Thrive Automator v0.7 - Create Smart Automations For WordPress

For now, you can do savvy mechanization to coordinate your WordPress site with your favorite modules and email display devices!

Confused at any time that the apps, modules, and management that power your WordPress site can't work together - especially when a few key combinations can serve an important but special need for your business?

Sadly, not long ago all you could manage was spending hundreds to thousands of dollars a year for another external tool that interconnects parts of your WordPress appliance...

However, what independent company can afford to spend so much money to get the edge case botification that is so important to your website's DNA right now?

That's where Thrive Automator comes in...

It is a naturally mechanized module of Thrive Themes that allows you to create workflows that pass information between the different applications, modules and management (calculating your email promotion equipment) that maintain your business site.

Thrive Automator exists in WordPress, which means it is simultaneously site-wide aware.This enables you to trigger mechanization when a client logs in, completes a structure, completes a test, or completes an explicit example in a web-based course (just some example prospects)...

The list of accessible activities and triggers is constantly evolving!

Features Thrive Automator

Start the evergreen countdown with limited-time discounts after students complete the free course of the online course

Traditional WordPress LMS modules can't help you promote and sell internet-based courses - but Thrive Automator can. how?

The Thrive Automator can trigger the Thrive Ultimatum start clock, which advances the course for a limited time frame after the guest completes the course's basic free illustrations.

For online course makers, Thrive Automator will help you sell more.

Add customers to your mailing list after purchasing one or more WooCommerce products

Disappointed at any time that you can't add a new customer to your mailing list when purchasing one of your WooCommerce items?

Regardless of what email outreach management you're using, Thrive Automator currently adds new customers to your mailing list after buying the idiot base.

When their WooCommerce request is complete, you just mechanize and add the WooCommerce customer to your email list... it's that simple!

Tag your email subscribers when they complete a specific course or module in your course

Need to see how individual students are progressing in your online courses so you can complete more assigned support and presentations for them?

Then, at this point, simply do a bot to add the email promotion tag to the student account anytime the student completes a predetermined example or module in the internet-based course.

It sounds simple, but considering all the advanced email promotions you can now use this new tab feature.Thrive Automator takes your email outreach to the next level.

Enroll quiz takers in online courses when they reach a certain quiz score

Wouldn't it be cool if your online test could do a lot more than generate new leads for you?Imagine a scenario where tests can perform activities based on the results obtained by your individual test takers.

Thrive Automator enables more post-test activities.

For example, when your test takers exceed a certain score, you can enroll them in one of your web-based courses. Your online test will become more intuitive.

Start an evergreen countdown with limited-time offers when subscribers try to access one of your premium courses

If you're a web-based course maker, what happens when an important backer tries to access one of your great course illustrations?

With Thrive Automator, you can turn a guest communication into a designated deal opportunity.

Instead of showing the traditional "offer for clients" notifications, you can bot, where the start clock offers deal promotion, a limited time limit for curious students, all things considered!

Changelog Thrive Automator

Thrive Automator Version 0.7 Released 
Display all the posts that have comments enabled for ‘User leaves comment’ trigger

Thrive Automator Version 0.6 Released 
Under the hood fixes

Thrive Automator Version 0.5 Released 
New Trigger: Trigger on a specific date and time
Improve send webhook URL validation

Thrive Automator Version 0.4 Released 
New action added: Send Webhook
Conditions added for triggers

Thrive Automator Version 0.3.1 Released
Under the hood fixes

Thrive Automator Version 0.1 Released