Ultimate Affiliate Pro v7.5 – The Best WordPress Affiliate Plugin

Ultimate Membership ProYou can organize a commission system to attract new users.

A special feature is that it integrates into any website and you don't need to install WooCommerce to use it. Attract new users with bonuses and build your membership system with pluginsUltimate Membership Pro.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/search/16527729

Notable featuresUltimate Affiliate Pro WordPress plugin

  • Divide your referrals into tiers and assign different commissions.
  • Each partner can advance to the next level when they reach a certain income level.
  • There is no limit to how many of your referrals can promote your products and services.
  • Set a fixed percentage or amount for each user level, offer or commission
  • Referrers can earn different commissions based on purchases. Offer may be limited by date range.
  • Include your affiliate platform in the MLM system, which will stimulate your own referrals to attract new customers. UniLevel Plan, Force Matrix or Binary Matrix can be installed depending on your needs.
  • Allow your affiliates to charge commissions on all future purchases by customers. No more worrying about cookies or different browsers now
  • Set a bonus commission when one of your referrals reaches a certain rating or when he first signs up. Each level can have different rewards.
  • Offers a variety of banners to help your partners promote your products and services on any website with an embed code.
  • Pay your partners with PayPal directly from the Ultimate console
  • Affiliate Pro is just a few clicks away. Choose to pay some referrals or the full deposit.
  • Commissions for recurring subscriptions to the affiliate system, the number of users and the number of people from one level to another.
  • Allow your partners to earn commissions from their own referrals
  • Named users can be used for fixed fee membership system when registering
  • The plugin integrates with social sharing and locker. It provides share button option for your affiliates to exchange their affiliate link on social network.
  • Integration OptinMonster® IntegrationThe email delivery platform is integrated into the plugin, where you can store your affiliate emails for follow-up newsletter campaigns.
  • Referrers will be able to spend their earnings directly on your website for subsequent purchases based on coupons generated at specific fixed discounts.
  • Affiliate Program and Code RelevanceWooCommerce, Easy digital download or
  • Ultimate Membership Pro, Customers will be rewarded when they use this coupon on your system.
  • In addition to the default username or identifier, it also provides a personal url, so the referrer can hide his or her company name or identity behind a custom url.
  • When links are shared and easier to read, affiliates will be able to use friendly links instead of canonical links with better structure.
  • Payment: The customer decides which partner will be rewarded during the purchase and payment process.
  • Integrate the "Linked Account Pages" section directly on the account pageBudyPressas a regular label.
  • Integrate the Account Page section on the online page on WooCommerce as a general tab.
  • if yourCurrencyNot available in the system, you can add your own currency for future use.
  • Provides a public list with top recommendations sorted by sales, referrals and visits using 10 predefined templates
  • Certain types of custom fields provide fully customizable registration forms.
  • More than 15 menu tabs with different options, fully customizable based on 2 predefined templates and separate sections.
  • Ultimate Membership ProReady to work in any language - fully translatable.
  • Reporting: Report partner details or billing statistics to the admin and each partner on the account page.
  • Send email notifications of different actions or steps to partners and system administrators

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Changelog Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin Free Cancellation

v7.5 – 11.22.2021
- Improve Custom Fonts loading process
- Improve Payout with PayPal process
- Improve Payout with Stripe V3
- Fix Editing Email Notifications with special characters
- Fix Affiliate FlashBar Settings button

v7.4 – 10.20.2021
- Add Predefined Email Notifications Templates
- Add "Send Test Email" option
- Add Generated Affiliate Links stored into DataBase
- Improve Affiliate FlashBar workflow
- Improve Migrating Prcess from other Affiliate plugins
- Improve JS libraries
- Improve integration with Get Response
- Fix Top Affiliates showcase manageable with Gutenberg
- Fix MLM Matrix Avatar images
- Fix Affiliate Landing Page setup

v7.3 – 09.02.2021
- Improve Shortcodes for Admin user
- Improve Top Affiliate shortcode generator process
- Improve DataBase Tables encoding
- Fix editing Banner on My Account page
- Fix Ranks Pro - Reset Ranks process 

v7.2 – 08.17.2021
- WordPress 5.8. Compatibility check
- PHP 8.0 Compatibility check
- Divi Theme Compatibility check
- Flatsome Theme Compatibility check
- Fix Avatar photo uploaded via Mobile Devices
- Fix Custom Account tabs module
- Fix Import/Export process
- Improve Earnings data on My Account page
- Improve Referral amount calculation with missing data
- Improve Ranks Pro workflow
- Improve WooCommerce integration with various Orders statuses
- Improve WooCommerce edit Categories process.

Version 7.1 – 06.16.2021
- Fix MLM Matrix Chart Avatars
- Fix WP Dashboard restriction access
- Fix Product Links Generator option
- Import JS structure
- Improve Translate process

v7.0.3 – 05.27.2021
- Fix My Account Affiliate Links generator
- Fix LifeTime Commission new relation submission
- Improve Static Coupons for Ultimate Membership Pro
- Fix Generate CSV for Payout Transactions
- Improve JS libraries structure

= v7.0.1 =
- Improve Style
- Improve JS structure
- Improve DataBase calls
- Improve Nonce for AJAX calls
- New Reports data
- Fix Since time format
- Add MLM connection for Fair Checkout Reward module
- Add MLM Remove Affiliate's Parent

= v6.9.1 – 04.01.2021 =
- Fix My Account filters with no results
- Fix Payout details process
- Fix Stripe V3 Payout module
- Improve Product Links values
- Improve UAP Dashboard
- Improve Wallet module for WooCommerce coupons
- Improve Change Ranks process
- Improve Compatiblity with WP 5.7

= Version 6.9 – 01.20.2021 =
– Important Update
- Improve Plugin core structure
- Improve MLM Matrix Tree showcase
- Improve Referral manually assignation process
- Improve Payout notice management
- Improve Export CSV process
- Improve Coupon module workflow
- Improve MLM Parent manually assignation option
- Add LifeTime Commission module - manually linking option
- Add Extra Currencies
- Add Cookie Sharing option
- Add Referral URL blacklist
- Add Referrals table extra Filters
- Add custom Referral Rate for WooCommerce products
- Add custom Referral Rate for WooCommerce variable products
- Add custom Referral Rate for WooCommerce Categories
- Add WooCommerce Coupons assignation to specific Affiliate user
- Add Coupon module amount setting as optional
- Fix Friendly Links workflow on Affiliate Bar
- Fix Pay to become Affiliate module workflow

= Version 6.8 =
- Fix Earnings chart from My Account dashboard
- Fix Export Referrals to CSV data
- Fix "Get Affiliate Link" into Product Links section
- Fix Product Links sorting option
- Improve Woo Account page integration module workflow
- Improve PayPal Payout failed situations
- Improve Referrer links module workflow
- Improve DataBase calls