Thrive Clever Widgets v2.9 – Smart Widgets For WordPress

Thrive Smart Gadgetsis a marketing-oriented WordPress plugin that improves user experience and few-click conversions.

Unfortunately, most websites use placements in sidebars, footers, or other areas, regardless of user preference.

Therefore, the content in the widget is only of interest to a small number of visitors, most of whom just ignore it.

usesmart widgetplugin, you will show users articles that interest them.Instead of skipping the widget area, your users will notice the title of your post and think, "Wow, that's exactly what I'm looking for." You'll get more clicks and high conversions.

Thrive Smart GadgetsTake advantage of the fact that the visitor tells him basic information about himself through the links he visits.Using this plugin, you can not only find out what to display to users, but also display it in focused areas based on tags, categories, profiles.

How To Improve Your Website With Thrive Clever Widgets?

Easily integrates with default WordPress options. You don't need to do any configuration, the new widget link will appear immediately after installing the plugin.In the intuitive interface, you can also configure the exact location of the widget.

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Features Thrive Clever Widgets Plugin - IQ boost for your WordPress widgets

before useThrive Clever widget plugin

After useThrive Clever widget plugin

  • Using smart widget plugin, You can easily display highly relevant content in the widget area
  • along withsmart widget plugin, You can now define exactly where widget content appears based on categories, tags, post types, and even down to rules for including and excluding specific pages.
  • Thrive Smart Gadgetsis a WordPress plugin that integrates seamlessly with the default widget options in WordPress
  • Using smart widget, Load only the widgets that need to be loaded on any given page. All extensions excluded on a page will not add data to that page

Changelog: Thrive Clever Widgets

Thrive Clever Widgets Version 2.9 Released 
Under the hood fixes

Thrive Clever Widgets Version 2.5.1 Released
Under the hood fixes

Thrive Clever Widgets Version 2.4 Released
Under the hood fixes

Thrive Clever Widgets Version 2.2 Released
Under the hood fixes