WooCommerce Cart All in One v1.0.4 - One click Checkout - Sticky|Side Cart

The WooCommerce shopping cart all-in-onePlugin is a powerful plugin that helps to improve the functionality of your WooCommerce store shopping cart.The plugin also provides users with many handy tools to design all related features such as sidebar cart, menu cart, sticky add to cart button and checkout on sidebar cart, all of which will improve The efficiency of your WooCommerce store.

Demo: HTTPS://code canyon.net/item/my commerce-cart-all-in-one/30184317

Features: WooCommerce Cart All in One – One click Checkout – Sticky|Side Cart

  • Show in sidebar cart The popup cart in the sidebar has all the functionality of the cart page. Customers can use the sidebar cart to add coupons, pick quantities, delete items, and checkout.This option helps reduce checkout time and increase your store's conversion rate.
  • Menu Cart: Include a cart icon in the menu. Customers may see their cart just hovering over the navigation bar.
  • Ajax Add to Shopping: Allows customers to add items to their cart without reloading the page from a single product page or quick view popup.In addition to this, the user can choose to exclude certain products or categories from the ajax add to cart process.
  • Provides a custom "Add to Cart" button for variable products. Instead of going to individual product pages, customers can choose variations and add things to their carts on the archive site.
  • Sticky Add to Cart Button: Display a sticky add to cart button on a single page to increase the speed at which customers add items to their cart, without scrolling the bar to find the add to cart button.There are also options to hide "sticky add to cart" for certain products or categories.
  • Add recently viewed products to your WooCommerce store to remind customers of what they're interested in and make it easier for them to buy what they want.Shortcodes can be used to add recently viewed products to a single product page or anywhere else.
  • Checkout directly from the sidebar cart: The checkout process has been merged into the sidebar cart. Customers can use the sidebar cart to checkout without visiting the checkout page.Thanks to this feature, customers will be more likely to complete their orders quickly, which will increase sales.

Changelog: WooCommerce Cart All in One – One click Checkout – Sticky|Side Cart

v1.0.4 - 2022.01.15
- Updated: Compatibility with WC 6.1

/**1.0.3 - 2021.11.13**/
- Updated: Compatibility with WooCommerce Stripe Gateway by WooCommerce v:5.7.0
- Updated: Compatibility with Payment Plugins for Stripe WooCommerce by WooCommerce v:3.3.12

v1.0.1.8 - 2021.06.11
- Fixed: Can't get checkout form on Sidebar Cart on ajax

Update - 2021.04.09
- Added: Display style of products price on Sidebar Cart List Products
- Added: Display applied coupons on Sidebar Cart Footer
- Updated: Display style of variation pop-up
- Updated: Compatibility with Stripe For WooCommerce of Payment Plugins, [email protected] v:3.2.15
- Fixed: Style of loading icon
- Fixed: Find variation on Sticky Add To Cart and variation pop-up