Thrive Optimize v2.4 – The Best A/B Testing Plugin For WordPress

Thrive Optimize plugin to test and optimize your website

Thrive Optimize is a simple A/B testing utility for Thrive Architect that enables you to run fast and efficient split tests directly on your WordPress site.

After you start testing, you can decide to let Thrive Optimize manage your experiments for you.The plugin automatically tracks results and removes underperforming variants as soon as enough data has been collected.Only the change in the highest conversion rate will be shown to all your visitors over time

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Features Thrive Optimize - Best A/B Testing Plugin for WordPress

  • Quick A/B testing
  • Unlimited test
  • Unlimited test variations
  • 3 conversion goals
  • Custom traffic delivery
  • detail report
  • Auto Winner Feature
  • 100% intuitive editing
  • 100% WordPress
  • Strong support
  • One-click clone
  • Pay once for unlimited tests

Changelog Thrive Optimization

Thrive Optimize Version 2.4 Released 
Fix for top section styles not being loaded in variations

Thrive Optimize Version 2.1 Released 
Under the hood changes

Thrive Optimize Version 2.0.1 Released
Under the hood fixes

Thrive Optimize Version 1.9 Released
Under the hood fixes

Thrive Headline Optimizer Version 1.6 Released
Under the hood fixes