Thrive Architect v3.6 – Visual Editor & Landing Page Builder For WordPress

Turn your ideas into pagesThrive Architects(Formerly Thrive Content Builder) for WordPress.

Creating beautiful, engaging and impressive WordPress content and layouts has never been easier! A good tool for your business should be easy and shouldn't take your time and effort.

Thrive Architectsis a visual page builder designed for business and conversion oriented websites.Thrive ArchitectsDesigned to be used as quickly as possible.

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Features Thrive Architect - Visual editor and landing page builder for WordPress

  • call-to-action button
  • Testimonials
  • list of styles
  • credit card icon
  • lead generation form
  • Content box
  • Animated countdown timer
  • Content reveal
  • Pricing table
  • contact form
  • Warranty Box
  • call to action box

Changelog Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect Version 3.6 Released 
New Features
Post excerpt added as inline shortcode
Conditional Display— which is an update for the entire Thrive Editor— lets you change blocks of website content based on conditional rules
Fixed enabling the “Stretch to fit screen width” option for the desktop background element does not apply the defined padding
Fixed an issue where in some instances of search field is visible only after few seconds
Fix for WooCommerce dynamic link not redirecting to custom cart URLs
Fixed an issue where number of words is duplicated in Yoast analysis

Thrive Architect Version 3.5.2 Released 
Fix for lightspeed optimization not working in admin

Thrive Architect Version 3.4 Released 
Notification Cloud Templates
CWV improvements: Avoid loading Gutenberg and WooCommerce assets where those aren’t required
Improvements for Video Element- Lazy loading functionality on desktop so that assets are “preconnected” on hover as opposed to fully loaded
Fixed a conflict between show/hide menu items and logo split for WP source menus
Fixed an issue where Lead generation form variables are not properly sent to redirect page
Fix for Ultimate Member select2 issue
Fixed an issue where carousel dots are replaced by numbers on page resize
Number Counter label is not resizable after changed the font size of a word
Default Login Form Does Not Work Using Specific Credentials

Thrive Architect Version 3.3.3 Released 
Fixed an issue where full width sections are cut off on initial load

Thrive Architect Version 3.3.2 Released 
Fix for testimonial decoration issue

Thrive Architect Version 3.3.1 Released 
Fix for notification toasts appearing blank on pages for a split second while loading.

Thrive Architect Version 3.3 Released 
Style Frontend Notifications
Image Overlay control added for the Video Cover
Video Cover cloud templates
Fix: Full width background section has weird behavior when opening and closing sidebar
Fixes cases where dynamic images from other thrive plugins was overridden from TAR
Fixed an issue where jump links won’t properly scroll on click
Fixed an issue where input properties are not applied for custom html code while it has an icon
Fix on content box jump link for comments with smooth animation not being saved

Thrive Architect Version 3.2.2 Released
Compatibility fix with Thrive Headline Optimizer

Thrive Architect Version 3.1 Released
Implemented edit mode for woocommerce widgets
Custom Menu Items – Show/ Hide/ Conditions
Fixed an issue where smart complete is not properly applied on switch state of lightboxes
Fix Applying web safe fonts first time does not trigger a change event
Fix: Toggle inside toggle issues
Fixed element action icons not properly displayed on a RTL site
Fixed an issue causing the text version of a post/page to appear in the admin area when having the Classic Editor plugin activated
Fixed an issue where layout align is not properly read
Fix for post content not being displayed when post type is “event”
Fixed an issue where a quiz placed in custom html inside a lightbox will prevent header scroll to work
Fix for some video cover lazy load issues on certain mobile devices
Fix for ‘More options’ always being available for dynamic background images
Fixed an issue where decorations set on smaller devices will affect scroll on bigger ones
Fix for Yoast not reading images from Architect content
Prevent Toggle placed inside toggle

Thrive Architect Version 3.0.2 Released
Fix for video elements thumbnails not being playable
Mega Menu sub item’s background color is not reflecting when changed

Thrive Architect Version 2.9.1 Released
Fix for certain full width background sections that aren’t mobile friendly in Android Chrome
Fix for certain full width background sections that create horizontal scroll when a theme different than Thrive Suite ones is used