Woffice v4.1.3 - Intranet/Extranet WordPress Theme

Woffice is a multipurpose intranet and community WordPress theme with lots of features.

All of this is wrapped in an easily customizable style based on Google's Material Design, giving it a stunning modern look and easy user interface navigation.Woffice Can be used for a wide range of applications including business and government intranets/extranets, school networks, community networks and associations/charities.

Demo: https://theme forest.net/item/office-intranet extra net-WordPress-theme/11671924

Features: Woffice – Intranet/Extranet WordPress Theme

  • LearnPressis a website dedicated to helping people learn (free plug-in)
    • open a course
    • Organise your studies
    • Sell ​​courses
    • Demonstration
  • Buddypress is part of the Buddypress Network.
    • Member directory (with profile images, roles, filters, unlimited custom fields with icons and the ability to hide certain types of members).
    • Full profile page (each user has a file manager, a custom calendar, etc...)
    • Groups and Activity Streams
    • Customizable user roles (built-in editor)
    • Friendship and messaging, and online conversations
    • User maps, cover images (driven by ajax and unique integrations!)...
  • Customization
    • Detailed theme options (we've included your alternatives; based on your comments, there are currently over 60 possibilities)
    • Backups, Maintenance, Breadcrumbs, Cover Images, SEO, Wiki, Projects, Birthdays, Funfacts, Polls, Directories, User Maps...) are all built-in extensions.
    • Icon based menu (+600 icons available:font awesome)
    • Unlimited colors and fonts (including Google Fonts)
    • Adaptable workspace (per-user settings)
    • Manage logos and favicons
  • Every gadget...
    • fully responsive
    • suitable for web
    • Ready for HD (Retina)
    • Compatible with all modern browsers
    • bookmark icon
  • project management
    • Edit front end
    • The clock is ticking.
    • Ajax To Do, Wunderlist
    • Assignment of duties (email notification)
    • Tasks can be dragged and dropped from the UI.
    • File managers (Multiverso and File Away)
    • Tool Links, Comments...
    • Synchronization of Buddypress Events
    • Syncing of Buddypress groups
  • simplificado
    • What's Included in the Demo
    • Documentation is available online.
    • Online help available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Regularly updated
    • internet updater
    • Tutorial video
    • The change log is available online.
  • Wiki-Knowledge
    • Edit and create on the front end
    • subcategoria + categoria
    • Searchable
    • Revisions and Notes
    • Button-like
  • Calendar and Schedule
    • EventONIncluded in the package saves you $80.
    • Save $32 with WP Pro Calendar
    • There are over 200 functions and settings to choose from.
    • User can add events (extra plugin since 1.7.2)
    • full month calendar
    • Calendar widget
    • Import from Facebook
    • Events and social sharing on a single page
    • Personal Calendar Tab
    • 1 free plugin provided.
  • file management
    • Integration with File Away (new): FTP reader and improved file management. (And a new design!)
    • Multiverso is included in the price to save you money.
    • File modification and download
    • Built-in shortcode
    • authority management
    • Image in lightbox
  • Pages, Charts and Tables
    • Integration with Contact Form 7
    • Visual Designer (8 chart types)
    • Page builder with drag and drop
    • Gravity form supported
    • Page Options and Comments
  • registrieren einloggen
    • Customize the landing page (logo, background, color and content selection, etc.)
    • You can choose to make your site private (or just certain pages)
    • Options for registration and forgot password pages
    • Sign in with Google and Facebook (new)
    • second verification
    • Check the email domain in the registry
    • In the registration form there is a role selection option.
    • User Approval (using plugin)
    • Xprofile field in Buddypress registration
  • Widgets
    • Dashboard with widgets
    • Et dix widgets personnalisés (vote, chat...)
    • Right sidebar (toggle controls)
    • footer with widget
    • The sidebar is unlimited.
  • BBpress Forum
    • Forums are unlimited.
    • Included widgets
    • Tags and themes
    • Statistics from the forum
  • Learndash(excluding plugins)
    • Online courses
    • Topics
    • Lessons
    • Quizzes
    • Certificates
    • In the page builder you can use custom shortcodes.
    • Integrate with Buddypress
    • Edit/Create in Frontend
    • Here are all the features: http://www.learndash.com/
  • SLACK Extension comes pre-installed (read our press release)
  • Shopping with Woocommerce
    • custom cart
    • Personalized Shortcode
    • The Most Effective Ecommerce Plugins
    • Personal design
  • Supports multiple languages ​​(WPML)
  • English, French, Spanish, German, Farsi, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese and Italian have all been translated.
  • supports many sites
  • See demo pages for catalog extensions (for jobs, items, partners, etc.).
  • Compatible with Rtmedia for gallery and file sharing
  • the use of somethingGravity Formencourage.
  • In the title box, there is aRevolution Slider. (Revolution Slider is available for free, it's a brand new feature!)
  • Edit/create blog posts from the front end
  • The design of this blog is based on masonry.
  • Integrate with Trello
  • extended birthday
  • Instant research
  • RTL support
  • The Unyson framework is used to power this site.
  • Inspired by Material Design
  • Horizontal menu options
  • HTML5 and CSS3 were used to create this site.
  • Well-structured and well-documented code
  • Extra footer options with faces and personalized messages/links
  • Expansion of Megamenu
  • a submenu
  • Maintenance and planned expansion
  • Update your own updater
  • Gantt Map
  • Icone (600+) (Font fantastico)
  • Documentation with subtitles and video
  • Web Video Conferencing with BigBlueButton
  • Embed activity
  • Breadcrumb
  • There are many more features, but this is a good start. You can also browse the changelog below to see what features have been introduced over the past few weeks.

Changelog: Woffice – Intranet/Extranet WordPress Theme

= January 25th, 2022 – Version 4.1.3 =

(NEW) Added New Menu “Vertical Modern” Layout design.
(UPDATED) Rev Slider 6.5.14,WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress 6.8.0

= December 16th, 2021 – Version 4.1.2 =

(NEW) Added New Skin Glass.
(UPDATED) Woffice Team View notification settings.
(FIXED) Woffice Event Widget visibility
(UPDATED) EventOn Full Cal 2.0.2

= October 29th, 2021 – Version 4.1.0 =

(NEW) WOffice Advanced Reporting Plugin Compatibility.
(UPDATED) EventON Calendar 4.0.1

= October 13th, 2021 – Version 4.0.9 =

(UPDATED) Some tweaks in theme settings.
(UPDATED) Rev Slider 6.5.9.

= October 8th, 2021 – Version 4.0.8 =

(Fixed) Envato Feedback
(Updated) EventON Calendar 4.0

= October 7th, 2021 – Version 4.0.7 =

(Fixed) Font Awesome conflict in Modern-Skin
(Fixed) BuddyPress Member Advanced Search issue.

= September 30th, 2021 – Version 4.0.6 =

(Added) Woffice Timeline Compatibility for project Tasks.
(Added) Datetime option for project tasks.

= September 23rd, 2021 – Version 4.0.5 =

(Fixed) Google calendar import issue.
(Fixed) BuddyPress Template issue.
(Fixed) Birthdate age issue on Birthdate Widget.
(Fixed) WooCommerce 5.7.0 template compatibility.

= August 19th, 2021 – Version 4.0.3 =

(NEW) Added LearnPress 4.0.0 Compatibility
(UPDATED) Rev Slider 6.5.6,EventOn Calendar 3.1.7
(Fixed) Compatibility with WordPress 5.8

= July 21st, 2021 – Version 4.0.2 =

(FIXED) Small security vulnerability patched.
(UPDATED) Rev Slider 6.5.5

= July 15th, 2021 – Version 4.0.1 =

(NEW) Woffice Kanban compatibility for project Tasks.
(UPDATED) Rev Slider 6.5.4,WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress 6.7.0

= July 1st, 2021 – Version 4.0.0 =

(NEW) Added New Theme Skin
(NEW) Project Grid View
(UPDATED) Rev Slider 6.5.3,EventOn Calendar 3.1.6
(FIXED) Minor bugs

= May 20th, 2021 – Version 3.1.3 =

(FIXED) Envato theme check issue
(FIXED) Unicode string issue with search
(FIXED) Event visibility not selected on edit event
(FIXED) ICS file import issue
(UPDATED) Rev Slider 6.4.11, EventOn Calendar 3.1.5

= March 30th, 2021 – Version 3.1.2 =

(UPDATED) Rev Slider 6.4.6,EventOn Calendar 3.1.2,EventOn Full Cal 1.1.13
(FIXED) Super bundle for WPBackery page builder package issue
(FIXED) WordPress 5.7 compatibility
(NEW) WP JOB MANAGER Company Listing Compatibility
(NEW) WP JOB MANAGER Job Style Compatibility
(NEW) WP JOB MANAGER Job Auto Suggest Compatibility
(NEW) WP JOB MANAGER Listing Label Compatibility
(NEW) WP JOB MANAGER Listing Payments Compatibility
(NEW) WP JOB MANAGER Products Compatibility
(NEW) WP JOB MANAGER Stat Compatibility
(NEW) WP JOB MANAGER Reviews Compatibility

= March 4th, 2021 – Version 3.1.1 =

(UPDATED) Rev Slider 6.4.2
(UPDATED) WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress 6.6.0
(UPDATED) EventOn Calendar 3.1

= February 5th, 2021 – Version 3.1.0 =

(FIXED) Events not showing properly created by DP proevent
(FIXED) Font Awesome Icon not showing when activating the DpProEvent
(UPDATED) Rev Slider 6.3.9,DP Pro Events Calendar 3.2.6,EventOn Calendar 3.0.8
(NEW) WP JOB MANAGER Compatibility

= December 29th, 2020 – Version 3.0.1 =

(FIXED) WordPress 5.6 compatibility
(FIXED) PHP 8.0 compatibility
(UPDATED) Rev Slider 6.3.4, WPBakery 6.5.0