WooCommerce Frontend Manager – WCFM Ultimate v6.6.0

WooCommerce Frontend Manager Ultimate (WCFM)is the smartest WooCommerce product management and store management plugin.

Most Popular Supplier Toolbar for Dokan, WC Marketplace, WC Suppliers, WooCommerce Product Suppliers - The most popular plugin for multiple suppliers in the ecommerce marketplace.

Together with WooCommerce Booking App, WooCommerce Appointment, WooCommerce Rental and Rental System,WooCommerce Subscriptions, ACF and Lists - Compatible with WP Job Manager. Knowledge base, notifications, direct messages and PDF invoices.

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Features WooCommerce Frontend Manager Ultimate Premium

  • Supported product typesWCFM Accommodation
    • Appointment
    • Auction
    • Incident
    • Lease
    • Lottery
    • Ticket
    • Reservations
    • Registration
    • List
    • gift certificate
  • Import CSV products
  • Batch management
  • Quick Editing and Bulk Editing
  • Featured Products and Repeat Products
  • Product custom fields
  • Product Field Verification
  • Product Restrictions and Feature Allowed Categories

In addition to all this, you also have some advanced features such as:

  • Live chat with providers
  • Support by ticket
  • Store invoices, commission slips and packing slips
  • Shipping Tracking
  • Supplier verification
  • Follow - Followers
  • Supplier badge
  • Schlafmodus

Changelog WCFM - WooCommerce Frontend Manager - Ultimate Void

Fixed – WooCommerce Bookings Calendar issue solved
FIxed – WCFM Live Chat screen issue solved (firebase)
Fixed – Minor bug fixes'

Enhance – WooCommerce 5.9+ compatibility check added
Fixed – Some security issues resolved

Feature – WCFM Conditional Vendor Badges added
Enhance – WooCommerce 5.6+ compatibility check added
Enhance – WordPress 5.8+ compatibility check added
Fixed – FooEvents Custom Attendee Fields problem fixed
Fixed – FooEvents Translation problem fixed
Fixed – Some minor bugs & typos corrected

Enhance – WooCommerce 5.5.1 compatibility check added
Fixed – WooCommerce Product Addon price field saving problem fixed
Fixed – Some WPML strings fixes, CSS fixes
Fixed – WooCommerce Appointments: Manually appointment creation fatal error fixed
Fixed – WooCommerce Appointments: Manage staff error fixed
Fixed – WooCommerce Appointments: Vendors can see other vendors appointments in the calendar fixed

### v6.5.6​
Enhance – WordPress 5.7+ compatibility check added
Enhance – WooCommerce 5.1+ compatibility check added
Fixed – Vendor Chat-box “filter_var() Fatal error”
Fixed – Category wise Attributes settings not saving properly
Fixed – Facebook for WooCommerce 2.3.4 compatibility added, Fatal error fixed, few typos corrected

### v6.5.5
Enhance – WordPress 5.6+ compatibility check added
Enhance – WooCommerce 4.8+ compatibility check added
Enhance – Facebook for WooCommerce 2.2+ compatibility added

### 6.5.4
Enhance – WooCommerce 4.6+ compatibility check added
Enhance – Facebook store sync with vendor store option added – Documentation

### 6.5.3
Enhance – WooCommerce 4.4+ compatibility check added
Enhance – Product custom fields “Multi Select” field type support added
Enhance – Store Followers capability not working issue resolved
Fixed – WooCommerce Appointments calendar display issue resolved
Fixed – ShipStation order sync Tax, Shipping cost not working as per vendor issue resolved
Fixed – ShipStation order sync order note and status not properly updating issue resolved
Fixed – “Category wise attributes” previously selected attributes not reset on category change issue resolved
Fixed – WooCommerce – PDF Vouchers “Generate Code” not working from “Popup Add Product” issue resolved
Fixed – During add product WooCommerce Product Add-ons and WooCommerce Tab Manager conflict issue resolved
Fixed – Vendor coupon “Exclude Products” not saving issue resolved

### 6.5.2
Enhance – WooCommerce 4.3+ compatibility added
Enhance – ShipStation integration for vendors (works only for WCFM Marketplace) – Documentation
Enhance – Vendor Profile ACF user type fields support added
Tweak – YiTH Request a Quote one vendor’s products at a time restriction added
Tweak – PW Gift Cards redeem only for the issuer vendor’s products restriction added

### 6.5.1
Enhance – WooCommerce 4.2 compatibility added
Enhance – Vendor order support added for Manual booking associate with existing order
Enhance – YiTH Auction Premium 1.4+ compatibility added
Enhance – Auction bid delete option added
Enhance – YiTH Request a Quote Premium “accepted quote” pay page shipping compatibility added
Enhance – YiTH Request a Quote Premium “accepted quote” vendor order compatibility added