WooCommerce Delivery v1.1.24 – Delivery Date & Time Slots

Whatever you want to offer, ourWooCommerce Delivery- The delivery date and time period will guarantee you. Whether it's food, a product that needs to be installed, or a special delivery box, our WooCommerce delivery plugin is here to help.

  • Add delivery date or time at checkout
  • Only allow orders during your business hours
  • Use shipping radius in kilometers or miles
  • Add delivery fee today or next day
  • Allow local pickup
  • Limit the number of guests per day/time

Demo:HTTPS://code canyon.net/item/my commerce-delivery/26548021

Features of WooCommerce Delivery Plugin - Delivery Date and Time Period

  • Set delivery times for each day of the week
  • Set start / end date
  • Holidays / holidays are not included
  • All types of custom notifications
  • Custom date and time formats
  • Set daily business hours using 2 time frames
  • Remove payment fields and disable required features
  • Show only shipping options for a specific shipping method
  • Close delivery on weekdays
  • Create Delivery Fees Today and Next Day
  • Close delivery on certain business days
  • Delivery only within a specific radius (km or miles)


  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce

Changelog: WooCommerce Delivery – Delivery Date & Time Slots

- NEW: Added backend max delivery orders per time check
- NEW: Updated the min order value to 999999
- FIX: Delivery fees per weekday not showing

- FIX: Inifinite Loop in delivery date + time

- NEW: Add delivery fees for radius shipping (e.g. $5 fee for delivery within 20 miles)
- NEW: Placeholder & error text option for delivery date
- NEW: Added shipping zone suport for radius shipping
- FIX: Range text not showing in mails when times per delivery method chosen
- FIX: Range shows in single order backend

- NEW: Added support for flexible shipping plugin
- NEW: Search in backend support localized date format search
- FIX: Using wp_timezone_string function now
- FIX: Issue when processing time went into next day

- NEW: Delivery Dates per delivery location