VideoPro v2.3.7.5 - Video WordPress Theme

For video-based websites, this is the most powerful WordPress theme available.VideoPro Based on our True Mag theme, this is the most popular video theme on the market. It contains many unique features that enable you to create any kind of video website.Whether it's about games, movies, news, entertainment or science... VideoPro has it all!

Demo: https://theme pro-video-WordPress-theme/16677956

Features: VideoPro – Video WordPress Theme

  • Allow visitors to upload videos and posts.
  • Various video networks are supported, including direct links from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, and Twitch. All types of embedded and direct links are accepted.
  • Build a movie database with multi-episode series.
  • Make a Video Playlist: Making a video playlist is easy.
  • Video Channel: Create a video channel.
  • Seize the future of live video with the support of live video.
  • Can import videos from YouTube and Vimeo channels: Supports WordPress YouTube import and automatic plugin.
  • Floating player: Watch videos while visiting other websites.
  • Promote movie stars with video actors.
  • Check out the screenshots before watching the video.
  • Watch videos in lightbox without going to another page.
  • Multi-links: distribute your video over multiple servers so that viewers may pick where they want to watch it.
  • Earn likes and shares for your work with Social Locker.
  • Video Player Logic: Add new functionality to your video player, such as scrolling ads.
  • Filter Videos and Advanced Search: This feature allows you to filter videos based on various criteria.
  • Allows administrators and users to rate video profiles.
  • Allows users to add videos to their watch later list.
  • External Links: Use external links to promote relevant content.
  • There are several video related features.
  • Change the color, layout and background of any area of ​​the page.
  • Advertisement: provide a variety of pre-defined spots for adverts to be placed.
  • Membership features include: Please donate to MyCred and Ultimate Membership PRO. QuForm is also supported.
  • BuddyPress integration adds community functionality.
  • Video Downloads: Simple Buttons for Big Tasks
  • Ajax Search: Find material instantly.
  • Support for age verification plugins to ensure your viewers are of legal age to watch adult material.
  • Cactus Landing Page is a simple plugin that allows you to control whether your website is in "coming soon" or "maintenance" status.
  • SoundCloud Player Customization: You can easily customize the SoundCloud player.
  • A smart content box with 10 layouts and a post slider that accommodates all post types are two powerful shortcodes.
  • There are hundreds of theme options to choose from.
  • There are five different puzzle styles.
  • Content is loaded via Ajax and performance is optimized.
  • 3 Page Layouts: Full Width, Inbox and Wide
  • 2 color modes and 2 header layouts
  • 3 different blog layouts
  • 2 different video layouts
  • Advanced Ajax search on very detailed documentation

Changelog: VideoPro – Video WordPress Theme

VideoPro – 2021/08/20
includes Visual Composer 6.7.0; Cactus-Video;
#Fix: Twiter meta tag
#Fix: Background page when optimizing background size
#Fix: Update buddypress notification clickable
#Fix: Get rid of PHP warning
VideoPro – 2021/04/02
includes Visual Composer 6.6.0;
#Fix: tpl blog listing
#Fix: JS error

VideoPro – 2021/01/13
includes Visual Composer 6.5.0; Cactus-Video;
#Update: tpl video listing
#Fix: correct typo
#Fix: author.php

VideoPro – 2020/11/23
ncludes Cactus Actor; Videopro-shortcodes; Visual Composer 6.4.2; Cactus-Video;
#Improve: Slick to 1.8.0
#Fix: some css minor issues
#Fix: some css minor issues
#Fix: Breakcrumb appearance
#Fix: relocate cactus-actor folder
#Fix: Category and Sẻies hỉearchy for Breadcrumb
#Fix: JS eror on WP 5.5
#Fix: Showing search suggesting on mobile
#FIx: BuddyPress – Fatal error on Legacy Template pack
#Fix: Issues on page editor
#Fix: Post slider layout in range 1200px-3600px
#Fix: JS deprecated warning, php warning
#Fix: Template tag

VideoPro – 2020/08/18
includes Cactus Actor; Videopro-shortcodes; Visual Composer 6.3.0;
#Improve: Add Instagram to Social Accounts, allow select background for custom social icons, remove unused Google+
#Fix: Widget be compatible with Wordpress 5.5 (migrate jQuery)
#Fix: Warning message

VideoPro – 2020/08/10
includes Cactus-Video; Cactus Actor;
#Fix: Auto next not working
#Fix: Actor URL in dropdown section
#Fix: Update for breadcrumbs
#Fix: Font awesome class code
#Fix: Open social link in new tab not work
#Fix: Youtube start time parameter does not work on single
#Fix: Not exclude channels for non-logged in users
#Fix: Canot upload video in submission form
#Fix: Support Elite player
#Fix: Breadcrumbs

VideoPro – 2020/05/03
includes Cactus-Video; Cactus Actor; Unyson Backup Extension 1.0.5; Visual Composer 6.2.0;
#Fix: warning when create channel from front end
#Fix: content top sidebar on actor listing template page
#Fix: Syntax error
#Improve: allow create Channel on profie page of BuddyPress
#Improve: add option to Submit video title in Submission
#Improve: add filter for BuddyPress compatibility
#Improve: Add option selecting IDs actor for Actors listing </shortcodes
#Update: sample data plugin and disable session from Unyson</shortcodes>
#Update: filter

VideoPro – 2020/03/22
includes Cactus-Video; VideoPro Shortcode;
#Fix: Dark schema setting in front page
#Fix: Add video file
#Fix: Filter bug of Smartcontent Box shortcode
#Fix: plugin video thumbnail
#Fix: Like button in Single video page
#Fix: Warning when active Unyson Sample Data