SUMO Subscriptions v13.4 – WooCommerce Subscription System

SUMO Subscription - WooCommerce Subscription SystemIs anWooCommerce Subscription System PluginFor recurring payments. It's the most comprehensive WooCommerce subscription plugin you can useCreate and sell subscription productsfrom your existing WooCommerce store.


Features SUMO Subscription - WooCommerce Subscription System

  • The most comprehensive WooCommerce subscription plugin
  • Simple registration, variable registration and group product registration
  • Register to orderFor non-registered and non-member products
  • User can choose subscription period and renewal number for order subscription
  • Checkout RegisterSynchronize
  • The rate amount that can be charged for a sync subscription
  • Subscription and non-subscription products in one payment
  • PayPal reference transaction gateway availablefor automatic renewal
  • Use Renew to Automate SubscriptionsSign up for PayPal
  • Available Stripe payment gatewaysfor automatic renewal
  • Use Renew to Automate SubscriptionsSUMO Points Payment Gateway (required)SUMO Bonus Points Plugin)
  • Use manual renewalSupports any WooCommerce payment gateway
  • multiple subscriptionsone-time payment
  • Free trial and paid trial Supported
  • Subscribers canSwitch between automatic and manual renewals
  • switch between variants of the same
  • Configurable trial and subscription fees
  • Site administrators canManually create an order using a subscriptionand assign to any user
  • optionsIncluding / not including shippingRenewing
  • optionsIncl/exclude taxesRenewing
  • Multiple Payment Reminder Emailscan be sent
  • Subscription can be changed to manual renewal mode when automatic renewal is cancelled
  • The settings for subscription products can be updated in bulk using Bulk Update
  • The main log records all transactions for the entire site
  • Regular donations (requires SUMO donation plugin)
  • Membership Registration (Requires SUMO Membership Plugin)
  • compatibleSUMO Bonus Points (request SUMO Bonus Points plugin)
  • Altamente personalizable
  • WPML Compatible
  • Translation is ready
  • and more

SUMO subscription compatible

  1. SUMO Rewards Points - WooCommerce Points and Rewards System
  2. SUMO Membership - WooCommerce Membership System
  3. SUMO Donation - WooCommerce Donation System
  4. WooCommerce restore abandoned cart
  5. WooCommerce Paypal Payments
  6. SUMO Affiliates Pro - WordPress Affiliate Plugin

How do I install a Sumo subscription?

  1. Download the latest version file for SUMO subscriptions ( fromCodecanyon.
  2. Unzip Sumo Subscription. zip and you will find the plugin files, i.e. sumosubscriptions. compression.
  3. Install the latest version of SUMO subscriptions, sumosubscriptions. Compression using the WordPress dashboard.
  4. Activate the plugin.

How do I upgrade to a newer version of SUMO subscription?

If you are using an older version and would like to upgrade to the latest version of your SUMO subscription, please follow the steps below.

  1. Deactivate and delete existing SUMO subscription instances in your site.
  2. Download the latest version file for SUMO subscriptions ( from Codecanyon.
  3. Unzip Sumo Subscription. zip You will find the plugin file is compression.
  4. Install the latest version of SUMO subscriptions, sumosubscriptions. Compression using the WordPress dashboard.
  5. Activate the plugin.

Note that by following the steps above, you will not lose any settings, data, etc.

Changelog: SUMO Subscriptions – WooCommerce Subscription System

Version 13.4 on 24 December 2021
Tweak: Revamped Bulk Action
Tweak: Tested with WooCommerce 6.0
Fix: Pause functionality not working properly in My Account page
Fix: Rounding off price issue in PayPal

v13.3 on 03 December 2021
Tweak: Filter hook added for my account success action
Tweak: Updated PO files
Tweak: Tested with WordPress V5.8.2
Tweak: Tested with WooCommerce V5.9
Fix: Fatal error in Edit subscription page
Fix: Replaced weekdays locale with English

v13.2 on 30 October 2021
Tweak: Supported stock management
Tweak: Subscribers can immediately cancel their subscription by clicking the cancel link
Fix: New order email going to customer instead of admin
Fix: Hide inbuilt payment gateways option not working properly

v13.1 on 13 October 2021
Tweak: Supported Current Subscription Fee for Order Subscription
Tweak: Subscription won't process if the subscription is Cancelled
Tweak: PayPal Standard supported for Synchronized Subscription
Tweak: PayPal Standard supported for subscription with Signup Fee
Fix: Subscription URL issue in Related orders table

Version 13.0 on 20 August 2021
New: Admin can update quantity from Edit Subscription page
Tweak: Signup fee supported for PayPal Subscriptions
Tweak: Synchronization supported for PayPal Subscriptions
Tweak: Displayed Subscription Plan in List of Subscriptions table
Tweak: Tested with WordPress 5.8
Tweak: Tested with WooCommerce 5.6
Tweak: Compatible with PHP 8.x
Fix: Cancel at the End of Billing not working in some cases

Version 12.9 on 23 July 2021
Tweak: Tested with WordPress 5.7.2
Tweak: Tested with WooCommerce 5.5.1
Fix: PayPal payment method not displayed in Pay for Order page
Fix: Warning error in Subscription email templates
Fix: Optional Trial not working when Shop page is set as site frontpage

v12.7 on 12 June 2021
New: Show Subscription Related Orders in Edit Order page
Tweak: WPML Compatibility improvements
Tweak: Code improvements, utility hooks and functions added
Fix: Renewal order item meta not updated properly from parent order
Fix: Warnings in checkout page related to Order Subscription

= v12.5 on 11 February 2021 =
New: Subscription Variation Form Template can be used From Plugin/WooCommerce
Tweak: Addon price compatibility improvements
Tweak: WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway compatibility improvements
Tweak: Supported Current Subscription Fee for Automatic Subscriptions
Fix: Subscription recurring fee discount not updated in some cases

= Version 12.4 on 06 January 2021 =
Tweak: Send Email to Admin supported for all subscription emails
Fix: Resubscribe price calculation issue when purchase quantity is more than 1
Fix: Resubscribe not working in some cases
Fix: Next payment date issue when Trial is limited
Fix: Conflict with other plugins while hiding payment gateways when order amount is 0
Fix: WooCommerce Stripe plugin activation error

= v12.3 on 09 December 2020 =
Tweak: Admin can set Maximum Recurring Cycle for users
Tweak: PayPal Subscription will be suspended while submitting Cancel request
Tweak: Plugin Settings page enqueues revamped
Tweak: Improvements in initial subscription total calculation in frontend
Tweak: Compatibility with WooCommerce v4.7.x
Fix: Order fees not calculated in SUMO Subscriptions - PayPal Reference Transactions gateway
Fix: Unable to place subscription order when Order Total is 0

= Version 12.2 on 28 October 2020 =
New: Compatible with WooCommerce Stripe( for Credit Card payment gateway support for automatic payments)
Tweak: Inline Style code optimized
Tweak: Filter hook added to show the product permalink
Fix: Recurring dates not displayed correctly when trial is enabled
Fix: Stripe checkout error
Fix: Next payment dates display issue in edit product page

Version 12.1 on 19 September 2020
Fix: Tax display issue
Fix: Stripe parameters missing error in checkout
Fix: Prevent updating same quantity in my account page