Woo Badge Designer v4.0.0 – WooCommerce Product Badge Designer WordPress Plugin

Woo badge designerInsert unique and attractive badges (such as %off, Offer, Discount, New, Hot, Trending, etc.) into your WooCommerce website's product listings and add extra flair to your product display.

Invite more potential customers to your website and increase sales by up to 55%

Demo: https://code canyon.net/item/my-badge-designer/23995345

Woo Badge Designer Features - WooCommerce Product Badge Designer WordPress Plugin

  • Create unlimited badges with over 60 badge designs
    • 30 predefined text background templates
    • Over 30 predefined background patterns
  • Add an automatically calculated percentage or discount $ badge based on the sale price of all products.
  • Put text, logo, or both on the badge
  • Set a countdown on the badge
    • Set the expiration time of the timer
    • 10 pre-designed timer templates
    • Complete adjustment of timer color and position
    • Configure the option to disable the badge after the countdown is over
  • custom badge
    • Color adjustment options for title, background, timer, tooltip
    • Customize the font size of badge labels
    • Enable or disable custom colors
  • Tooltip badge or short message on hover
  • Place multiple badges in six different locations on each product
  • Override WooCommerce Default badge with latest badge in single product page
  • Six different license plate positions
  • Live Preview - See your changes in real time as you create badges

Changelog Woo Badge Designer - WooCommerce Product Badge Designer WordPress Plugin Null Free

= v4.0.0 =
1. Fixed issue related to theme compatibility.
2. Added automatic badge for Recent Products.
3. Added automatic badge for Low Stock Products.
4. Added automatic badge for Backorder Products.
5. Added automatic badge for Downloadable Products.
6. Fixed issue related to CSS Design.

= v3.0.9 =
1. Added a new option to show badges on featured products.
2. Fixed some bugs regarding badge design.

= v3.0.8 =
1. Fixed issue related to auto calculate sale percentage/price not showing when selecting method 4 for single page product badge.
2. Fixed issue related to multilingualpress plugin regarding a metabox post type issue.

= v3.0.7​ =
Added a new method to show badges in single product page which fixed the badge position in some new themes.
Fixed issue regarding badge disable after timer expires.
Fixed issue regarding undefined array key.
Fixed minor design issues.

= v3.0.6 =
Fixed issue related to Badge Timer not displaying in the frontend.

= v3.0.5 =
Fixed issue related to icon picker and Text, Image and Timer Template in the backend.

= v3.0.4 =
- Fixed issue related to Badge not displaying in variable products.

= v3.0.3 =
Minor Bugs Fixed.

= v3.0.2 =
- Fixed js issues with countdown timer.
- Fixed issue related to Badge count down expiry time.
- Added method three to make the plugin more compatible with themes