WooCommerce B2B By Code4lifeitalia v3.0.7

WooCommerce B2B is the best WooCommerce plugin for business growth.

WooCommerce B2B is the most comprehensive solution for creating a great WooCommerce B2B store.

Price lists, hidden prices, customer base, VAT processing, approved customers, shipping and payment method management, and more...WooCommerce B2B combines all these features into one plugin, allowing you to quickly and easily launch your B2B e-commerce or add B2B functionality to your B2C store.

Features: WooCommerce B2B

WooCommerce B2BVery easy to use, yet very powerful at the same time.It has all the elements a successful B2B must have, plus a few extras: unique and unique features conceived and developed by combining our experience with user needs to produce a truly unique kit!


  • To apply certain rules, organize and group your consumers.
  • group management
  • Every organization has its own set of rules.
  • special interest groups
  • Enable or disable payment and shipping methods for each category.
  • Each group has its own set of terms and conditions.
  • Hide product categories and pages for each group.
  • For each group, there is a minimum purchase amount.
  • Add an amount to the order cost for each group.

price management

  • Distinguish product price lists with advanced price management
  • For each category, a different worldwide % discount applies to all products.
  • For each group, each individual product has a different dedicated price (regular/sale).
  • Both options above are cascaded.
  • Quantity-based price break
  • For guest customers or groups, there are hidden prices.
  • Suggested Retail Price (RRP) for B2B Customers

tax management

Advanced Tax Management is used to differentiate tax applications and displays.

  • For B2C customers, tax is included; for B2B customers, tax is not included.
  • Individual or group tax exemptions and country-specific tax exemptions are available.

Quotation system

Let customers get a quote.

  • Customers can choose to pay at checkout or request a quote using the Request for Quote portal.
  • When a customer selects "Request a Quote", they will be sent an email notification.
  • Store managers can change and modify the prices of ordered items as well as alert customers.
  • Customers can choose to pay the quotation.
  • In the client's My Account section, there is a dedicated section.

Registration Management

Customer registration should be modest and broad.

  • Allow the consumers you wish to approve to log in and make purchases.
  • Add billing information to the registration form.
  • Provide verification of the VAT number.
  • Access to the full website is provided to registered customers only.

product management

Features to help you manage product searches and purchases.

  • To optimize search performance, use real-time search.
  • Search by SKU to optimize search performance.
  • Limit the number of products that can be added to the cart to a minimum and maximum, and the number of steps (packages)

Roles and abilities are defined.

Here are the main features WooCommerce B2B adds to WooCommerce's default features:

What can an administrator do?

  • Organizing group
  • Clients must be assigned to a group.
  • Can change client account status.
  • Set specific pricing for each product by category.
  • Set dedicated tier rates for each product in each group.
  • For each product, determine the minimum, maximum, and package quantities.
  • Set page and product category visibility by group.
  • Group the payment types you want to use.
  • Choose from a variety of shipping options.
  • Create tax exemptions for each organization.
  • Establish a minimum purchase quantity for each group.
  • Set a cost per order for each group.
  • Organize quotes

What can customers do?

  • By SKU, you can find products.
  • Large orders can be placed with a CSV file.
  • He can form his own group.


With the demo provided, WooCommerce B2B allows you to take a test drive:

BACKEND: https://demo.woocommerce-b2b.com/wp-admin/
FRONTEND: https://demo.woocommerce-b2b.com/

Changelog: WooCommerce B2B

v3.0.7 31 October 2021
* Add: new wonderful shortcode to add custom login/registration pages dedicated to B2B groups
* Add: new feature to store and display product barcode
* Tweak: customer can cancel quotations
* Tweak: improved import/export tools and column mapping
* Tweak: remove GB from countries checked by VIES
* Tweak: new hooks to improve customization
* Dev: dropped "Enable quotations" option in settings page; quotation gateway can be managed in WooCommerce default Payments settings page
* Fix: resolved a problem in calculating saving percentage in tier prices with tax split option enabled
* Minor fixes and localisation updates

v3.0.6 18 September 2021
* Add: new feature to hide single product prices by group
* Add: new feature to show WooCommerce default regular price as "recommended retail price" (RRP) to B2B customers
* Tweak: improved disabling shipping methods by group to allow to disable single rates
* Tweak: improved WooCommerce compatibility check
* Dev: deprecated `wcb2b_admin_shipping_methods` hook
* Fix: resolved a bug on restrict catalog redirect
* Minor fixes and localisation updates

v3.0.5 17 July 2021
* Add: full customer data in admin registration notice email
* Add: added filter by group in admin orders list
* Tweak: improved tax exemption by country
* Tweak: improved import/export compatibility
* Tweak: new hooks to improve customization
* Tweak: improved background update process
* Fix: groups list sort by group name
* Fix: better compatibility with WC Shippings and Packing list plugin
* Fix: better compatibility with WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips plugin
* Fix: coupons restriction on guest group
* Fix: excluded hidden products from live search
* Minor fixes and localisation updates

v3.0.4 24 April 2021
* Add: new feature to apply tax exemption by country in checkout for B2B groups
* Add: new shortcode to display hidden prices message when customer is not logged in
* Add: new shortcode to show contents by groups
* Tweak: live search and quick order now consider minimum, maximum and packages quantity
* Tweak: improved live search by SKU
* Tweak: new hooks to improve customization
* Minor fixes and localisation updates

v3.0.3 18 February 2021
* Add: new settings page panel "Status" to check WooCommerce B2B templates override
* Add: new shortcode to display a live search form for products (also by sku) with direct add to cart
* Tweak: new REST API fields
* Tweak: database updates are processed in background with WordPress action scheduler to improve performance
* Tweak: improved updates check to better performance and to better integration with WordPress
* Tweak: customer group in order details is no longer taken on-the-fly, but stored when new order is placed
* Tweak: improved minimum amount to purchase, now minimum amount also consider taxes and shippings in checkout calculation and is updated in fragments
* Tweak: prevent global products searching when "Resticted catalog" option is enabled
* Tweak: improved working with WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents plugin
* Tweak: when disable a customer account, he will be logged out from everywhere
* Tweak: new hooks to improve customization
* Dev: changed theme folder containing templates overrides
* Dev: dropped "wcb2b-" prefix in email template files
* Fix: resolved an issue in display of tier prices in mini-cart widget
* Fix: resolved an issue in display order total label when split taxes option enabled
* Fix: resolved an issue in including VAT number in some emails summary
* Minor fixes and localisation updates

v3.0.2 25 December 2020
* Add: new option to show customer group in my-account page
* Add: new feature to allow customers to choose their group in registration page
* Add: new feature to allow to search products by SKU
* Add: new feature to make quick orders by CSV file
* Add: new feature to set product max quantity to purchase
* Tweak: improved moderate registration process
* Tweak: page visibility by group management can be enable/disabled in settings page
* Tweak: hidden pages are removed from menus, widgets and lists
* Tweak: better page visibility by group management on group creation or delete
* Tweak: better product categories visibility by group management
* Tweak: new hooks to improve customization
* Dev: deprecated `wcb2b_get_allowed_terms()` function
* Dev: deprecated `wcb2b_get_allowed_products()` function
* Dev: deprecated `wcb2b_set_allowed_terms()` function
* Dev: deprecated `wcb2b_set_allowed_products()` function
* Fix: resolved a problem with product categories visibility enabled and related products when administrator is logged in
* Fix: resolved a problem with sending some quotation emails
* Fix: resolved a problem with tier prices percentage saving calculation
* Minor fixes and localisation updates

v3.0.1 19 November 2020
* Add: new feature to display customer assigned group in backend order details page
* Add: new feature to restrict coupons usage by customer group
* Add: new feature to manage pages visibility by group
* Update: taxes split feature to improve totals calculation and display
* Tweak: improved tax display with tier prices
* Tweak: tax exemption improvements
* Tweak: added capability to set different recipient for new quote email
* Fix: resolved a bug with some product dedicated prices import/export
* Fix: resolved a showing issue of tier prices when hidden prices option enabled
* Fix: resolved a problem with pluggable functions
* Fix: resolved a problem with "tax escl." string on order confirmation emails when splitted tax enabled
* Minor fixes

v3.0.0 14 August 2020
* Add: new feature to have quotation requests
* Add: new feature to have special prices by purchase quantity (tier prices)
* Add: new feature to have different Terms & Conditions for each group
* Add: new feature to restrict catalog to and WooCommerce pages to logged in customers
* Add: new feature to add a packaging fee by group in orders
* Add: new feature to automatically check updates when in settings page
* Add: new feature to calculate and display order total weight in admin order details
* Add: new feature to force "Zero tax" class by group
* Add: new feature to extend REST API for an improved flexibility
* Add: plugin functions have now pluggable support
* Update: refactoring to improve performance and increase speed
* Update: VAT number field can be set as optional
* Tweak: new feature to extend customer capabilities to custom roles
* Tweak: new admin graphics
* Tweak: new columns in admin to improve experience
* Tweak: new custom hooks to extend and customize plugin behaviour
* Remove: dropped "Enable" option
* Remove: dropped "B2B" tab in products page. Now minimum quantity and package can be managed in product inventory tab

v2.1.6 03 June 2020
* Update: improved guest group management
* Update: improved product categories visibility management
* Update: improved extended registration form fields validation, according to WooCommerce updates
* Fix: resolved a problem with some decimals price round with tax split
* Fix: resolved a problem in Greeks VAT numbers validation
* Fix: resolved a problem with backend orders with variable products and dedicated prices between variations
* Fix: resolved a product category visibility problem with WooCommerce v4.0.1
* Minor fix: prevented some PHP warnings
* Minor fix: replaced some deprecated WooCommerce hooks

v2.1.5 17 April 2020
* Add: new feature that allow to have prices rules also in orders placed in admin
* Update: better prices management to improve performance
* Update: with split tax option enabled, customers assigned to guest group see prices with taxes
* Fix: corrected a problem in applying step increments in cart for variable products
* Fix: corrected a problem when saving different group prices on variable products
* Fix: corrected displaying prices in case of different variations prices with split tax option enabled

v2.1.4 11 March 2020
* Add: new feature to assign customer to a default group on new registration
* Add: now guest customers has a dedicated group, automatically created by default
* Update: minimum purchase amount now can be set by group
* Update: when a group is deleted, all customers assigned to that group are automatically assigned to default group
* Update: VIES validation allow also VAT numbers starting with country code
* Fix: dedicated prices calculation issue
* Tested compatibility with WooCommerce v4.0.0

v2.1.3 28 February 2020
* Update: improved prices calculation for better performance and compatibility
* Update: improved login process when moderate registration is enabled
* Fix: improved products category visibility by group handling when a group hasn't any product category selected
* Fix: prevent customer login by wp-login.php page when not active
* Fix: improved minimum quantity application for product loop add-to-cart button
* Fix: improved minimum quantity application for variable products
* Fix: improved display prices with tax and without tax in cart and thankyou page
* Fix: resolved some warnings when create customers via REST API
* Minor fix: some translation strings in POT file

v2.1.2 31 October 2019
* Add: new feature to display prices with tax to guest customers and without tax to logged in customer belonging WCB2B group
* Add: new option to disable shipping methods by group
* Add: new feature to validate VAT number with VIES API for EU customers in checkout and extended registration form
* Update: changed and updated some translations
* Fix: improved minimum quantity and increment for grouped products
* Fix: improved bulk import when create new products
* Minor fix: hooks priority improvements

v2.1.1 21 September 2019
* Fix: bug related to save groups payment methods when no one is selected
* Minor fix: updated some settings translations
* Tested compatibility with WooCommerce v3.7.0

v2.1.0 17 May 2019
* Add: new feature to manage product prices! You can set different prices for every single product depending on customer group (can be applied in cascade to the percentage discount already existing in previous versions of WooCommerce B2B). Now you can decide between:
- apply a discount percentage to all the products in the catalog (as in the previous versions);
- apply a dedicated price to each product according to the customer group;
- apply a percentage discount on the single price dedicated to the customer group;
* Add: new functions to import/export WooCommerce B2B fields and prices in default import/export tools
* Update: improved compatibility with certain themes relating to cross-sells and up-sells
* Update: changed and updated some translations
* Fix: bug related to minimum product quantity in grouped products
* Minor fix: improved functions to remove some unnecessary warnings in log file with PHP version > 7.1.x