UberMenu v3.7.6 – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

UberMenu is a user-friendly, highly customizable WordPress Mega Menu plugin.It works out of the box with the WordPress 3 menu system, making it simple to get started, yet powerful enough to create highly customizable and creative mega menu configurations.

Optimized WordPress Menu UberMenu Fully responsive, Mega or Flyout submenus, compatible with mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and Android, touch-enabled, build advanced submenu layouts using column grid system construction

Grow mega menus quickly from your pages, posts, custom links or anything else!Works with most menu-enabled WordPress themes 3. Direct integration with WordPress 3 menu-enabled themes - for the system you know and love!

Demo:https://code canyon.net/search/154703

Features UberMenu - WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

Create beautiful menu layouts

Columns, tabs, rows, images, icons, maps, forms, etc.

With a built-in full grid system and individual layout controls for each menu item, building stunning menu layouts is easier than ever.

Responsive and mobile optimized

Touch functionality enhances the mobile experience

Not only is UberMenu fully responsive, it also has a touch interface that unifies the user experience across mobile operating systems.

Choose your own breakpoints - control the viewport width of the menu collapse via the control panel

Easily add images

Capture the attention of customers. Provide visual references to help your customers navigate your website quickly.

Custom content and widgets

Shortcodes, maps, contact forms, and more.

UberMenu allows you to add any HTML, shortcode or widget to the menu.

Find your style

Use the Customizer to create a custom look for your menu

UberMenu includes many pre-designed skins, as well as integration with a WordPress customizer with over 50 configurable settings, so you can style your menu with a live preview.It's also easy to customize with CSS.

Automatically create projects

Dynamically build submenu content from posts and terms

UberMenu's Dynamic Posts and Dynamic Terms menu item types allow you to insert any post, page, category, term, custom post type or custom taxonomy term in your menu.Set up how the results are filtered and sorted.

Tabbed submenus

Have a lot of submenu content? Easily organize your submenus into tabs - above, below, to the left or right of the table of contents.


50 basic icon fonts included are awesome.

UberMenu 3 contains 50 icons in a box that can be assigned to any menu item. Get an icon extension for 1,500+ icons, plus features like custom placement.

Advanced project settings interface

Precise control Unobtrusive design.

Each menu item has an advanced settings panel that can be activated without expanding the menu item.Each table is saved independently via AJAX, so there is no need to save the entire menu when settings need to be adjusted.

Changelog UberMenu - WordPress Mega Menu Plugin Free Cancel

v3.7.5 November 22, 2021
Feature: WPML 4.5.1+ Menu Sync support
Feature: Add WPML language form field support to UberMenu search form
Feature: Add styles for WPML language switcher
Feature: Add WPML language selector submenu type switch
Feature: Filter for WPML menu sync fields
Feature: Add setting to control single vs multiple mobile accordion submenu folding
Feature: Add setting to customize modal mobile menu close button content
Feature: Add ubermenu_submenu_type filter
Enhancement: Localize missing strings
Enhancement: Add close_icon argument to UberMenu toggle shortcode
Enhancement: Close tab content panel when hovering tabs with no children
Security Enhancement: Add new 'Update URI' field to plugin header
Update: Remove deprecated get_terms() function calls

= v3.7.4 June 7, 2021 =
Feature: WPML Menu Sync Compatibility
Feature: Fixed mobile toggle injection option
Feature: Autocomplete option for search input in shortcode
Enhancement: When using vertical stretch with unbound submenus, reposition menus when menu size changes to ensure proper alignment
Enhancement: Add HTML comments to Theme Template Backtrace, show plugin in addition to theme steps
Enhancement: Improve Control Panel tab overflow handling with many configurations
Accessibility: Mobile modal focus, trap focus within modal when open, return focus when closed
Accessibility: When closing a submenu with Escape key, return focus to next item
Update: Use new get_terms() format
Fix: Individual item content alignment for top level items when using flex layout
Fix: Set proper submenu indicator alignment when using "edge" option with Vertical Stretch (flex)
Fix: Ensure ScrollTo links redirect properly on mobile

= v3.7.3 January 11, 2021 =
Feature: Global Menu Item Settings deletion
Enhancement: Add ubermenu_background_image_size filter
Enhancement: Localize modal mobile menu close button text
Enhancement: Check for menu existence when generating title attribute
Enhancement: Remove window.load console notice due to jQuery 3 asynchronous document ready execution
Update: jQuery remove deprecated .bind() call
Update: PHP 8 Compatibility
Update: Remove deprecated WooCommerce function check
Fix: Add group class to dynamic terms and posts submenus for compatibility with background images

= v3.7.2 =
Enhancement: Display line numbers in Theme Template Backtrace
Enhancement: Replace × character with Font Awesome times icon in modal menu close button
Enhancement: Automatically disable top level item margins when in modal mobile mode
Update: Make Black & White skin default to match demo
Fix: Gracefully handle invalid term IDs in Dynamic Posts View All links
Fix: Prevent image distortion in WooCommerce featured image layouts on mobile
Fix: Badge/image layering on webkit mobile browsers in certain layouts
Fix: Gracefully handle invalid image assignments (e.g. for deleted images)

v3.7.1 July 29, 2020
Feature: Accordion mobile submenu dropdown indentation
Enhancement: Improve support for accordion in inline mobile mode
Enhancement: Improve modal mobile close button positioning when browser footer tools are displayed
Enhancement: Add support for top level item descriptions when using vertical stretch mode
Enhancement: Support grid submenu option in stack submenus within tab content panel
Fix: Top level item image spacing when using vertical stretch mode

v3.7.0.1 July 1, 2020
Compatibility Fix: support for older PHP versions (syntax error)

v3.7 July 1, 2020
Feature: Modal Mobile Menu
Feature: Header & Footer content for mobile modal menu
Feature: Accordion Mobile Submenu
Feature: WooCommerce Product Item Layouts, with price and sale badge
Feature: WooCommerce Category Images, including for Dynamic Terms
Feature: Badges, with custom colors an positioning
Feature: Dynamic Terms - Meta Order sort (WooCommerce Product Categories)
Feature: Javascript events: ubermenu-resize-desktop and ubermenu-resize-mobile
Feature: Dynamic class flags: ubermenu-desktop-view, ubermenu-mobile-view
Feature: Essential SVG icons
Feature: Top Level Item Vertical Stretch (flex)
Enhancement: Default responsive toggle type to button for accessibility
Enhancement: Grid submenu option for tab content panels
Enhancement: Option to autofill img alt attribute with image title
Update: Font Awesome v5.13
Accessibility: Collapse mobile menu with escape key

v3.6.0.1 June 12, 2019
* Fix: static variable access notice

v3.6 June 11, 2019
Feature: Elementor support - add an UberMenu widget within your Elementor layout
Feature: Submenu search bar autofocus (enabled by default)
Feature: Locate theme template backtrace
Enhancement: Range of accessibility improvements
Enhancement: Add column alignment control to Rows
Enhancement: Added UBERMENU_JS_IN_FOOTER constant to allow moving JS to header
Enhancement: RTL improvements
Enhancement: PHP 7.3 compatibility (edge case in updater)
Enhancement: Tab dropdown dropdshadow on mobile
Enhancement: Update to Font Awesome 5.9
Fix: Font Awesome JS Shim URL
Fix: Eliminate Gutenberg block dependency on front-end
Fix: Extension status display for Conditionals and Icons
Fix: Right tab indicator angles

v3.5 December 11, 2018
* Feature: UberMenu Gutenberg block
* Feature: WooCommerce cart info shortcode
* Enhancement: Added numeric values for font weight Customizer controls
* Enhancement: Previous version was already PHP 7.2 compatible, but this removes false alarm warnings in "compatibility checkers"
* Enhancement: Better RTL support in Rows
* Enhancement: Add top level dynamic item override constant
* Enhancement: Update Font Awesome to v5.5
* Fix: Typo in Dynamic Items No Results setting descriptions
* Fix: Proper custom color clearing in Customizer