WooCommerce Extra Product Options v5.1

Is the current functionWooCommerce Extra Product OptionsSatisfy your needs?

Do you want to add conditional logic to your form? Need more pricing options to grab shoppers' attention?WooCommerce Extra Product Optionsis the best WordPress product plugin you are looking for.

You can create product options and plugins with pricing, conditional logic (in the form builder), build forms, styles and validations, convert transform attributes into radio buttons, swatches, and more.

You can even use the form builder to control the placement of new fields.Checkboxes, radio buttons, select boxes, text areas, input boxes, uploads, dates, range pickers and color pickers are fully supported.

Demo:https://code canyon.net/search/7908619

Features WooCommerce Additional Product Options

  • Support for checkboxes, radio buttons, select boxes, text areas, input boxes, uploads, dates, range pickers, color pickers, and product elements
  • Enable or disable plug-ins for specific roles
  • Allow additional options in store and catalog views
  • Hide add to basket button until option is selected
  • Controls the position of options and sum boxes
  • Turns the floating total box on or off to display the selected option
  • Change multiple plug-in strings directly from the dashboard
  • Confirmation function
  • form field builder
  • Use action hooks to display your options from outside the WooCommerce product screen
  • Choose between flat or percentage increase
  • Restrict checkbox selection
  • Correct selection of checkboxes
  • Import/export functions to forms.
  • Lazy loading of images for radios and checkboxes.
  • Change product images for radios and checkboxes.
  • Price per character for text fields and text areas.
  • Additional styles for radios and checkboxes.
  • Performance improvements for a large number of options.
  • Image replacement for checkboxes and radio buttons in general preferences
  • Grid screen for selecting checkboxes and radio buttons for general preferences
  • Hide or show prices
  • Show some options in a popup
  • Conditional logic for fields and sections in the form builder.
  • Sections can be displayed normally, as popups or sliders.
  • upload manager
  • compatibleWPML Multilingual Content Management System, Aelia Currency Switcher, WP rocket

Changelog WooCommerce Extra Product Option Cancelled for Free

v5.1 – June 20, 2021
Fixed an issue where when adding associated products the product was being removed from the cart.
Added multiple selection on product elements.
Fixed compatibility with Dynamic Pricing & Discounts.
Fixed compatibility with WooCommerce Currency Switcher.
Fixed compatibility with WooCommerce Bookings.
Fixed an issue with the Math formula not calculating functions on the frontend.
Fixed an issue where the import csv functionality could not preserve product ids on the product element.

v5.0.12.12 – March 11, 2021
Fixed compatibility with Composite Products.
Fixed some PHP warnings related to number conversion.
Fixed a price display issue with the sync associated product quantity setting.
Fixed an issue where the Prevent zero priced products setting was not working.
Fixed a calculation issue with the with Percent of the original price + options price type.
Fixed an issue where the color replacements for checkboxes were not working correctly.
Fixed a tax calculation issue when using variable products.
Fixed an issue where checkboxes on non WooCommerce pages were not being posted on the server.
Fixed several issues with the tax display and calculation.
Added reset functionality to the default plugin settings.
Added compatibility with WordPress 5.7x

v5.0.12.11 – January 7, 2021
Fixed compatibility with woothemes Measurement Price Calculator.
Fixed compatibility with Composite Products.
Added setting to control the preloading of the lightbox image.
Fixed an issue with associated products with using non fixed option prices.
Fixed compatibility with woothemes WooCommerce Subscriptions.
Removed the double title from section pop up.
Added setting to control the section pop button.
Fixed compatibility with Currency Switcher (realmag777).
Added setting to sync or not associated product quantities.
Fixed an issue where conditionally hidden elements did not contribute to the total price when enabled.
You can now set the date picker default value as number of days from today.
Fixed several errors with the ATUM Inventory Management plugin.
Fixed an issue with the math formula when using elements with html in labels.
Fixed an issue with the weight calculation of associated products.
The final totals box now shows regular and sale prices.

- Fixed compatibility with Composite Products.
- Fixed an issue with the upload element in Facebook and Instagram browsers.
- Fixed compatibility with Dynamic Pricing & Discounts.
- Added setting to show or hide the upload success message.
- Fixed an issue where conditional logic was being rest when moving slider tabs in a section.
- Fixed compatibility with using Dynamic Pricing & Discounts.
- Fixed an issue with WooCommerce Account Funds.
- Fixed an issue with the variations items per row setting.