WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts v2.4.3

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discountsis a versatile pricing and promotion tool for online retailers.Its strength is its versatility—multiple pricing methods and conditions can be combined to fit almost any pricing strategy.

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and DiscountsCan easily replace many tools - use it for regular sales, promotions, special offers, bulk pricing, tiered pricing, pricing, day deals, flash sales, wholesale pricing, membership pricing, personal pricing, loyalty programs, behavioral pricing, Location-based pricing, etc.You can also conditionally raise the price or charge extra if needed.

Increase your sales

Sell ​​more! Set attractive discounts for customers who buy in bulk. Special promotions at Christmas, Easter...

Increase customer loyalty

Develop a long-term pricing strategy to attract your best customers. Reward customers for achieving specific lifecycle goals (money spent, orders completed).

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/search/7119279

Features WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

WooCommerce Dynamic Prices

Dynamic pricing adjusts product prices based on a set of rules managed from a single user interface. Target specific variants, the entire store, or anything in between.Dozens of conditions and preferences ensure that only the right rules apply at all times.

✔ Easy adjustment

Reduce, increase or set a fixed price, regardless of the quantity

✔ Volume pricing

Quantity Discount - All units get the highest discount

✔ Tiered Pricing

Quantity Discount - Discount on the next unit

✔ Product Group

Discounts apply when purchasing products in specified quantities

✔ Buy X get Y

Apply discount on quantity Y when quantity X is purchased at full price

✔ Exclude matches Exclude

Products that meet any other price rules

discount cartWooCommerce

Cart discounts work just like normal WooCommerce coupons, just without applying the coupon.This ensures that eligible customers see their savings immediately without taking any action that could positively impact your conversion rate.

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and DiscountsConfigure cart discounts based on cart subtotals, cart items, customer details, shipping addresses, past purchases and other criteria - in ways unimaginable when using regular coupons.

WooCommerce Payments

Billing charges provide a way to charge customers additional fees based on the details of their orders. Pay for useWooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and DiscountsTo cover the costs your business may incur when processing certain orders, such as international order processing or handling perishable products.

This feature completes the package - instead of using multiple tools for various tasks, you can now use an all-in-one extension to handle everything related to client money. You pay.

Extended Conditional Logic

target product   Product
›Product Changes
product category
product properties
› Product meta field
Cart properties› Cart Subtotal
› total cart weight
› Coupon applied
› Number of cart items
› total number of items
Items in the shopping cart› products in cart
› Product changes in cart
› Product categories in the shopping cart
› Product attributes in the shopping cart
› Product labels in the shopping cart
customer attributeslogged
› customer role
› Customer Capability
› specific customer
› Customer Metaveld
value of customer› Amount spent
› number of order
› Last order amount
› Last order date
Purchase history› purchased product
› Purchased product variant
› Product category purchased
› Purchased product attributes
› Purchased product label
Delivery address› Country of dispatch
Shipping status
› Shipping Postal Code
› shipping area
date time   Date
Day of the week

Nieograniczona scena

We know you probably have the perfect idea in your head, but here are a few examplesWooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and DiscountsIf you need a hint, it can do it for you:

  • Buy at least 10 and get 5% off
  • Any 3 T-Shirts for $9.99, excluding T-shirts with custom artwork
  • Buy 2 to 5 and get 10% off, buy at least 6 and get 20% off
  • 50% off every desktop with wireless keyboard
  • Lifetime 5% discount after your 10th order, 10% after 50
  • There is an additional $15 handling fee if the items in the cart are heavy
  • Get 15% off your order with a minimum spend of $1000
  • Book 7 nights and get 1 free night
  • 20% discount on spa treatments for stays of 3 nights or more
  • 10% off your first order only when other promotions don't apply
  • Buy iPhone Cases for Every iPhone
  • Get $5 off your cart if you buy anything from the clothing category
  • Everything is $9 until midnight, but only if you buy at least 3 items
  • 30% off every five accessories
  • 10% off all music albums this month, 25% off singles
  • $ 10 handling fee for international orders
  • 15% off repeat orders
  • 100% test discount for users with store manager role
  • 5% discount if no other discount applies
  • Automated Rewards Discount Program for Loyal Customers
  • VIP Club members get 25% off cart on all purchases
  • 10% discount on laptops, but only if the customer is not a VIP club member
  • and almostany other price plans, discounts or feesYou can imagine!

Changelog WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

v2.4.3, 3 September 2021
* Fix - Improved text value escaping in frontend
* Fix - Implemented WordPress nonce check during settings import
* Tweak - Other minor bug fixes and improvements

v2.4.2 - 22 August 2021
* Fix - Security issue related to settings import/export functionality
* Fix - Issues when duplicating cart discount or checkout fee rules
* Tweak - Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.4.1, 12 July 2021
* Fix - Bug fix related to undefined method in RightPress library

Version 2.4, 4 July 2021
* Feature - New promotion tool "Product Banners"
* Fix - Potential incorrect display price for variable products with "any" attribute
* Fix - Potential infinite loop in maybe_refresh_prepared_cart_item_prices
* Fix - "Change display price" sometimes incorrectly affects prices in pricing table
* Fix - Frontend pricing rule validation allows empty product fields to go through
* Tweak - Just-in-time rendering of rule panels to improve usability, page load time
* Tweak - Volume pricing tables for individual variations are now loaded via Ajax
* Tweak - Option to always display quantity next to "Your Price"
* Tweak - Option to always display subtotal next to "Your Price"
* Tweak - Option to display "Your Price" in place of regular WooCommerce price
* Tweak - Position "Page content - After" no longer available for pricing table
* Tweak - Other minor bug fixes and improvements
* Dev - New function rp_wcdpd_get_cart_discount_rules_applied_to_order
Version 2.3.9
* Fix - Problem with price discount limit functionality under specific conditions
* Fix - Cart discount amount off by one cent under specific conditions
* Tweak - Improved shipping method condition compatibility with shipping plugins