CURCY - WooCommerce Multi Currency v2.1.25 – Currency Switcher

If you have a WooCommerce store,WooCommerce Multicurrencyis a must have plugin for you. WooCommerce Multi Currency enables your customers to convert between currencies and helps your store accept payments in multiple currencies.Exchange rates can be set manually or automatically.

Plugins WooCommerce MulticurrencyThe geographic location of the customer can be obtained automatically and prices are displayed in the currency of the customer's country.

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Features: CURCY – WooCommerce Multi Currency – Currency Switcher

Flexible plugin with multiple front-end display options, exchange rate options updated

  • Automatically update exchange rates:The plugin automatically updates the exchange rate. You can set the time of automatic update: every 30 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 1 week, 1 month.
  • Exchange rate email updated successfully:The plugin sends notification emails when exchange rates are updated.
  • To set the exchange rate manually:The plugin also allows to manually set exchange rates.
  • Exchange fee:Your bank or money transfer operator may charge a currency conversion fee each time you convert your currency from one currency to another.The difference between the exchange rate they decide to adopt and the actual exchange rate traded in the market is the currency conversion fee.WooCommerce MulticurrencyAllows you to permanently add the exchange rate to the exchange rate.
  • Price format:Configure how prices are displayed on the UI. Example: $100; $100; $100.00; $100.00
  • Custom Currency Symbols:You can customize currency symbols. For example, US Dollar can be displayed as USD, USD, $USD
  • Fixed price:WooCommerce MulticurrencyAllows you to set custom prices in different currencies in each product. Fixed prices will override prices based on exchange rates.
  • Hidden currency:This plugin allows you to hide currencies that you don't want to show on the frontend.
  • Select an exchange rate server:You can choose to update the exchange rate from VillaTheme. com, Google Finance, Yahoo Finance. More exchange rate servers will be added in the future.
  • Use session:The plugin will use a session instead of a cookie to save the selected currency.
  • conversion toolCurrency price:The converter appears below the product price. Allows customers to convert prices between currencies.


WooCommerce MulticurrencyThe customer principal can be automatically detected based on the customer's country or language.

Important: Please note that autodiscover features may not work properly with cached websites/servers. Please try the free version to check if it works well on your site.

  • Detect currency based on customer country:The plugin will detect the customer's country based on their IP address and then select their currency to display the price.
  • National Currencies:You can choose which currency to display to customers in which country.
  • about price:With this feature, prices will be displayed in the default currency. However, the approximate price is shown in the client's principal accordingly.Help customers understand how expensive/cheap products are.
  • Automatic currency selection based on languagePolylang:The plugin will choose the currency in which prices are displayed based on your website language.For example, if your website is in 2 languages, English and Spanish, you can choose to display prices in GBP on the English website and in EUR on the Spanish website.
  • Automatic currency selection based on languageWPML:asPolylang, But the price will be selected according to the languageWPML.

Check currency

WooCommerce MulticurrencyAllows you to select the payment currency. You can choose one or more payment currencies.

Important: Please note that to display a payment gateway on a payment page, it must support your default currency.
Example: If you have the South African Rand ZAR as your default currency, you cannot enable PayPal on your checkout page. Because PayPal doesn’t support ZAR, even if you used Multi-Currency to change ZAR to USD on the front end.

  • Allow multi-currency payments:Customers can purchase in selected currencies. To use this feature, you need to enable a payment gateway on your website that supports the currency of the customer's choice.
  • Selected payment currency:The plugin allows you to choose the payment currency. For example, you can display prices in 4 different currencies in your store, but only accept payment in 2 currencies.
  • Display currency-based payment methods:You can choose which payment gateway will appear on the Currency Based Payments page.
  • Currency payment on the cart page:Change currency on cart page to check currency.


The plugin provides you with shortcodes to display currency exchange, exchange rate widgets on the front end.

  • Currency picker widget with different UI styles.
  • The exchange rate shortcode allows you to display exchange rates directly on the user interface.
    [woo_multi_currency_rates currency="GBP,EUR"] This shortcode will assign the exchange rate between GBP, EUR and your default currency in the frontend.You can change to other currencies by changing currency codes GBP, EUR
    [woo_multi_currency_exchange price="100" currency="EUR"] Example I have USD as the default currency, this shortcode will show the amount in EUR converted from 100 USD.


Plugins can be displayed as widgets or currency bars on the front end.

  • Currency Bar Design:- Enter your currency column title, your currency is selected by default. - Select currency column position left or right.- Style: currency code, currency symbol, flag, flag + currency code, flag + currency symbol 5 types for you to choose.- Conditional Tabs: Use WooCommerce tabs to select the page where the bar should appear.
  • Widget Design:You can customize the widget title to choose and the widget styles available.
  • Custom Logo:Some countries use the same flag, this option will help you to show the permissions for that country.
  • CSS personalizzato:Are all these options not enough? You can add your own CSS to design puzzles and currency bars.
  • Collapse the currency column:Allows currency bar to be minimized on the front end. When the customer hovers over the currency, the currency will appear as a currency and be fully visible.


Plugins are developed in optimal settings. After successful installation, just select the desired currency and click Save. All support requests will be answered within one business day.

Changelog: CURCY – WooCommerce Multi Currency – Currency Switcher Nulled Free

v2.1.25 - 2022.01.15
- Fixed: Deprecated is_ajax in WC6.1
- Fixed: Compatibility issues with WooCommerce Payments plugin
- Fixed: Compatibility issues with Woo Discount Rules plugin by Flycart(prices in discount table not converted in some cases)
- Fixed: Compatibility issues with PPOM for WooCommerce by N-MEDIA - Najeeb Ahmad
- Fixed: Compatibility issues with Polylang
- Added: TranslatePress Multilingual compatibility - Option to setup currencies by languages

v2.1.24 - 2021.12.14
- Updated: Added Trademark name

v2.1.23 - 2021.12.11
- Fixed: Compatibility with Woo Discount Rules: fixed regular price is not used to calculate discount if "Calculate discount from" option(Woo Discount Rules settings) is set to Regular price
- Fixed: Cuex API
- Fixed: Some strings not translatable
- Fixed: Analytics net sales in some cases
- Fixed: Some compatibility issues with WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce plugin by WPClever
- Fixed: Price format of EUR may have be incorrect due to WooCommerce Payments plugin
- Updated: SCSS
- Updated: Show converted amount of Stripe fee and payout if order currency is different from Stripe paid currency

v2.1.22 - 2021.10.22
- Fixed: Incorrect price shown by calculate_extra_price_ajax_handler ajax(WooCommerce Extra Product Options Pro by ThemeHigh)
- Fixed: Compatibility issue with Yith frequently bought together, OrderBumps: WooCommerce Checkout Offers - WooFunnels
- Fixed: Shipping issue with CDEK + Aramex shipping methods
- Fixed: PayPal Card Processing method(WooCommerce PayPal Payments) enabled in WooCommerce payments settings but not available to select in the plugin settings/Checkout
- Added: Compatibility with Catna – WooCommerce Name Your Price and Offers(convert price + support fixed price for Name your price fields)
- Added: WooCommerce Boost Sales new feature - dynamic price and discount for bundle

v2.1.21 - 2021.09.20
- Fixed: Error with PHP version before 7.4
- Fixed: Duplicated add-to-cart action if switching currency(by js) after adding a product to cart(submit)

/**2.1.20 - 2021.09.16**/
- Fixed: [woo_multi_currency_exchange] shortcode not working with currencies that have 0 decimals
- Fixed: Incorrect prices shown in product price switcher for variable products when using fixed price

/**2.1.19 - 2021.09.15**/
- Updated: PHP required

/**2.1.18 - 2021.09.02**/
- Fixed: Add ajax nonce check for Bulk fixed price feature
- Fixed: Some issues with WooCommerce PayPal Payments plugin from WooCommerce
- Updated: Make all payment methods selectable for "Checkout currency" and "Currency by Payment method" options in plugin settings/Checkout regardless of the default currency

/**2.1.17 - 2021.08.16**/
- Fixed: Shipping tax conversion issue in some cases
- Fixed: WooCommerce Booking resource not converting
- Fixed: WooCommerce Product addons compatibility issue
- Fixed: Flexible shipping cost not converting
- Fixed: Conversion issue with Smart bundle for WooCommerce plugin
- Fixed: Conversion issue with PPOM for WooCommerce plugin
- Fixed: Incorrect approximate price of cart elements(if enabled) if the current currency is not the default currency
- Fixed: "Use cache plugin" option changes multiple shortcodes on a page to one layout
- Updated: Compatibility with WP 5.8 and WC 5.5
- Added: Auto fill EU countries when using "Get country by currency" button
- Added: Button to fix the issue with orders missing currency rates info
- Added: ETH, LTC, ZWL

v2.1.16 - 2021.06.19
- Fixed: Shipping formula not converting in some cases

v2.1.15 - 2021.06.18
- Fixed: Shipping class costs conversion
- Added: Support fixed price for Shipping class costs

v2.1.14 - 2021.06.15
- Fixed: Division by zero in price filter of some themes

v2.1.13 - 2021.06.11
- Fixed: Compatibility issue with WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar when enabling cache compatibility functions in both plugins
- Fixed: Division by zero when using price filter in some cases
- Updated: Order stats from other currencies are converted to default currency in WooCommerce Analytics(revenue/orders)
- Added: Multilingual support for the title of currencies bar
- Added: Import/Export fixed price
- Added: View report in other currencies

v2.1.12 - 2021.06.02
- Fixed: Currency back to default on Pixel phone
- Fixed: Compatibility issue with Polylang
- Added: Support fixed price for min amount field of Free shipping and cost field of Flat rate shipping
- Added: Change WooCommerce price filter step according to currency
- Added: Shortcode [woo_multi_currency_product_price_switcher]
- Added: Compatibility with Woo Discount Rules from Flycart including Bulk discount(percentage+fixed), Product adjustment(percentage+fixed), Cart adjustment(percentage discount only)

v2.1.11 - 2021.03.09
- Fixed: WooCommerce subscription - renew subscription + fixed price issue
- Fixed: Advanced product fields for WooCommerce pro - Min cart subtotal rule issue
- Fixed: Yith dynamic pricing and discount - Quantity discount rule
- Fixed: Use cache plugin option not working with currency rates table shortcode
- Fixed: Restricted currency issue with update_order_review ajax
- Fixed: Wrong order currency issue with WooCommerce 2Checkout Payment Gateway plugin when sending link for payment
- Fixed: Compatibility issue with Visual product configurator plugin
- Fixed: Change order currency by admin
- Fixed: Wrong price in Facebook feed created by WooCommerce Product Feed Pro plugin from WebAppick
- Fixed: 404 error of translated products with WPML when using one domain per language
- Added: Compatibility with WooCommerce Product Add-ons from WooCommerce
- Added: Option to round-up final price after applying the price format rules
- Updated: Compatibility with WP 5.7 and WC 5.0

- Fixed: Change currency in some cases
- Fixed: session_write_close
- Fixed: Check update request
- Fixed: Change currency when change billing or shipping address compatible with auto detect currency by country
- Updated: New Approximate position
- Updated: Fixed price for WCFM - WooCommerce Frontend Manager (WC Lovers - 6.5.4)
- Updated: Option compatible with cache plugin via AJAX