Superfly v5.0.23 – Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin

SuperflyIs anMenu plugin WordPressResponsive, create efficient vertical push/swipe/static navigation to any screen, icon toolbar or full screen menu of your choice.

Superfly pluginCan be used as standalone or combined navigationyour main menu. SuperflyMakes navigation easier and user-friendly on desktop and mobile devices.

The slideshow concept in vertical menus that has proven itself on mobile devices is now making a splash on desktop too!Superfly plug-incan be used asalways visible

The mouse-over interface eliminates the need for additional clicks and menus displayed by the user, with easy navigation and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.Click options still available, smooth animations and performance

Can be used as website navigation(when the menu item has the href . attributehref="#contact"). SuperflyProvides smooth scrolling.

Superflyis the standard WordPress menu system. So you create a WP standard menu (or use an existing menu) in the WP admin on the Appearance/Menu page, then select this menu on the options pageSuperfly plug-inas a source.

SuperflyInjects the specified menu into its sidebar. If you want to use some existing menu on the page asSuperfly. The plugin does not replace existing theme menus. In this case you should disable the default menu in the menu location settings or hide it using plain CSS (please tell this via your direct URL).


Features WordPress Menu Plugin - Superfly Responsive Menu

  • Multiple menu modes. Slide-in menu, static menu, compact icon navigation bar, tilt panel, full screen mode.
  • Comply with GDPR. The plugin does not store any data from your website visitors.
  • 100% responsive. Superfly pluginPerfect for different screen sizes.
  • Display controls. Show / hide on mobile, show / hide on computer, point to specific pages, point to logged in users, etc.
  • Content area. Add and style custom content or shortcodes using a rich text editor.
  • Activate settings. Hide the default menu button (label) and the option to toggle the menu from any element like buttons, links, images, etc.
  • Multiple menu resources. attachedSuperflyAs many WordPress menus as possible.
  • Google Fonts + Settings. Choose font family, size, alignment, line height, color, and more!
  • rich factor. Decorate your menu with widgets, shortcodes, or any custom HTML.
  • gaya menu.Design your menu items by adding images, chapters, separators, icons, second lines of text, and more. Change your font settings, colors, backgrounds, logos and more!
  • Multi-level menu support(up to 4 levels). Adaptation for desktop and mobile devices.
  • menu partiel. Group your menu items into logical sections and heading styles.
  • smooth scrolling. Few but great features, especially for a one page website. Move smoothly to your anchor element.
  • Labels are pinned to the content.The button can scroll its content and disable floating.
  • icon library. Use the pre-installed icon sets or upload your own menu items and menu buttons.
  • behavioral choice. Whether you like to push content, hover or click to open, etc.
  • Premium Mobile Support. only useSuperfly pluginon all devices or phones. You can even add a navigation bar with a logo to your smartphone. Swipe is also supported.
  • Rich menu button settings. x, y positioning, base and icon colors, text labels, sizes, custom icons, and more!
  • nice animation. Massively optimized and made with pure CSS3.
  • Comfortable Admin Panel. The design is simple, the structure is simple and easy to understand, and a large number of options are easy to use.
  • social bar. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Pinterest, Dribbble, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Skype, RSS, Email.

Changelog Superfly - Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin Free Empty

[v5.0.23] Update: Google font select

[5.0.22] Update: DIVI theme jQuery defer compatibility

[V5.0.21] Update: Small change for PHP 8

Update: Code styling standards improved

= v5.0.18 =
Changelog Not Found!

= v5.0.17 =
Update: For jQuery deprecated code
Update: For Mac OS "Big Sur"

Change: using original image instead of thumbnail in menu items (to preserve gifs)

Fix: for search form on multilingual sites

Change: icon manager compatibility with server specific security settings