Themify Ultra v5.4.8 – Powerful Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Hyperthemingis the most powerful and flexible WordPress theme Themify has ever created, making it easy to quickly and beautifully create any website (and of course responsive).Full control over your theme design from header to footer. Ultra is a "must have" theme for designers and developers.

HyperthemingNow with designer skins and pre-made demo sites! Themes can not only change the design look of your website, but also help you build a real example website in minutes.With just one click, you can import demo settings including theme settings, content, menus, widgets, and more, just like Themify theme demos. This saves time creating client websites.

Demo:https://he and

Features Themify Ultra - Powerful Multipurpose WordPress Theme

12 bonus generator plugins

Get the exact same layout as a Themify pre-made website with 12 free Builder plugins. Priced at $100, purchasing the Ultra theme will give you access to all of these add-ons for free.

Smart layout options

Themify Ultra gives you complete control from header to footer, site-wide or individual pages.This means you can make your entire website have the same look or feel, or create a unique look for each page.

17タイトル/ページタイプ: Choose a header/page design from 17 styles (the no header option is great for creating landing pages that don't require header navigation).Yes, there is a sticky header option, and this list of designs is growing!

partial scroll

Inspired by our Fullpane theme, Full Section Scrolling allows viewers to scroll through your page design one line like a presentation slideshow.

super menuo

The super menuoAllows you to display recent posts, a multi-column dropdown menu, and even add widgets to the menu.

6 File layout

Themify Ultra includes 6 different styles to host post layouts you can choose from: Slider, Broadband, Masonry, Grid, Polaroid and Overlay.You can also toggle the visibility of post elements such as the post title, featured image, metadata, body text, and more.

image filter

Automatically apply grayscale, blur and sepia filters to your images without editing the original image source (no Photoshop required).Image filters and hover filters can be applied globally or individually as needed.


Want to showcase your work and services? Themify Ultra includes an optional portfolio that works seamlessly with all available blog post layouts.We even added a post filter as a bonus.

WooCommerce store

Do you want to sell something? Themify Ultra hasWooCommerceIntegrate, match your store to the overall theme look and feel, creating a seamless ecommerce experience.

Changelog Themify Ultra - Powerful Multipurpose WordPress Theme Free Cancel

2021.12.03 - version 5.4.8
* Update to framework 5.4.5

2021.10.06 - version 5.4.1
* Fix: Horizontal scroll doesn't work in single direction on mobile

2021.10.04 - version 5.4.0

* Fix: Left/right arrow key doesn't navigate with mixed scroll direction

2021.10.04 - version 5.3.9

* New: Add Music2 skin and demo
* New: Add salon skin and demo
* Fix: Ultra Trainers: It is not possible to change menu link hover background and text color from customizer

2021.09.29 - version 5.3.8

* Update to framework 5.3.8
* Fix: The row background video doesn't play unless you start to scroll
* Fix: Header start to flicker when transiting into fixed header
* Fix: Left Pane Header missing toggle icon in iOS

* Update to framework 5.3.6
* New: Add page appearance options in all other custom post types
* Fix: Agency2 fancy heading padding styling issue
* Fix: Cannot play video in fullscreen if section scrolling is enabled on mobile devices
* Fix: Section Scroll height issue with header-bottom layout
* Fix: Mobile menu icon doesn't show on left-pane on mobile devices
* Fix: Agency3 layout is missing in the pre-designed layouts
* Fix: Header classic issue if you hide logo, tagline and widgets from the header
* Fix: Tel and mailto links in section scrolling adds an overlay to the page
* Fix: Anchors are not working with fullpath urls if section scroll is enabled
* Fix: Wedding: Cannot change menu hover color using customizer

2021.08.13 - version 5.3.5
* Update to framework 5.3.5

2021.07.26 - v5.3.3
* Updated to framework 5.3.3
* Fix: Section Scroll viewport height issue on mobile devices

2021.06.09 - v5.2.9
* Updated to framework 5.2.5

2021.04.16 - v5.2.4
* Update to framework 5.2.1

2021.04.01 - v5.2.2
* Updated to framework 5.1.9
* New: Sport skin and demo content
* New: Interior skin and demo content
* Fix: Under Default Archive Post Layout the Post filter option is not working
* Fix: Cannot disable divider in fancy heading module with Construction skin

2020.07.27 - v2.8.2
* Fix: In split-layout, the post-date does not show correctly on single infinite
* Fix: No gap on shop gutter in horizontal skin
* Removed variant add to cart due to performance concern

2019.11.18 - version 2.6.3
Updated to framework 4.7.4
Fix: Display post date as inline text instead of circle style settings are not working for Search Result Layout
Fix: In Customize > Shop > Add to Cart Button's Background Color doesn't affect disabled state butt

2019.11.05 - version 2.6.2
Fix: Demo content reset skin selection after import
Fix: Updated all skin demos to use Optin Form for newsletters
Fix: Removed Accountant skin manual css styling
Fix: CSS Blend Mode styling doesn't work with section scrolling

2019.10.23 - version 2.5.9
New: Added Ultra Ristorante skin and demo
Fix: Mobile archive grid should be 2-column per row

2019.10.21 - version 2.5.8
* Fix: Cross sell product grid showing 2-column

2019.09.02 - version 2.5.4
* New: Added Fashion skin and demo