and use it as the billing and shipping address for the current order.This can be done instantly without leaving the page!

Checkout fields for EU VAT identification number

The VAT identification number box on the checkout billing address is optional in the WCMCA. To do so, navigate toWooCommerce -> Multiple Customer Address Optionsand check the Field Display box.
It can also be set as desired if desired. Your EU customers will be able to provide their VAT identification number this way!

Would you like to improve your VAT field management? That's great! 🙂 Then check out my latest plugin WooCommerce Eu Vat & B2B!Just install the WooCommerce Multiple Addresses plugin and you can provide a VAT number for each additional billing location (only if the selected country is part of the EU).

Enable/disable options required for invoicing/shipping, first name, last name and company name

You can disable/enable billing/shipping first, last and company name mandatory options using specific options on the checkout pageWooCommerce -> Multiple Customer Address Options. This is extremely beneficial for business users.

Address limit

The maximum number of shipping/billing addresses that a user can generate is determined by the store administrator's choice!

Removes the ability for users to add, edit and delete.

Store administrators can choose to prevent users from creating, deleting, or deleting existing addresses.When this option is enabled, only administrators can add, delete, or edit user addresses. Just go to the user management page and do what you need!

Woocommerce Multi-Step Checkout Wizard

It works if you use the WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout Wizard plugin to implement multi-step checkout.

Extra checkout fields for Brazil on Woocommerce

For Brazil, WCMCA supports WooCommerce extra checkout fields. Therefore, you can create new addresses with additional information added by this plugin.
NOTE: These additional fields will not be validated by the plugin.

Checkout Field Editor Pro Woocommerce (Free Version)

WCMCA (Free Edition) supports WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Pro. On the checkout page, all new fields entered using this plugin will be displayed in the billing and/or shipping address.

NOTE: The plugin does not validate these new fields and must not delete the Country and State fields. If this is the case, the plugin will not work.

ಟಿಪ್ಪಣಿಗಳು:As the name suggests, WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Pro just adds more fields to checkout billing/shipping forms. they do not appear inMy Account -> Addresspart. This means that WCMCA will not be able to add or change addresses in address pages that contain certain fields.
Edit manually if you want your customers to be able to use the Addresses page to change these fields for their current address or use these fields to create a new addressClass thwcfd-public-checkout. phpwoo-checkout-field-editor-propublic folder and replace lines 165 and 173: