SUMO WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator v4.4

SUMO WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculatoris a comprehensive measurement price calculator plugin that calculates price/quantity based on customer's measurements.This makes it simple to sell items based on units of measure like m, ft, kg, etc. Single input, dual input and triple input are supported.

Demo: https://code

Features: SUMO WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator

Changelog: SUMO WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator

Version 5.0 on 13 October 2021
New: Added back order support
Tweak: Improvements in Po translation file

Version 4.9 on 31 August 2021
Tweak: Improvements in variable products

Version 4.8 on 22 July 2021
Tweak: Code Improvements

Version 4.7 on 09 June 2021
Fix: Price display not work properly for variable product in measurement based product quantity calculation

Version 4.6 on 02 February 2021
Fix: Measurement product Price not calculate properly(conflict with decimal separator)

Version 4.5 on 16 December 2020 
Tweak: Display measurement product in-stock message based WooCommerce inventory 
Fix: Deprecated function error throw(WC_Product::get_variation_id) on frontend

Version 4.4 on 23 October 2020
Tweak: Updated strings in PO file translation
Tweak: Improvements made in Measurement variable product price display
Tweak: Added option to hide variable product price per unit
Tweak: Added options to hide measurement input information on the cart page, checkout page and thank you page
Fix: Measurement Input, Calculated Value, and Calculated price not working properly in checkout
Fix: Hide Result option not working properly
Fix: Predefined input does not work properly
Fix: Price alert display does not work properly

Version 4.3 on 29 September 2020
Tweak: Improvements made to support WooCommerce block products 
Tweak: Added POT file for translation 
Fix: Improvements in Measurement-Based Product Quantity Calculation 
Fix: Inventory does not update properly based on Measurement-Based Product Quantity Calculation 
Fix: Out of stock Inventory notice not work properly in the checkout page

Version 4.2 on 16 September 2020
New: Added option for display the unit based on price in the shop page/product page 
New: Added frontend result field to display quantity coverage value in quantity based calculation 
Fix: Improvements made in Quantity Coverage display 
Fix: Uncaught Error is thrown on the frontend 
Fix: Price display not working properly on sale price measurement products

Version 4.1 on 26 July 2020
New: Added Wastage Calculation for measurements product 
Fix: Variable product does not work properly(loading issue) 
Fix: Add to cart not work properly when enabling the input field as "Select Box" 
Fix: Measurement calculation not working properly conflict with Quantity increment and decrement 
Fix: Measurements product price display improvements

Version 4.0 on 21 June 2020
Tweak: Made improvements to display the measurement product price on cart and Checkout when using the Avada theme
Fix: Measurement units string not translated properly
Fix: Unit price does not display properly conflict with price ranges

Version 3.9 on 26 May 2020
Fix: Product price does not display properly for the non-measurement product(when our plugin is activated) 
Fix: Variable Product Price does not display properly for measurement products 
Fix: Measurement product details not display in order details

Version 3.8 on 13 May 2020
Tweak: Improvements made on the Custom CSS option
Tweak: Hide Measurement form for Out of stock product
Tweak: Variable product range price displayed based on Measurement Product Quantity Calculation
Tweak: Improvements made in display measurement form for the variable product(Hide measurement form when not select any variation)
Tweak: Improvements made in display variable product price(variation price display before measurement form)
Tweak: Made code improvements
Fix: Calculate Inventory Based on Measurement not working properly
Fix: Minimum, Maximum, and steps count attribute not working properly on the variable product
Fix: Price display not working properly on Calculate Price Based on Measurement when the ranges are empty

Version 3.7.1 on 25 April 2020
Fix: Fatal error thrown while activating the plugin