UserPro v4.9.40 – Community And User Profile WordPress Plugin

UserPro - User and community profile WordPress plugin

Making great customer profiles and local destinations in WordPress with UserPro? This plugin provides full customer profile updates for your WordPress site.

You can display a great profile page, add fields to it, and create new registration and login structures through the UI. Anyway, that's not all.You can also add interpersonal organizations and more to your WordPress site.


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Features UserPro - Community and User Profile WordPress Plugin

  • Integrate with BuddyPress and WooCommerce
  • Custom UI signup form
  • AJAX-Social-Login-Formular
  • Customize Profile Page - Add New Fields to Profile
  • Author/Profile Card
  • simple member list
  • Restrict access to content for member / user roles
  • Publish front-end articles
  • User reviews are now active

UserPro Allows you to set up all parts of the customer board - from customer registration, their login to the website, showing interesting fields in the profile and ending with customer interaction.

Plugin List UserPro - Community and User Profile WordPress Plugin

  • UserPro DashBoard v3.7
  • MemberList Layouts for UserPro v1.0
  • Private Messages Add-on for UserPro v4.9.2
  • Social Wall Add-on for UserPro v4.4
  • Tags add-on for UserPro v1.2

Changelog: UserPro – Community and User Profile WordPress Plugin

Version 4.9.40 (12 July 2021)
- Security fix: User posts
- Security fix: Reset password by URL will always return generic response
- Enhancement: Date to age converter is now more dynamic with separators
- Fixed bug: Min length validation (empty fields will no longer pass it)
- Fixed bug: EMD filter with select field - no longer adds backslash to apostrophe or doesn't work
- Fixed bug: Request verification
- Fixed bug: Some servers had issues with google oAUTH file import
- Fixed bug: WPML ?lang format issue with profiles/redirects
- Fixed bug: Warning in a file "fields-functions"

= Version 4.9.39 (26 January 2021) =
- Enhancement: Twitter social connect
- Enhancement: Google social connect
- Enhancement: Date to age converter now supported in EMD
- Enhancement: Licensing page response, after submit
- Enhancement: "popup-login,register" have been renamed to "popup_userpro-login,register" to avoid incompatibility
- Fixed bug: Incompatibility with social connect - facebook in popup window
- Fixed bug: Date to age converter minor issues
- Fixed bug: Javascript error "undefined variable"
- Fixed bug: WordPress 5.6 incompatibility with popup-login,register
- Fixed bug: Multiselect field - "required" option

= v4.9.38 =
- New feature: Option to convert datepicker value to age in user profile
- Enhancement: LinkedIn social connect v2
- Enhancement: Removed CURL notice in licensing page (no longer used)
- Enhancement: Datepicker format validation
- Enhancement: Add new connection now returns "Pending request" instead of "Undefined"
- Enhancement: Country now can be de-selected by users
- Enhancement: File upload field "allowed extensions" now can be edited
- Enhancement: Function "post_thumb" accepts more parameters and can be used via template override
- Fixed bug: File/Picture upload no longer ignores size limit
- Fixed bug: MultiSelect field now works with required option
- Fixed bug: Follow - unfollow issues
- Fixed bug: Pop-up registration - webcam issue
- Fixed bug: Incompatibility with MailChimp for WooCommerce plugin
- Fixed bug: Email is in use, when administrator edits another user
- Fixed bug: WordPress site health issue - The REST API encountered an error