WooCommerce Memberships v1.22.9 – Membership Plugin For WooCommerce

WooCommerce Membershipis a fully integrated online shopping solution with products and content.Not only is it a plugin that provides distributed access to content, but it is also a complete solution for linking content from websites, stores and user accounts.

WooCommerce MembershipAllows you to organize a distributed access system without installing a lot of additional extensions.

Demo: https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-memberships/

WooCommerce Membership Features

  • Sell ​​or Giveaway Membership: A tariff plan is generated regardless of the item. This ensures maximum flexibility of the distributed access system.
  • Sell ​​memberships as separate items
  • Distributed access to content: means that any content can be hidden from unregistered users.
  • Set up tariffs with a trial period
  • Ability to create free trial tariffs
  • Organize discount system when buying packages
  • Buy a registered member
  • payment system
  • Tax free after registration
  • For example, you can access content hidden from people who use free tariffs or trial periods

Changelog WooCommerce Membership Free Cancellation

2021.11.22 - v1.22.9
* Fix - Show profile fields for product variations when the parent product has associated profile fields

2021.11.15 - v1.22.8
* Fix - Hide rules belonging to trashed membership plans from all meta boxes

2021.10.07 - v1.22.7
* Dev - Adds a filter to help third party code handle product discounts when a product is on sale

2021.10.01 - v1.22.6
* Fix - When using the `wcm_product_discount` shortcode, ensure that the percentage discount amount is not miscalculated while a member is logged in

2021.09.09 - v1.22.5
* Tweak - Pass the full product instance to `wc_memberships_exclude_product_from_member_discounts` filter instead of product ID when checking cart item member discounts
* Fix - Update usage of deprecated `block_categories` filter to address notices since WP 5.8

2021.08.10 - v1.22.4
* Tweak - Strip HTML tags in product names dropdown in plan access settings
* Fix - Admins updating an order that triggers Sensei auto-enrollment to courses shouldn't be redirected to the posts edit screen
* Dev - Add filter hook to toggle duplicating a product's memberships data when cloning products

2021.07.05 - version 1.22.3
* Fix - Address an issue with plans with fixed dates and some timezone configurations
* Misc - Drop the `woo-includes` folder and move plugin classes from `includes` to `src` folder

2021.06.23 - v1.22.2
* Fix - Display the correct cart item subtotal when a customer adds more than a discounted subscription product to cart
* Fix - Address a potential issue in the shipping handler

2021.06.07 - v1.22.1
* Fix - Add sanity checks before calling Sensei or LearnDash methods to avoid errors if old versions are installed
* Fix - Address a potential uncaught error in Sensei and LearnDash integrations when fetching dependent courses

2021.05.04 - v1.22.0
* Feature - Auto-enroll users to Sensei and LearnDash courses upon membership purchase
* Dev - Add meta data handling support to membership plan rule objects

2021.04.12 - v1.21.8
* Dev - Improve compatibility with WooCommerce Product Bundles

2021.03.30 - v1.21.7
* Fix - Ensure that the member directory shortcode can correctly query memberships of given statuses
* Fix - Fix a conflict with Variable products and Profile Fields that prevented adding them to cart

2021.03.16 - v1.21.5
* Tweak - Improve support for WooCommerce Navigation admin feature

2021.03.09 - v1.21.4
* Fix - When importing profile fields that allow multiple options, ensure that comma separated values can be read and successfully imported for those fields
* Fix - Display corresponding profile fields for product variations that grant access to an associated pla

2021.02.19 - v1.21.3
* Fix - Prevent issues with numeric options in dropdown profile fields
* Fix - Address some CSS styling issues within the Memberships rules meta box in smaller viewports
* Fix - When saving a profile field from the admin and there are issues related to inputs in one meta box tab, switch the tab to foreground to highlight the issue