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WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Editing PluginBulk edit for WooCommerce. Major equipment you need to quickly limit, item variety, change inventory, edit attribution, and this is just the beginning!

WooCommerce Advanced Bulk EditingBy the majority of customers' attention and trust. Supports 44 native WooCommerce fields as well as custom fields and scientific categories.

Demo:https://code canyon.net/item/my-commerce-advanced-black-edit/8011417

Effectively do bulk discounts, product assortment, change inventory, edit attribution, change product images in your WooCommerce store.Items and varieties are displayed in a table-like accounting page and can be edited in bulk or individually.

Features of WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Editing:

  • Channel items by title, taxonomy, features, standard and special costs, sku, tags, long and short description, item status, quantity and accessibility, item type, shipping category, post creator, length, width, height and weight.
  • Append, prepend, and replace text in text fields (groups).
  • Increase/decrease by respect/percent (bulk).
  • Make unique costs based on standard values ​​(lots).
  • Set, add, remove classes/properties (bulk).
  • Repeating qualities (clumps) from one field to another.
  • Enter the string /SKU(number)/.
  • Show/hide item fields (sections).
  • Craft items and varieties.
  • Variety made for a long time on double.
  • Develop new taxonomy and quality terms.
  • Eliminate items/changes.
  • Select to delete pictures from server when always wipe items.
  • Amazing Determination Director - Select items by search term.
  • Changed fields can be restored to their unique qualities (before saving).
  • Support for custom meta fields (text, numbers, checkboxes and selections - bulk editable, no support for exhibits or articles).
  • Discover custom meta fields from external plugins.
  • Custom scientific taxonomy support - batch editing possible.
  • Different editable feature segments.
  • Connection editing (quick bundle editing) for the selected item.
  • Adjustable item limits, support for large stores.
  • Variant retrieval options.
  • Save and load categorical (pivot) item fields (sections).
  • Commodity items to csv file/ are for review purposes only, not for import/.
  • Change visual markers on cells.
  • Interpretation support. Inherent Interpretation - Bulgarian, Spanish, Swedish, French, Russian, Italian

Fields supported by WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit:

  • Title
  • Product Description
  • Product introduction
  • release date
  • article author
  • Product Slug
  • Category
  • Properties
  • Card
  • SKU
  • Image
  • image gallery
  • good price
  • Price
  • Selling Price (Direct Editing Only)
  • Selling Price (Direct Editing Only)
  • tax status
  • tax class
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Width
  • Longs
  • number of shares
  • stock status
  • Inventory Management
  • Out of stock allowed
  • Sold separately
  • Shipping
  • Vouchers
  • 製品のURL
  • Text-Schaltfläche
  • Product Status (Draft, Published, Private, Pending)
  • Category visibility
  • sell more
  • Cross-selling
  • Permalink product
  • Category visibility
  • Featured
  • Virtual
  • Downloadable
  • Download expired
  • Download limit
  • Downloadable files (direct editing only)
  • Download type
  • Product Category
  • menu order
  • Open comments

Changelog WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Editing

Version 5.0.1 (July 12, 2021)
- Fixed: Issue with editing product image field.
- Fixed: Issue with WP multisite.

Version 5.0 (July 5, 2021)
- Refreshed the overall outlook of the plugin with a better design.
- New Feature: When generating variations, add option to set the variation regular price to be the regular price of the parent product.
- New Feature: Split variations to simple products.
- New Feature: Added new custom field type: Html Link
- New Feature: Added auto-complete to Up-sells and Cross-sells fields, so when you type, it will search in ID, Title and SKU fields and display a list of results to choose from.
- New Feature: Added option to make WCABE visible only for Administrator users.
- Upgrade: Filtering by custom fields now filters not only the parent product but the variations as well.
- Fixed: In some cases, filters combination didn't worked.
- Fixed: Conflicts with some 3rd party plugins and themes.
- Other small general bug fixes and improvements.

v4.6.2 (December 11, 2020)
- Fixed: WordPress 5.6 compatibility issue.

v4.6.1 (October 15, 2020)
- Fixed: Custom fields search returned no products.
- Fixed: Bulk Edit > Sale Price rounding option of 0.01 is now displayed.

v4.6 (September 24, 2020)
- Update: The Regular Price and Sale Price field filters now accepts more values, including an advanced "filter expression" that allows specifying ranges as well as single prices together. For more info, please check the new info sign located right next to the prices field filters.
- Update: Bulk Edit dialog > Regular Price > increase/decrease by %, added rounding option of 0.01.
- Update: Added an option to turn off the hints, because some 3rb party plugins, using the same library, were causing JS conflicts
- Upgrade: Added Slovenian translation.
- Upgrade: Added Slovak translation.
- Fixed: Bulk Edit dialog > Regular Price > increase by %, removed rounding when 'no-rounding' option is selected.
- As always, other small general bug fixes and improvements.

v4.5 (May 8, 2020)
- Upgrade: Added new custom field type: DateTime. You can now add fields of type DateTime, e.g. format: 2020-05-08 16:40:00.
- Upgrade: Added translations for the new hints.
- Upgrade: Better debug info.
- Upgrade: The variations titles are now fully displayed, instead of shortened like before.
- Upgrade: Hint now show/hide on click, so it will be more user friendly.
- Update: The plugin menu is now the full name of the plugin: WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit.
- Fixed: Invalid check on calling WooCommerce action on save.
- Fixed: On the last date of a sale (Sale End Date) the sale price doesn't show.
- Fixed: JS error on bad formatted attachments upload dir.
- Fixed: Removing products from a group issue.
- Other small general bug fixes and improvements.

Version 4.4.4 (November 29, 2019)
Upgrade: The ID field filter now accepts more values, including an advanced "filter expression" that allows specifying ranges as well as single IDs together. For more info, please check the new info sign located right next to the ID field filter.
Upgrade: The hints lib is now fully replaced with a new more advanced one. This will allow adding of more in-place help info, to help you understand easier the functionality of the plugin. Also added a few more info signs across the plugin.
Fix: SKU field doesn't escape double comma properly.
Fix: Tax Class field not getting all values.
Fix: Select/Deselect Variations button displaying on top drop-down menus.
Other small general bug fixes and improvements.

v 4.4.3 (05.21.2019)
New Feature: added an “unselect vars” button on the variable products to deselect all the variations of a product.
Fix: for date fields not displaying date picker.
Fix: for an issue with attributes not showing on WooCommerce 3.6+.
Fix: for a problem where groups wouldn’t load for any products in the list. Thanks to MastersIT for pointing that out.
Small general bug fixes and improvements.

v 4.4.2 (10.05.2018)
- Added Status “pending” to Bulk Edit dialog as it was previously available only in the grid built-in editor for the Status field.
- Fixed StockStatus not saving in some cases.
- Fixed not saving the change of Product Type, when option “Use API calls when possible” is enabled.
- Fixed an issue with the grid where the current grid changes aren’t commit when the grid loose focus. For example, if you edit a cell and then click “Save Changes” it does nothing as the grid didn’t commit the changes when lost the focus and therefor “Save Changes” doesn’t execute.
- Small general bug fixes.