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weForms Pro - Easy-to-use WordPress contact form builder plugin

When we consider any contact form builder plugin, the first concern is always its user-friendliness and adaptability.Therefore, our manufacturer has developed weForms Pro with this need in mind. It is definitely one of the easiest form builders for WordPress to use.This contact form plugin is more than just a form builder, it can do more than you might think. It really brings to life all the forms you create in your imagination.Think of creating any form in your mind and you can build it with weForms Pro in just a few clicks, no hassle at all.

Get the best experience in drag and drop form building while creating any form of imagination.Don't forget the wide range of customizable pre-defined form templates that make it easy to manage and design any type of park trail.

Plus, with 20+ custom fields, you can quickly build contact forms, lead generation forms, user or event registration forms, or any custom form in an easy way.There's nothing wrong with keeping it as simple as possible. See a preview of the form you create now to see how it finds users.

Therefore, weForms Pro is an all-in-one form builder designed for global users. Its minimalist design is not only modern but also super fast and user friendly. Everything works on one page.Don't be late - your time is precious!

Demo:https://we forms pro.com/

weForms overview

Features: WeForms PRO

  • Unlimited form:Create as many forms as you need and use as many fields as possible to collect all the data you need.
  • Predefined and customizable templates: Save a lot of time with unique and customizable form templates.
  • Drag and drop builder: Build your dream form with full-featured drag-and-drop form editing options. painting
  • Live live preview: Preview the form you create in real-time as it will be displayed on the web page.
  • Expire date:Set a form expiration date to make the form expire on a specific date or time.
  • entry restrictions: Easily limit the number of individual form items by setting a maximum form submission limit.
  • AJAX submission page:Submit the form without refreshing the page because it's done using AJAX.
  • Field customization options: Form Field Customization There are a range of built-in options to create more custom forms.
  • form redirection: Redirect any submitted form to your website to increase your traffic and collect more leads.
  • Form submission notification:Never miss a notification to stay up to date when submitting a form with weForms.
  • Manage form submissions: Manage form submissions for data collection without writing backend code.
  • Import and export forms: With quick form export and import options, you can pick up where you left off.
  • Mobile friendly forms: 100% mobile responsive when operating your contact form from any mobile device.
  • Email support:Get full email support in the form of custom emails and HTML email templates.
  • Email send data:Connect your form to certain email services to receive submitted data via email.
  • Anti-spam and captcha: Eliminate spam entries with reCaptcha to eliminate spam and sign up with WordPress forms.
  • Poor integration: Receive notifications via your Slack channel whenever any user submits a form using weForms.
  • column field: Build a form, add any fields in columns or resize them, but you need to create dynamic forms for your website.

Key attributes that make Weforms stand out from the crowd

Drag and drop form builder with live example preferences

If you don't use weForms, then you must be using a slow or buggy form builder in WordPress. Create any type of form in minutes with a smooth drag-and-drop form builder.With its intuitive drag-and-drop form builder feature, you can create some truly powerful forms without knowing a single line of code.Just drag and drop the fields you want to add to the form from the right panel of available form fields.Instant live preview of the form you create on the front end and make any changes you want instantly.Use different types of forms in any department of your company, not just create simple contact or order forms, making the workflow completely seamless.

Full liability form for all mobile devices

For today's user-friendly experience, users must provide your WordPress with fully responsive contacts.weForms Pro ensures that the forms you create are responsive even on all mobile devices, helping you increase form conversion rates and customer satisfaction.Comparing and testing your forms on different devices can allow you to spot flaws in them. Forms look great on mobile devices, but can be difficult to use if not designed correctly.But with weForms, you can be sure that any form you design with it will be super responsive and look great on any screen or device.

Predefined forms for quick access

Now, in many cases, you may not want to create all the usual forms you need. In this case, you may need an off-the-shelf form.With weForms, you get a variety of pre-built form templates that will definitely make your form building easier than ever.

Some of WeForms' predefined form templates include Registration Form, Registration Form, Payment Form, Reservation Form, Voting and Response Form, Inquiry Form, Form Event Registration Form, and any user is free to create a form that suits their job or business.

Publish your Weform with Gutenberg

Easily add forms in the Gutenberg editor using the weForms block.When the user wants to post the form on the page, they just select it from the drop-down demo of Gutenberg's dedicated weForms Pro block.The entire form is automatically displayed in the editor and the page. This is much easier than manually copying and pasting shortcodes! Save you a lot of time and clicks.But you can also do old-style using shortcode blocks.

Super fast and SEO friendly

WeForms Pro works faster than any other form builder when it comes to how quickly any query can be completed from the front-end or back-end.Not to mention the speed it possesses when using its form, even on mobile.

More specifically, weForms Pro is the best SEO-friendly contact form builder available today.

Enjoy great flexibility with Rest API

Allows complete and easy integration or decentralized control and management of most relevant action forms. Delete, copy, export and import any table you want.Create, manage and integrate with all types of form entries, notifications. Update all general form settings and check or clear logs.Whether it's retrieving a form or customizing it, the Rest API in weForms Pro handles things more smoothly than ever. Learn more about using the Rest APi extension for weForms Pro here.

Excel by creating tables of your imagination

Now just take a walk in the park to create the form of your dreams. Quickly design any type of form you can imagine using its custom fields, easy-to-use field options, and user interface.

Take a look at the forms you create now to make any necessary changes right away.Just raise the quality and standard of your form building and shine your way with the forms you create with weForms.

Custom School to Make the Largest Contact Form

When building forms, using the custom fields provided by weForms Pro, anyone without any coding knowledge can create forms suitable for all occasions and purposes. destination.From checkboxes to image upload fields or radio buttons to signature fields, weForms Pro provides you with all possible form fields, including column field options to serve users in the best and easiest way.Body.

Extend and customize the sample without happiness

As an advanced user, you probably want your form to behave a certain way. This is when the customization capabilities of weForms Pro really come in handy.With custom CSS, HTML blocks and section separators, any user can customize their form to their liking.Don't forget stacks of filters and hooks that allow developers to easily extend contact form functionality.

Simple sample import and export facility

Easily enter your form submissions in an organized spreadsheet. You can now use this data to generate reports or export to your CRM or email marketing solution.

Admission Restrictions, Schedules and Expirations

You have full control over your forms! What's the other point, right?Create exclusive events by allowing only a limited number of entries, controlling user access, and adding start and expiration dates.Forms with due dates will automatically disappear after your desired time.

Customize email notifications for administrators

Be vigilant about every commit. Create multiple custom message settings for each form with advanced mail forwarding, and quickly create templates with hooks.


Easily enter your form submissions in an organized spreadsheet. You can now use this data to generate reports or export to your CRM or email marketing solution.

Example custom URL / example redirect page

When the contact completes the form, you can redirect it with a custom link or page to direct the contact to the desired login page. It is very useful when you want to direct the attention of your visitors.

Easily create your next form. Stay organized and hassle-free with weForms.

Other notable weForms Pro features include

  • Enable ReCaptcha to ensure an extra layer of security for your forms.
  • Sync email data with MailPoet, MailChimp and email campaigns.
  • Multi-step/multi-part form.
  • Geolocation and SMS notifications.
  • and more.

Weforms available and integrated modules

  • AWeber: Connect weForms Pro with the AWeber mailing list to contact senders via email campaigns. Easily expand your contact base and do more with email.
  • Calculation: Allows users to add calculations to their numeric field types.
  • activity monitor: Enhance your email marketing by integrating weForms Pro with Campaign Monitor. Generate more leads quickly by syncing your mailing list with submissions.
  • keep in touch:Make your email marketing powerful and easy with weForms' Constant Contact integration.
  • ConvertKit: Boost your business quickly by integrating with weForms to generate more leads, sync your mailing list with submissions.
  • GetResponse: Enhance your email marketing to boost your business by integrating it with weForms.
  • Google Analytics: Use Forms to provide a powerful and complete marketing analytics solution for businesses of all sizes.
  • Google Sheets: This great integration of weForms Pro makes it easy to manage submitted information in the familiar Google environment.
  • HubSpot: Put more deals at your fingertips by integrating HubSpot with weForms Pro and instantly enhancing your contact list.
  • MailChimp:It makes the already powerful form builder the ultimate lead generation source for any kind of email service.
  • MailPoet: It gives you the best WordPress Newsletter plug-in experience with weForms Best Form Builder.
  • Payment (PayPal): Easily collect any online PayPal payment using your forms by integrating with weForms.
  • Payment (Stripe): Put your collection of online credit card payments at your fingertips by integrating with weForms' fastest form builder.
  • PDF form submission:Allows this module to get better printable PDF versions of all submission forms you collect.
  • Quiz: Create simple yet engaging quiz forms and keep your audience engaged and get lots of shares by enabling this module.
  • Salesforce: Integrate with weForms Pro to instantly enhance your user list to build more customers and more engagement.
  • Slack: Enable this free integration by instantly notifying your team in Slack when someone submits an entry to a form you create with weForms Pro.
  • SMS notification: Enable the module to receive SMS notifications every time the form is submitted.
  • Trello: Create action cards instantly from your form submissions, enable this module and save your precious time by integrating it with weForms.
  • WPERP:Integrate your forms with your WordPress CRM contact list and instantly get tons of new leads that you can convert into subscribers or customers.
  • Zapier: The easiest and most popular automated workflow management system on the internet, integrated with the fastest form builder.
  • Zoho: Enabling this feature can help you generate better sales-qualified leads.Just connect once, stream data instantly, and start tracking form subscribers from your CRM as they move through the sales funnel.

Weforms Form Builder Pro features great

Need more features? Then you may need to upgrade to weForms PRO.This amazing WordPress contact form builder combines 4 simple, convenient and affordable pricing plans to enhance your form builder functionality.

The four PRO pricing plans include:

  • Individual
  • Business
  • Profession
  • Develop

These matching packs include some much-needed advanced PRO features and integrations, including:

  • high school
  • Conditional logic
  • multi-step form
  • Webhooks
  • Country List Schools
  • file uploader
  • Submit PDF form
  • Geo-location tracking
  • SMS notification
  • Email Marketing Integration
    • Mailchimp
    • LetterPoet
    • Aweber
    • continuous contact
    • activity monitoring
    • get feedback
    • Adapter
  • Productivity tool integration
    • Google Analytics
    • Zapier
    • Trello
  • Payment integration
    • PayPal
    • Stripe
  • CRM integration
    • Salesforce
    • Zoho
    • Hubspot

Privacy Policy

weForms Pro uses Appsero SDK to collect some telemetry data after user confirmation. This helps us solve problems faster and improve our products.

Appsero SDK does not collect any data by default. The SDK starts collecting basic telemetry data only when the user allows it through admin notification.We collect data to ensure a great user experience for all users.

Under no circumstances will the integration of Appsero SDK immediately initiate data collection without confirmation from the user.


How does it work?

list of forms
Create forms from various predefined templates
Single contact form with builder view
Edit the field properties on the right and see the changes immediately
Form settings
Form submission limit settings
Table display settings
Create unlimited email notifications and send them to different destinations
Email notification settings
Different free slack integrations and premium integrations
Export forms and form entries (CSV)
Import forms, but also from many other form plugins
help page
Additional settings
A simple contact form is displayed on the website
Event registration form is displayed on the website

Changelog: weForms Pro – Fastest Contact Form Plugin For WordPress By weDevs

= v1.3.16 (08 September, 2021) =
* **Fix:** PHP 8.0 Emails not Sending
* **Fix:** PHP 8.0 Form reports not showing in WP Dashboard
* **Improvement:** Payment "After submission" setting has been moved to form settings

= v1.3.15 (08 June, 2021) =
* **Fix:** Google Maps entries and notification fixes
* **Fix:** Signature Pad logic fixes

= v1.3.14 (13 April, 2021) =
* **Fix:** Front End report link fixes
* **Fix:** Signature PDF and Email Display
* **Improvement:** HumanPresence Integration

= v1.3.13 (18 February, 2021) =
* Fix: Conditional Logic fix
* Fix: File Upload fix
* Update: API's for Trello and SMS Global rewritten
* Update: Stripe updated to latest version
* Update: User can now toggle form submission to succeed only upon successful Stripe charge

= v1.3.11 (18 May, 2020) =
* Fix: Updated Google Drive API Scope.

= v1.3.10 (4 May, 2020) =
* Fix: Updated Google authentication settings.
* Fix: Corrected some admin notice message escaping.

= v1.3.9 (20 February, 2020) =
Fix: Making a Quiz Form was preventing submission
Fix: Signature field touch event for touch enabled device
Fix: Calculation notice issue
Fix: Mailchimp interest lists fetching issue
Fix: SMS global sms’s not sending
Fix: Convertkit shows object alert
Fix: Multistep form conflict with elementor
Fix: Google map data fetching in single entry view
Improvement: Displaying Arabic text logic
Improvement: Update phone field masking options