WidgetKit Pro v1.11 - Huge Collection of Pro Quality Element For Elementor

WidgetKit Pro is the most advanced and powerful Elementor Addons Kit that extends the functionality of your website builder by adding more elements and layouts.

What exactly is WidgetKit?

WidgetKit Pro is the most powerful, interactive and scalable design system available. It has a powerful set of features that enable you to quickly create any layout from simple to complex.

LearnDash templates

With the help of Learndash templates, you can give yourLearndash lmsA whole new design. Four templates are now available; choose the one that best suits your needs.

Why use WidgetKit?

With ready-to-use plugins, you can make your regulars stand out in no time.
With WidgetKit Pro you can give your website the shape you want.

Elementor's power should increase.

WidgetKit Pro extends the functionality of elementor and allows you to develop in more creative wayselementorNot alone.

Create complex creations with ease.

Complex parts can take a long time to create, but WidgetKit Pro makes it easy. It's so simple that even a complete novice can do it in no time.

Create almost any type of website.

WidgetKit Pro makes it easy to create a great website in a short time, and the best part is that you don't even need a paid theme.

Ready-to-use design

Pre-made layouts save time and let you get the job done quickly. View, select and import any layout with just one click.

In a few minutes, you could have a professional website.

WidgetKit Pro extends the functionality of elementor Pro, allowing you to build more creatively than with elementor alone.

Make amazing designs.

Don't be bound by limitations; bring your creativity to your website with WidgetKit Pro. Make as many designs as possible.

Demo:https://themes Grove.com/widget kit-foru-element or/

Features WidgetKit Pro

There are more than 28 free elements available.

WidgetKit comes with over 28 free functional elements that allow you to build more than the default elements. Using these elements, you can design anything you want almost instantly.

Regular users can use the widget for free.

With WordPress, you can now build almost any kind of page for your company.

27+ Elements Pro

WidgetKit Pro includes over 27 professional-looking widgets and elements for three well-known learning management systems.This makes managing your general website, educational website or online store a breeze. WidgetKit pro lets you do more.

  • Toolkit is the most advanced and powerful element plugin with more elements and layouts for your website builder.
  • WidgetKit Pro elements and templates are fully responsive, just like Elementor. Any part created with it will look the same on all devices.
  • WidgetKit Pro is made up of skilled developers who create every element. Therefore, your website will always load quickly.
  • developer friendly: WidgetKit Pro has no downsides. No matter how inexperienced you are, you can build any widget with WidgetKit.
  • WidgetKit Pro is fully compatible with WooCommerce and includes WooCommerce specific elements.
  • WidgeKit includes integrations and specific parts for most major learning management systems, including LearnPress, LearnDash, and Sensei. Organize your website the way you want.
  • WidgetKit Pro comes with many pre-made layouts to help you get your job done quickly. After adding and changing things, you are done.
  • Easy to customize: Whether you're an experienced WidgetKit Pro user or not, you can use WidgetKit elements to customize your sections.
  • WidgetKit Pro is a fully translatable plugin. Everything you create can be easily translated into your native language.
  • Regularly updated: WidgetKit is updated regularly. With every new update of WidgetKit Pro, you'll get brand new features and functionality.
  • dedicated support: WidgetKit promises to speed up the development of your website, so the support team is here to help you.

Changelog: WidgetKit PRO For Elementor – Elementor Addons Kit

#### 1.11
- [](#new)
- LearnDash Course Content element
- [](#bugfix)
- _content_template deprecation error fixed for post elements.

#### 1.10
- [](#new)
- Event Course List element

#### 1.9
- [](#new)
- Tutor Course List element

- [](#bugfix)
- Scheme Typography Deprecation error fixed for elementor latest version.

#### 1.8.4
- [](#bugfix)
- Short description issue on LearnDash course tab element
- term data issue in woo product element

#### 1.8.3
- [](#new)
- Lifter Course List Element
- [](#improved)
- Image Size option added in LearnDash Course List element.
- Image Size option added in LearnDash Course Tab element.
- Image Size option added in Woo Product Carousel element.
- Image Size option added in Woo Recent Product element.
- Image Size option added in Woo Product Category element.
- [](#bugfix)
- Typography issue in Post Grid Slider.

#### 1.8.2
- [](#bugfix)
- Slider item on Post Carousel element.
- Cart icon color issue on Woo Product element.
- Alert issue while dependent plugin deactive.
- Post type menu slug for LearnDash Template.
- Post type menu slug for LearnDash Template.

- [](#improved)
- Course grid bottom spacing for LearnDash Course List element
- Badge style in dashboard