WooChimp v2.2.7 - WooCommerce MailChimp Integration

WooChimp is a plugin to connect your WooCommerce store to MailChimp. With just a few clicks, you can transform your store into a powerful marketing machine.

Demo: https://code canyon.net/item/ I oh Chimp-I oh commerce-buy to eat cereal-integration/6044286

Simple Ecommerce Marketing

MailChimp is the most powerful email marketing service for creating and sending email campaigns, managing subscribers and tracking campaign results.While it's great for WooCommerce store marketing, it can be difficult to integrate all its amazing features.

WooChimp connects your WooCommerce store to MailChimp in just a few easy steps.This isn't just another "add signup option to checkout" plugin; it also supports MailChimp's e-commerce features, such as multiple mailing lists, subscriber groups, merge tags, and webhooks!Yes, it adds a sign up option during the checkout process.

Extended MailChimp functionality

WooChimp links WooCommerce to a merchant's MailChimp account, giving MailChimp quick access to customer, product, and order data.You can use this plugin to automatically collect customer purchase data in MailChimp and use it to generate target customer segments.Based on data-driven segmentation and automated triggers, you'll be able to send the right email to the right customer at the right time.

You will be able to send effective email marketing campaigns such as:

  • Send automated replies to users to teach them how to use your product or check them out.
  • Send promotional coupons and discounts to the right customers with the right offer.
  • Send messages to lapsed customers who have frequented your store in the past.
  • Customers purchasing consumables should receive automatic reminders.
  • Send offers to customers based on their billing or shipping information, such as city
  • Create marketing campaigns for brand-based bestsellers.
  • Existing customers can cross-sell accessories and upgrades.
  • Reward your most loyal customers with "behind the scenes" discounts.

Features: WooChimp – WooCommerce MailChimp Integration

  • MailChimp and WooCommerce are fully integrated.
  • On the administration page, the integration status is displayed.
  • There is a subscription box on the payment page.
  • As a merge tag, you can pass any order or user attribute.
  • Shortcodes and registration widgets
  • MailChimp merge tags are linked to all registration fields.
  • Customers are added automatically.
  • Customers who previously unsubscribed will be skipped.
  • For each registration option, many groups are supported.
  • Ecommerce Support in MailChimp
  • Advanced campaign targeting is enabled.
  • Offers automatic replies with advanced features.
  • Tracking from campaign to order
  • Webhook support for MailChimp
  • Front-end fields can be updated from the admin page.
  • Prepare for translation (including .pot files)
  • Extremely adaptable

Changelog: WooChimp

Version 2.2.7, 10 July 2020
* Tweak - Added customer addresses, discount, shipping and tax totals to order details
* Tweak - Improved product variation search/display in settings
* Tweak - Checked compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce
* Tweak - Other minor improvements and bug fixes

Version 2.2.6, 23 July 2019
* Fix - Call to undefined function woochimp_plugin_settings() under certain conditions
* Tweak - Added Order ID and Order Date Created to list of available fields
* Tweak - Improved compatibility with latest WordPress and WooCommerce versions
* Tweak - Min supported WordPress version changed to 4.0
* Tweak - Min supported WooCommerce version changed to 3.0
* Tweak - Other minor improvements and bug fixes

Version 2.2.5, 23 June 2018
* Fix - Subscribers get unsubscribed when checkbox is not displayed
* Fix - Users with role shop_manager can't save plugin settings
* Fix - Function create_function() is deprecated
* Fix - Undefined index QUERY_STRING on some servers
* Fix - Labels are not translated using WPML
* Tweak - Customer properties orders_count and total_spent now sent to MailChimp
* Tweak - Changed default administrative capability to manage_woocommerce
* Tweak - Minor changes to help with GDPR compliance
* Tweak - Other minor improvements and bug fixes
* Dev - New filter hook woochimp_capability

Version 2.2.4, 15 April 2017
* Fix - Unable to access some order properties due to incorrect condition

Version 2.2.3, 11 April 2017
* Tweak - Improved compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0
* Tweak - Other minor improvements and bug fixes

Version 2.2.2, 1 February 2017
* Fix - Sending welcome email and double opt-in stopped working after API 3.0 upgrade
* Fix - Fatal error (Cannot unset string offsets) in "Status" section of settings on some setups
* Fix - Incorrect user ids passing for guests
* Fix - Order date and status passing incorrectly or not passing at all
* Fix - Cancelled order generates PHP Warning
* Fix - Error after GET request for stores list
* Tweak - Improved log messages (more details, better readability)
* Tweak - E-Commerce order data: campaign id is omitted if incorrect for selected list
* Tweak - Product SKU is now included in E-Commerce order data
* Tweak - Added support for WPML
* Tweak - Other small bug fixes

Version 2.2.1, 15 October 2016
* Feature - Allow to select opt-in status for Ecommerce customers
* Fix - Querying of lists/interests/etc returns only 10 items
* Tweak - WooChimp log improved and transferred to WooCommerce logs
* Tweak - Improved loading time for sets with big amount of interests
* Tweak - Other minor bug fixes

Version 2.2, 5 October 2016
* Feature - Existing functionality ported to MailChimp API 3.0
* Feature - E-Commerce: Option to update order status
* Feature - Option to decide whether to update existing subscriber or show error
* Fix - 'Enter' key does not submit signup form
* Fix - Incorrect 'does_not_contain' and 'contains' conditions check
* Fix - Labels passed in AJAX don't support HTML
* Fix - Duplicate Checkout checkbox on 'woocommerce_review_order_before_order_total' hook
* Fix - Variation id is not passed with E-Commerce order data
* Fix - WooChimp log entries appear corrupted in some cases
* Fix - Shipping method title wasn't passing value
* Tweak - Updated RightPress automatic updates class
* Tweak - Improved support for payment gateways with altered checkout process
* Tweak - Improved handling of orders added manually by shop manager
* Tweak - Improved handling of order status and payment triggers
* Tweak - New option to control how checkout checkbox acts if user is already subscribed to the list
* Tweak - More reliable storing of campaign and email ids
* Tweak - Other minor improvements and bug fixes

Version 2.1, 5 February 2016
* Feature - Added support for automatic updates
* Feature - Customer meta fields can now be linked to merge tags
* Feature - Added supported WooCommerce and WordPress version checks and related notices
* Tweak - Checkout checkbox now will not show up if user is already subscribed to the list
* Tweak - Better language file loading: WP_LANG_DIR . "/woochimp/" now supported
* Tweak - Scripts and styles now loaded only if needed on page
* Tweak - Improved user interface
* Tweak - Other minor improvements and bug fixes

Version 2.0.1, 2 November 2015
* Feature - Variations of product now can be added to conditions
* Fix - Sets not saving correctly on "Automatic" tab
* Fix - Bug affected new sets with "Products in cart" condition
* Tweak - Added a label attribute to the text for the checkout checkbox
* Tweak - Other minor bug fixes

Version 2.0, 24 September 2015
* Feature - "Checkout" tab got split into two independent tabs - "Checkbox" and "Automatic" 
* Feature - Order Meta and Static Values now supported in fields for both checkout tabs
* Feature - E-Commerce: new option to delete cancelled/refunded orders
* Feature - Product lists on settings page are loaded via AJAX search now
* Feature - WooChimp Log added to store errors returned from MailChimp's requests
* Tweak - On checkout it's now possible to select interest groups
* Tweak - New option "Subscribe on payment received" added
* Tweak - Added new conditions related to customer role
* Tweak - Other minor bug fixes and cosmetic changes

Version 1.4.3, 25 February 2015
* Fix - Subscribe on checkout bug related to WordPress User ID field
* Fix - Interest group selection bug
* Tweak - Added Checkout checkbox position woocommerce_after_checkout_billing_form
* Tweak - Removed "Above checkout form" and "Below checkout form" checkbox positions
* Tweak - Order date is now passed to MailChimp correctly (added property order_date)
* Tweak - Improved performance on stores with thousands of products
* Tweak - Other minor bug fixes

Version 1.4.2, 20 August 2014
* Tweak - Minor bug fixes

Version 1.4.1, 19 August 2014
* Fix - Bug related to mc_cid and mc_eid cookies

Version 1.4, 13 August 2014
* Feature - Added more checkout opt-in checkbox positioning options
* Fix - E-Commerce functionality to associate orders with campaigns
* Fix - infinite loop issue when 'ghost' categories are present
* Tweak - Increased MailChimp list limit that can be loaded

Version 1.3, 13 March 2014
* Feature - Implemented custom MailChimp API wrapper class
* Feature - Option to choose different checkout page checkbox position
* Feature - Option to subscribe users after order is marked as completed
* Tweak - Removed standard MailChimp API wrapper which caused conflicts with other plugins
* Tweak - JS/CSS file version numbers now automatically follow plugin version number

Version 1.2.1, 17 January 2014
* Tweak - Removed "Emails left" field from status page
* Tweak - Minor bug fixes